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If I’m Not Your First Choice, Don’t Choose Me At All

If I’m Not Your First Choice, Don’t Choose Me At All

You know what? I’m sick of waiting for you to make up your mind and decide what next step you should take.

I’m sick of playing games as I have no other words to describe the thing that’s been going on between us.

Back and forth, you’re unable to openly tell me what you want. And I was unable to let go of you because I thought you were supposed to fight for real love.

But I don’t believe in those words anymore. I don’t believe in your promises and your excuses either.

You had your fair share of chances, and it’s finally time to say goodbye to you.

If you’re not able to make me your first choice, then please don’t choose me at all.

If Im Not Your First Choice Dont Choose Me At All 1

I don’t want to be an option in your life that you keep running to every time you get tired of others. I don’t want to be the number you call only when you are bored and have nothing else to do.

This game lasted for longer than it should, but I finally have enough courage to put a stop to it.

Every time you told me that you needed more time to think, that you weren’t the type of guy who likes labels, my heart cracked a little more.

Every time I tried to walk away and you found excuses for your bad behavior, you took a piece of me along with the new chance I gave you.

And the worst thing is that each of those times you proved to me that I was a fool to give you as many chances as you wanted.

But, now that I finally see the reality of the situation, I want to tell you that you’re getting no more chances.

Your time is up. Please pack your things and leave.

If I'm Not Your First Choice, Don't Choose Me At All

I can’t let you show me once more that I’ll never be your priority. That I’ll never be your first choice, even though you were mine all along.

Do you know how painful it feels to admit these words to myself? To admit that I was the one who kept choosing you while you always chose others? To realize that this game would play on forever if I didn’t do something about it?

That’s why I’m making a change. I can’t bear living this painful life anymore.

The world is full of people who would be more than happy to see my worth, and I got stuck with the one who sees himself only. It’s time to make it stop.

This was my first and final time that I let a man treat me undeservingly. This is the last time I let you walk all over me as if I am a piece of garbage.

If Im Not Your First Choice Dont Choose Me At All 3

I’ll never again let anyone treat me the way you did.

You showed me that you’re just a boy who has no idea what feelings are. You have no idea what love is – how it feels to give someone your whole heart, hoping that they won’t break it apart.

Because if you knew, you’d never do to me the things you did. You’d never play with my feelings and treat me as if I’m worthless.

And that’s exactly what you did. You played your sick game. You kept me as an option.

Then, when you had enough time to fit me into your schedule, you called my number and, like a fool, I’d run into your cold arms and expect to receive love from your cold heart.

If Im Not Your First Choice Dont Choose Me At All 4

You gave me another promise and swore to keep it. Unfortunately, I believed you, and then once again you failed to deliver, leaving me heartbroken.

I was never your first choice, but I kept falling for the crumbs you gave me. I kept thinking the day would come that you’d choose me.

You’d finally call my name because you feel the need to have me around. You’d be thrilled to see me and the excitement would shine out of your eyes.

But that day never came. And the more I waited, the less I cared for you.

Thankfully, you brought me to the point where I no longer care about you at all. I no longer want to see your name on my screen and even when you call, I choose not to answer.

I refuse to be your second choice from now on. Actually, I’ve made a deal with myself that I will never again be ANYONE’S second choice.

If Im Not Your First Choice Dont Choose Me At All 5

If I see that they’re not treating me as a priority, I’m immediately packing my bags and leaving.

I’ve been an option for too long and I simply can’t take it anymore. From now on, it’s either you want me or you don’t – there’s no in-between.

No more taking breaks with guys who are afraid of commitment but still want to have me around. I’m done with that.

If you tell me that you love me, I expect you to behave in a way that proves those words. I don’t want to listen to excuses anymore – I’m sick and tired of them!

I’ve had my fair share of them and I know that they’re all lies. You’ll always be able to find something new to serve as a reason to not pick me.

If Im Not Your First Choice Dont Choose Me At All 6

I know how it works. You keep giving me excuses and I keep giving you chances.

But guess what? I’m not doing that anymore.

If I’m not your first choice, then I don’t want you to choose me at all.

I don’t want to be your option because I know that someone will be more than happy to treat me as a priority all the time.

But first, I’m letting go of you – the one who could never even move a finger for me.

If I'm Not Your First Choice, Don't Choose Me At All

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