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If He Really Loved You, He’d Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

Loving someone is always a gamble, because you never know if he really loves you or if he’s just finding you convenient.

You want to make sure that you’re loved and cared for in a relationship. You want to experience unconditional love.

But he’s not really making things easy for you.

It doesn’t happen that often that you meet a guy who doesn’t care about your feelings to this extent. You’ve had your heart broken one too many times, but it never stays broken for this long.

You’re still with him. When a narcissist convinces you that he does all of this because he loves you, you somehow start to believe him.

You don’t question him when he says that – after all, he’s with you, isn’t he? He’s constantly affirming that you’re the one he wants to be with, but you sense a flicker of doubt.

When a man makes you feel this self-conscious and makes you second-guess your self-worth, you have to question his intentions.

If he truly loved you, he would accept you for who you are. He wouldn’t compare you to others!

Men who are insecure themselves tend to let their frustrations out on the women who’ll let them. He’s extremely insecure if he goes out of his way to make you feel like that.

DONE! If He Really Loved You, He'd Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

He thinks that his value comes from how others see him and how he portrays himself.

Men like him try too hard to be loved by everyone and manipulate them into believing that there’s an actual personality under all the layers of deceit.

That man can’t love you because he’ll isn’t good enough for himself. That also makes him believe that you’re not good enough.

He’ll comment on your appearance and make you feel like you have to lose so much weight that he just might bring you to the edge of starvation.

Women have always tried to please the men they’re with. You never know how a man might impact you.

Our mothers were told that they have to be gorgeous to be loved, so we’ve been told the same thing.

You like to live thinking that it’s not the truth, but then you meet a man who just tells you the same thing and you’re left to agree with your mother.

How are you supposed to be loved by anyone unless you’re absolutely perfect?

Those words hang on to women their entire life.

We grow up believing that every other woman is our competition and that we have to fight for the love of a man.

We grow up thinking that we’re not good enough unless we are proclaimed enough by another man.

DONE! If He Really Loved You, He'd Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

As you know, this creates extremely toxic relationships. Poisonous relationships like these leave a permanent mark on everyone involved.

You’ll remember my words the next time he tells you that you should sit like a lady.

That you have to hit the gym again and not order that pizza you’ve been craving all week.

You’ll remember my words because you’ll know that he doesn’t love you if he makes you feel like less just for being yourself.

He can just as easily find someone who is perfect for his standards.

The problem is that no one is perfect and he’ll always find something wrong with anyone.

Real love understands that we’re all flawed beings. No one is perfect and we love our partners even though they’re not perfect. We can’t expect perfection from someone when we have so many things to work on ourselves.

DONE! If He Really Loved You, He'd Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

The next time he calls you stupid and tells you to go read a book, just ignore him. Those are his only insecurities screaming out of himself.

You are not the one who’s responsible for making him feel confident.

You’re there by your own will and if he’s not ready to accept you for who you are, you might as well walk away.

Because you’re loud, you’re outspoken, you’re beautiful just the way you are. No one can tell you that you’re less worthy just because that’s how they feel about themselves.

You’re just right. You’re more than enough.

No one can tell you what you’re allowed to do and wear. No one has the right to mold you to their liking because you’re unique and you’re yourself.

A woman like you should be loved and worshiped by the man she’s with.

He should kneel before you and always tell you just how grateful he is to be with you.

DONE! If He Really Loved You, He'd Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

A man should be honored to even have a moment of your attention. You can’t tell me otherwise!

You can’t tell me that I’m overreacting because a man who truly loves you would do that for you.

There isn’t a right way to exist. We’re all different in our own unique and beautiful ways! We’re all capable of creating our own reality that works for us.

So if he doesn’t love you for your uniqueness, he might as well pack his bags right now.

You’re amazing just the way you are.

You’re compassionate, loving, and caring. You know what you want from life and he’s definitely holding you back.

Just don’t listen to him anymore and understand that you are your own human being.

Realize that you’re capable of loving yourself and being there for yourself.

DONE! If He Really Loved You, He'd Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

You don’t need him anymore. You never needed him in the first place.

So instead of letting your heart be broken time and time again, find someone who will love you for who you are.

Find someone who won’t compare you to other girls. Someone you’ll be more than enough for.

Because your special someone is somewhere out there, waiting for you.

And this man who’s currently making you cry will forever be miserable, because he’s so unhappy with himself.

He won’t know what he lost until you’re finally gone, so walk away and never look back.

Be your gorgeous self always and never apologize for it. Because if someone’s going to fall in love with you, they’ll fall in love with the real you.

If He Really Loved You, He'd Accept You As You Are, Not Compare You To Others

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