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If He Doesn’t Respect You, He Doesn’t Deserve You

If He Doesn’t Respect You, He Doesn’t Deserve You

When you fall so deep for someone, you notice the good and ignore the bad.

You notice the way he kisses you but you ignore the way he treats you disrespectfully from time to time.

You think that he will change as you truly believe that he loves you, but have you ever asked yourself what is love without respect?

Well, let me tell you…

It’s like a house, beautiful from the outside but empty on the inside. It’s like a crystal bowl, stunning from the front but broken from behind.

Love without respect equals nothing! An empty, unnecessary void that has nothing good to offer.

Remember how they always taught you that you can live without anyone who disrespects you?

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

Still, you let him treat you badly because you believe he loves you. No, that’s not love!

Love is respect and that’s where the story ends.

Don’t let him play with you just because he used those three magical words to get to your heart. Anyone could do that.

Instead, wait for the one who will show you both love and respect. He who respects you is the one who deserves you.

The rest are not destined to be with you.

When you find the one who respects you, you will then notice an immediate difference compared to your previous relationships.

His actions will lead you to a brand new world of undiscovered feelings and it will feel great.

He will hold you with care, like no one else has. He will look after you, as you are the only important woman in his world.

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

A man who respects you will cheer you up and support you even when you stop believing in yourself.

Words of encouragement will come out of his mouth and you will believe in every single one of them. They will sound genuine and trust me, they will be.

You will feel the respect in his tone of voice.

He will calmly treat you the way you always wanted to be treated. He will listen to you like no one ever listened to you before.

You will feel it even in your arguments.

He will never raise his voice or call you names, no matter how angry he is and that’s because he knows that he should treat you respectfully in every possible situation and he will.

His anger will never control him and you will always feel comfortable expressing your thoughts.

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

He will care about your opinions, so he will respect them instead of trying to change them and no, he won’t try to change you either.

He knows that love is about acceptance and not about change. What’s the point of being with someone if you feel a need to change them?

He knows that you are a human being with feelings that no one else has. You are unique and he respects that.

You will feel his respect in the way he pushes you to become the best version of yourself.

He will not be scared of your success as he understands your power. You are too valuable to end up stuck in a place where nothing changes.

He will never let you fall into a trap of trusting him and using that against you later.

That’s not who he is and that’s not what he wants. He doesn’t want to play with your mind or your emotions.

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

He will respect you by letting you be the exact person that you are, no masks, and no pretending. “You be you. I will always support it,” he will say.

Guess what? You will know that he is telling you the truth. Because it will just feel right.

He will care about your feelings. You won’t be able to hide them from him.

He will be there for you whenever you need him, but he will also respect your decision to have some time for yourself.

He knows that you are the one in control of your emotions and that you can decide for yourself exactly what you need at a certain time.

A man who respects you will never call on you to check where you are or with whom.

He respects you enough to know that you should have your life besides him.

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

You will feel so much love and respect but also so much freedom and independence.

He will be your partner but he will never suffocate you.

He knows how it feels to be with a control freak who wants to know every detail in your life and he couldn’t be that guy.

Instead, he will give you your wings so you can fly away whenever you want.

When you come back, he will make you a cup of tea, give you a hug and let you fall into his arms.

You will feel the respect radiating from his body and your love for him will intensify. You will feel it in his look and in his, “I love you,” words.

It will click and you will know that he could never lie to you, because a man who respects you has no intention of lying.

His words are not false and you’ve seen that through his actions.

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

He will never go further than you let him in. He respects you enough to appreciate your boundaries and limits.

Pushing you into something you are not ready for will never be his intention.

His goal is not to hurt you but to help you become the person you want to be.

He will respect you through everything – from the most beautiful points in your life to the stressful ones. When you win and when you lose, he will be there.

If he respects you, he will do all of this, without thinking about it.

It will be his natural reaction as he wants you to feel loved and appreciated by the person who stands next to you.

If you ever find yourself in a relationship where you have to compromise your respect for his love, run. Run as fast as you can.

DONE! If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

You are not obliged to sacrifice respect. If he makes you feel that way, then he doesn’t deserve you.

Respect should be reciprocal and if you respect him, why shouldn’t he then respect you?

You have every right to feel respected in your own body and by your own choices.

No man should make you feel different.

This ends up being a simple story. If he says he loves you, he will respect you. If he doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t deserve you.

If He Doesn't Respect You, He Doesn't Deserve You

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