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If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

Like many guys out there, you really don’t get to see things from her point of view. You think that you know what she’s thinking or what she wants, but most of the time you’re wrong.

And if you think that I’m not right about it, then you can close this article and do something else, but I guarantee you that you’ll regret it later on.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

The real truth is that most men get bored when they have to do something that’s labeled as “womanly” things. Whether that be going shopping with her, or doing the dishes, or even helping their woman choose the perfect outfit for date night.

Even though they won’t admit it, many men will do it because they have to and they’ll definitely do it with a sigh.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that every guy is like this. Some men truly care about their lady’s feelings and you might be one of them, but there are a couple of things you should know about women.

Women are truly strong, independent, and gorgeous human beings.

But even though they can withstand everything that life throws at them, they’re still fragile. Still, just because they’re portrayed that way by society, that doesn’t mean they exist to serve you.

DONE! If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

They’re capable of doing extraordinary things on their own, but as a man, you should always try to help them out.

It’s the gentlemanly duty and something that should definitely not go extinct. If you go out of your way to help her, believe me, she’ll appreciate you way more than she did before.

She’ll return you the favor tenfold and be there for you when everyone else leaves you.

And when the days are tough, when she’s in a lot of pain (and we both know that those days are inevitable), just help her out.

Go out and buy her some dinner, sweets, or anything she likes. Then return home, get that large warm blanket out of the closet and cuddle with her.

She’ll definitely do the same for you because she cares about you and your feelings, especially when you’re sick. And we all know that when guys are sick, it’s a whole different story – they act as if they’re genuinely dying.

Do your part around the house. Do your chores. Don’t wait for her to do your job because she already has a lot on her plate.

Be a great boyfriend and even help her out with her own chores if she needs you. Always be there for her and she’ll return the favor over and over.

DONE! If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

Her only wish is that she doesn’t ever feel alone. It’ll hurt her if you don’t have her back when she needs you.

She has to be reassured that you’re on her side, no matter what. You never know, maybe she’s your future wife or future mother of your children.

But you must know that she won’t settle for a guy who’ll make her feel alone even if he’s physically there. She needs someone who’ll make a positive impact on her life.

So, you’re wondering: How can you be there, even if you’re not physically there? How can she feel your presence?

Well, it’s quite simple. Just prove to her that you’re not like any other guy she’s ever met. She needs to know that she’s your special someone.

If you’re busy at work or you have to go on a business trip somewhere, show her that she doesn’t have to doubt you.

Show your affection to her with a long hug and a strong, powerful kiss. And don’t forget that a gentle touch goes a long way too – it says more than words could ever say.

When you do that, she won’t have any doubts about you; she’ll feel safe and secure.

But most importantly, she won’t feel like she’s alone in this world. She’ll feel your presence and know that you carry her in your heart even though you’re miles apart. Distance means nothing if your emotional bond is rock solid.

DONE! If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

Countless long-distance relationships survive the hardships of being far from each other. Those couples know that a kind word and small acts of kindness mean everything. It’s not about the grand gestures, but the little things.

If you show her that she’s your only one, she won’t be overcome with jealousy and possessiveness. She won’t be the type of girl who’ll call you a thousand times just to check up on you to see what you’re doing and where you are.

Her mind will be at ease knowing that your heart belongs to her and only her.

If she puts you first, she expects you to do the same for her.

There is no need for you to look elsewhere as you’re her top priority. You don’t have to look for another girl. Treat her the same way she treats you and you’ll be happy and loved for the rest of your life.

Make her your first choice. Your only choice.

Tell me, how many times have you heard the story about Prince Charming and all those fairy tales? Want to live that story?

Then call her sometimes when she least expects it just so she can hear your voice, asking her how her day has been and how she’s feeling today.

You know what they say: Happy wife, happy life. So, surprise her as much as you can and you’ll have a happy and satisfied woman by your side

DONE! If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

Surprise her with her favorite flowers, bring her coffee when she’s on her break, or buy a bottle of vino and prepare a mouthwatering dinner for her – just for the two of you. Enjoy how she looks at you and how her lips move.

Listen to what she has to say, even if she tells you the same story for the hundredth time. Give her your undivided attention and show her genuine affection.

If she puts your first, she expects you to do the same for her.

If She Puts You First, She Expects You To Do The Same

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