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If She Always Puts You First, Don’t Make Her Your Second Choice

Let’s face it, many guys don’t ever try to see the other point of view. And if you think that I’m wrong and you’re right, then it would be for the best that you stop reading this – but I advise you not to.

Tell me, how many times did she beg you to accompany her to the mall, or to do some of the chores around the house, or to help her find the perfect dress to wear on your date night?

And how many times have you disappointed her, telling her that you hate going shopping or doing chores which you said are “unmanly”? I know the disappointing answer. TOO MANY.

There are always men that are excluded from this and, who knows, you might be one of them. But the majority of them will agree: They don’t prioritize their woman.

But why?

Women are powerful, magnificent, independent human beings. They’re fragile, but for a reason.

DONE! If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

God put men on earth to protect their women, not to abuse them.

Even though society presents them as being fragile, that doesn’t mean that their only job is to work for you.

They’re capable of achieving much more. In most cases, it’s men that hold them back.

That’s why many women never reach their true potential because they’re held back by the men in their lives.

However, what happened to the good old times when a true gentleman helped a lady in distress?

When he went out of his way to help her because he knew she’d appreciate it?

Let’s face it. When the times are tough and both of you have mood swings, it’s not you who’s in pain. It’s her.

But it’s your duty to help her out, go out buy some sweets or flowers, cuddle her, or even just be there for her. She’ll appreciate it, trust me.

DONE! If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

The thing is, she would go out of her way for you when you’re having a bad day or feeling under the weather.

And we all know how paralyzed and naggy guys get when they’re ill.

That’s why it’s your duty to take some of that responsibility and do your part of the chores around the house.

Be there for her when she needs you and don’t ever let her do things alone.

It’s your responsibility to make your woman feel loved and safe. And if you do that, she’ll appreciate it for sure.

Maybe she’ll be the mother of your children one day, you never know.

How do you expect your marriage to be strong and healthy if she feels alone when she’s with you?

How can you be there physically, and yet make her feel alone in this world? And how can she feel safe and secure when you’re away from her?

DONE! If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

Even though you might think it’s difficult to please a woman, the answer is really simple.

She needs to know that she’s your only option!

However, you can’t just say that to her. Your words need to match your actions.

That’s why you should prove that to her. Show her that you’ll be there for her through thick and thin.

Show her that she can count on you in times of need, when everything around her is falling apart and the only thing she’s asking for is your hand.

And if you’re going somewhere for the weekend or something like that, give her a long hug and a kiss.

Give her the security she needs so that she knows she’s your only option – that she’s the one for you. A gentle touch goes a long way, trust me.

She’ll feel loved and, most importantly, not alone in this cruel and cold world. She’ll know that you carry her in your heart no matter where you go.

DONE! If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

She won’t have any outbursts of jealousy and she won’t call you a thousand times just to check up on you because she’ll trust you.

She’ll know she’s the only love in your life.

Take a step back and ask yourself this: Does she prioritize you? Are you at the top of her priority list? 

If your answer is yes, then there’s no need for you to try your luck with any other girl.

But you have to treat her the same way she treats you, and that means positioning her on the top of your priority list.

Put her first and not last! Make her your only option and not your second choice!

You could have it all, you know. Everything that you wish for in life. You could be her Prince Charming, for goodness sake.

You just have to set your priorities straight.

DONE! If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

Surprise her as much and as often as you can. Believe me when I say it, she doesn’t need much to be happy with you.

Write her a small note, send her a good morning and a good night text, and she’ll be happy. Ask her to go on a date with you like in the old times.

Say that she needs to put on her best dress and watch the magic happen.

Watch how her face shines while she looks at you, and enjoy the little things.

Most importantly, listen to her while she’s talking to you. Remember, women are vocal beings. They express their emotions with words.

Give her your utmost attention and show her your affection.

And never let her feel alone in this world. In times of need, even if you can’t help her with the problem, at least be by her side.

DONE! If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

Don’t go running to another girl just because she can’t be fully present at the time.

Be her best friend and her sunshine on gloomy days.

You’ll live a fairy tale life and you’ll know then what true love means. You’ll have all you want out of life and more with her.

But first you have to put her FIRST!

If She Always Puts You First, Don't Make Her Your Second Choice

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