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If I’m Someone’s Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

If I’m Someone’s Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

How many times have you been with someone who didn’t have the courage to choose you?

How many times were you someone’s second choice, and even so, you accepted the role of being secondary?

Did you feel the love you expected to receive when you were his second choice? I don’t think so.

Now that you have realized what it means to be second choice, you have chosen to leave, and that’s okay.

You should never settle for someone who couldn’t give you the love you dreamed of and who didn’t make you feel wanted.

You know how it felt being with someone who was constantly pushing you to the bottom of his priority list and who made you feel like a second choice.

I know how painful this was for you. I know that you crawled to your bed and hid under the covers, wondering why you were doing that to yourself.

You felt humiliated and unworthy.

You questioned your value, you started doubting yourself, and it made you feel like your love was not enough for this man.

Darling, the truth is this was not your fault. You were perfect, you just gave your love to someone who was not ready to give his entire self.

Remember, that is his loss and not yours. You have a lot to offer.

DONE! If I'm Someone's Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

Those beautiful qualities of yours will shine once you meet a guy who is ready to fully give himself to you.

Whenever a guy has to decide between you and another woman, then I hope he chooses the other woman.

The relationship simply wouldn’t work. It cannot work because one person would be pulling the strings and there would be an imbalance.

A healthy and successful relationship requires both people to be fully committed.

To commit means to give your emotions and effort into the relationship without even thinking about it for a second.

You should never settle for a man who says, “I’m unsure,” but for a man who says, “I knew you were the one from the moment I saw you.”

Life is short and you shouldn’t waste your time with a man who sees you as his second choice.

DONE! If I'm Someone's Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

You have so much to give, so why waste your energy or time on someone who doesn’t appreciate you.

Never settle for someone’s second choice when you are willing to put them first. You deserve to be someone’s number one priority.

Knowing that he is with you only because he couldn’t be with the girl he really wanted can be devastating. It can crush your self-esteem.

Don’t settle for a guy who doesn’t actually love you or only barely loves you.

Those feelings will quickly vanish and you will be left with nothing but emptiness

Instead, choose to be alone rather than someone else’s last resort.

You want a guy who is ready for genuine love, a guy who is ready to go the extra mile for you and not think you aren’t worthy of his efforts even for a second.

If you accept being someone’s second choice, you are sacrificing your self-respect.

Your dignity and integrity will be challenged because he will never prioritize you.

The thought of not being loved the way you should be can be damaging to your personality.

The love and attention you receive from being someone’s second choice is only temporary.

DONE! If I'm Someone's Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

The ugly truth is that no matter how much love you give, you will always be their second choice.

You want a guy who doesn’t need or want other options and he doesn’t even consider them.

Why? Because you are enough and you should be enough. Trust me, it is not too much to ask a guy to only want you, and no one else.

If he wants other girls in his life, then you are simply not right for each other and that should be okay.

People will come and go. You will meet new guys and some of them might leave you.

If you are his second choice, what happened to his first choice? He will just wait for her, and then he will leave you.

You should not waste your time on a guy who wants to be with someone else.

DONE! If I'm Someone's Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

And you won’t, so your decision to walk away from such a guy is justifiable.

When you love someone, there are no ifs or buts. It is as simple as that.

When someone loves you, he will not have a hard time saying it because he will genuinely feel that way.

A guy who makes you his priority won’t be afraid to love you with his whole heart every day.

You just have to ask yourself whether he is ready to do that.

Don’t be afraid to be single, as the single life can be great. Always focus on yourself and on the things you wished you had time to do before.

You’re not scared, but a strong, independent woman and you should refuse to settle for staying with a guy who doesn’t make you his priority.

You must learn to love yourself first and then you won’t settle for anything less in return.

You’ll be ready to give your whole heart to someone, but that someone must reciprocate.

Always walk away from a guy who sees you as his second choice. Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants right now, but you know, and that is what matters.

Remember, you don’t have to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

DONE! If I'm Someone's Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

You can always choose yourself, even if he doesn’t choose you.

You should learn that you shouldn’t beg anyone to make you a priority to them, because things change and people come and go.

Love yourself enough to say, “I won’t be someone’s second choice whenever it is convenient for them.”

There is a guy out there who is ready to give you his whole heart, his attention, and love.

A guy who won’t make any compromises for you because he sees you worthy of his time and efforts.

If I'm Someone's Second Choice, I Choose To Leave

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