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If It’s Real Love, You Won’t Have To Beg For It

If It’s Real Love, You Won’t Have To Beg For It

Finding real love is the ultimate goal we all strive for. It’s a feeling we keep chasing, hoping the day will come where our wishes finally come true.

While you’re looking for real love around each and every corner, make sure to remember one thing:

If it’s real love, you won’t ever have to beg for it.

Keep these words in your mind so you never forget them. They’ll save you time and energy that would be wasted on those who don’t deserve it.

Yes, you fight for love. You go through many obstacles until you finally reach the final destination of happiness.

But you should never beg someone to love you, stay with you, or give you attention. Because that kind of behavior is far from love.

Don’t try to convince yourself that your guy needs a little push, that he’s shy with showing his feelings, or shy with girls – these are only excuses.

DONE! If It's Real Love, You Won't Have To Beg For It

The moment you have to beg him to show you that he loves you, ask you about your day, or be there for you because you had a terrible week, know that you still haven’t met your real love. You still haven’t found out what it actually means.

Because if it’s real love, you’ll never have to get on your knees for it. It comes easy and it feels completely natural.

You shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one who’s making effort.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to push your man harder every time you want him to be there for you.

Because if you have to do any of that, then it’s better for you to pack your bags and leave this half-loved relationship.

Trust me, you’re the only one who’s fully invested in it.

If your man cared about you, he’d never let you beg him for anything.

He’d give you his love, time, and attention because that’s what real men do. And because that’s what real love is about.

DONE! If It's Real Love, You Won't Have To Beg For It

Real love knocks on your door and sweeps you off your feet.

You never feel like you have to control it or go out of your way to feel all those amazing emotions it evokes.

Instead, it just happens and you’re over the moon. You’re happy and you see the world with rose-colored glasses.

When it’s true love, everything feels different. Everything feels amazing.

But the moment you find yourself sitting in front of your man in tears, pleading him to be there for you, to have your back – know that you’re stuck in a relationship that’s not based on love.

You’re stuck in a vicious circle where you’ll be the one giving and he’ll be the one taking.

And it’s hard to believe that anything will change in the future if your guy is acting this way right now.

DONE! If It's Real Love, You Won't Have To Beg For It

Because truth be told, men usually don’t change for women. They are who they are and they stick to their own beliefs, no matter what.

So, if he feels that he doesn’t need to show you that he loves you, that he doesn’t need to be emotionally involved in your relationship, then he probably won’t ever change his stance.

And to be with a guy who makes no effort for you, who doesn’t appreciate you or show you that you matter, means to be stuck in an imbalanced relationship.

The thing you have isn’t real love and it won’t ever be.

To him, you’ll never be a priority. He’ll always keep you on the side and choose others over you.

He won’t be there to share joy or sadness with you because he’ll always be too busy for that.

You’ll have to beg him for attention, for conversations, and most importantly, for love.

DONE! If It's Real Love, You Won't Have To Beg For It

Because a man like that won’t ever know how he’s supposed to treat a woman who loves him more than she’s ever loved anyone.

He won’t ever know how it feels to be there for a person who means the world to him.

If he knew, he’d also know he has a real catch by his side. Losing you means losing that one person who truly wanted to love him.

And when he doesn’t know any of these things, it means that he doesn’t know what true love is.

He has no idea how rare it is to find someone who loves you unconditionally and is willing to go to the ends of the earth for you.

Trust me, he’ll never realize that you’re that person. Because of that, you’ll never know what real love feels like if you stay with him.

So, if you’re in a relationship where you feel that your feelings aren’t reciprocated and taken care of, this is your reminder that you deserve better.

DONE! If It's Real Love, You Won't Have To Beg For It

You deserve to feel real love without having to beg for it.

You deserve to meet a guy who’ll fall in love with you truly, madly, deeply. One who’ll know how to treat you like the queen you are.

If you’re unhappy, don’t make yourself stay. Don’t try convincing yourself that he’ll change. Trust me, guys like that never change.

If he doesn’t know how to show you love from the outset, there’s no chance he’ll change later on.

So, please leave. Because staying in a loveless relationship means ruining your chances of finding the right one.

It means forsaking the possibility of experiencing real love.

And trust me, the right man is somewhere out there looking for you.

But he won’t ever be able to find you if you don’t let go of the one who doesn’t deserve you.

That real man who’ll show you what real love feels like exists. And trust me, he’ll never let you beg for anything, especially not for love.

If It's Real Love, You Won't Have To Beg For It

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