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If He Wouldn’t Do It In Front Of You, Then It’s Cheating

If He Wouldn’t Do It In Front Of You, Then It’s Cheating

Modern dating has helped to erase the boundary that one partner has to cross in order to be called a cheater.

It’s hard to tell what’s right from what’s wrong and disrespectful in today’s world of technology, as the standards have changed.

The things that used to be considered as cheating way back may seem completely normal today, which is why many couples face an issue when it comes to drawing a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Can you call it cheating if he keeps liking other girls’ photos on Instagram? Or is it cheating if he keeps Snapping with them?

It’s all confusing and makes it hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

But there’s one thing for sure – if you wouldn’t do something in front of your partner, then it’s cheating.

DONE! If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

How would you feel if your partner hid from you that he was going to meet a female friend but then when she ends up in the same company as the two of you, they act like they don’t know each other?

They act like two strangers even though they went out a few nights ago. Sounds suspicious, right?

The thing is that your partner knows that if he behaved the same way with her in front of you as he did when the two of them were on their own, you would get mad at him.

And you wouldn’t get mad because you’re jealous, you would get mad because his actions wouldn’t suit a taken man.

He knows that, and that’s why he hides the truth from you. (Red flag!)

How would you feel if your partner avoided telling you that his ex contacted him through Facebook and that they’re occasionally chatting?

Whenever he feels that he has to hide something from you, deep down, he knows that he’s being disrespectful.

DONE! If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

He knows that he’s making a mistake. He could tell you the truth and be open about it if he knows that there’s nothing between them.

However, if he still has feelings for his ex, he’ll keep you around as an option.

His feelings may be genuine, but he still wants to see where chatting with his ex will lead him.

Plus, if he keeps hiding his phone from you, then it’s a huge red flag that something’s wrong!

When you find out that he’s been doing something behind your back, he’ll give you the excuse that he was protecting your feelings.

He may even try to blame it on you and say that he knew that you would react this way and that’s why he didn’t want to tell you in the first place.

But do you think that this makes sense? It’s like you cheat on someone and when they find out, you tell them:

DONE! If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

“Oh, I couldn’t tell you because I knew that it would hurt your feelings. That’s why I decided to keep it a secret.”

Of course it doesn’t make sense!

If you can’t tell your partner who you’re chatting with, then it’s cheating! If you ask him who he’s on the phone with and he mutters something and walks away, does it look like what he’s doing isn’t shady?

Does it feel okay that he does that? I bet it doesn’t and I bet that your partner knows that.

He knows that he’s making a mistake and the moment he decided to hide it from you, it’s considered cheating.

Maybe he still didn’t get to the point where he actually had an affair with a certain person, but the steps he’s taking are getting him there.

If he avoided telling some other girl that he’s in a relationship the moment she reached out to him, his journey of cheating already began.

DONE! If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

So, every time your partner does something behind your back that involves another girl, it counts as minor cheating.

He knows that his actions aren’t reasonable. If it wasn’t the case, then he wouldn’t have a problem openly telling you what he’s doing.

He wouldn’t hide things from you and he wouldn’t act single while being in a relationship at the same time.

His behavior is toxic and he’ll always keep lying to your face. He knows that he’s doing something wrong and that’s why he’s hiding it from you.

But, trust me – he’ll be sorry for his actions. One day, he’ll wake up, and you won’t be there.

He’ll look for you in all of the other girls but none of them will be like you. None of them will make him feel the way you did, as they won’t know how to do that.

He’ll then realize that he was a fool for letting you go.

DONE! If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

He wanted to have you while flirting with other girls, but you were smart enough to see that coming.

His insecurities made him act the way he did and even though he now feels sorry for his actions, it’s too late to make a change.

You’ll be long gone and he’ll be left alone, but hopefully, one day, he’ll learn his lesson. He’ll realize that what he did was more than minor cheating.

He actually broke your heart and made you realize that people can be mean, no matter how much you love them.

They still decide to hurt your feelings even when you show them that you would give your life for them.

But I guess you’ll have to live with that. You can’t change someone no matter how hard you love them.

His behavior is deeply rooted in him, and even if he makes a promise to change, the chances are that he won’t make it happen.

No matter what, I want you to know that you should never put up with someone’s behavior if you know that it’s wrong.

DONE! If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

He’ll always know how to make excuses for it but don’t forget that if he wouldn’t do it in front of you, then it’s cheating.

The same way he would hide kissing another girl from you, he’s also hiding when texting her.

And if he feels the need to hide her, then you know what it’s time for.

If He Wouldn't Do It In Front Of You, Then It's Cheating

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