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If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You – Leave Him

Do you really want to live a life where your man chooses when to pay attention to you?

Do you want to be a girl who always waits for him when he goes MIA every now and then?

I know that in the beginning, things seemed all right.

He was kind and loving and generally a romantic man who showed you his appreciation for you.

But as time passed, he started to change.

Suddenly, you were the one waiting for him, texting him to see whether everything was okay, and trying to reach him by phone.

Your heart sank deeper every time he ignored you and continued with his life, while you, on the other side of the line, were worried sick about whether everything was all right.

DONE! If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You - Leave Him

Finally, he made an effort to reach out to you, and everything was back to the way it was at the very start of your story.

Again, he was kind and loving. You could say that he was the perfect guy, the one who you’d been looking for your whole life.

But surprise, surprise!

A few months later, your Mr. Right was missing in action. AGAIN!

You couldn’t reach him, he ignored your calls and texts, and even when you stopped by his house, he never opened the door to you.

He ghosted you and made you feel worthless.

Your self-confidence dropped and you wondered whether he was gone because you had done something wrong to him.

Maybe you said something that hurt his feelings or you did something he didn’t like.

DONE! If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You - Leave Him

But how could you know the answer when he was the one who completely ignored you?

He acted like the two of you had never even met in life and that hurt you more than anything.

Later on, he tried to come back into your life again but you were smart enough to see through his schemes.

You knew that he could never change and that he’d always be a guy who kept playing with your feelings.

No matter how much you beg him to change, he’ll always play by his own rules. He’ll choose when to pay attention to you.
If it doesn’t suit him, he’ll leave you all alone thinking that you’ll be waiting for him when he decides to come back.

That’s why I need you to continue to stand up for yourself. I need you to stand up and say, “No,” to his sick game of coming and going.

Don’t let yourself wait for a guy who chooses when to pay attention to you. You’re a woman with feelings and not some toy that he can leave when he gets bored or go back to when he wants it again.

DONE! If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You - Leave Him

He doesn’t love you. Maybe he said those words but they aren’t true.

Trust me, a man who loves his woman never leaves her. He never lets her spend sleepless nights wondering whether she’s the reason why he left.

That’s why you should leave a man who makes you feel like this.

Leave the one who chooses to pay attention to you only when it’s convenient to him, only when it suits his needs.

Real love and a healthy relationship are about always being there, next to the person you love. It’s about being each other’s support, no matter what.

And the one who chooses the time to pay attention to you won’t ever be able to give you the things you deserve.

He’ll always play with you as if you don’t have feelings.

He doesn’t care whether his behavior hurts you. The only thing that matters is that he’s the one who’s happy.

So, even if you’re going to end up alone for years – leave a guy who chooses when to pay attention to you.

DONE! If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You - Leave Him

Even if you’ll need some time to learn to love yourself again – leave a guy who chooses when to pay attention to you.

Leave him and slam the door hard so he never again wants to knock on it. Lock it and throw away the key so you can never trip up and open it for him.

He doesn’t deserve your heart filled with love.

Trust me, he’ll only suck up everything you have and leave you all alone, unable to love others after him.

No matter what you try, he’ll always be just an inconsistent man who can’t change.

He’ll take away more than he can give and will ruin your life forever.

He’ll never commit and settle down with you because that’s not how he leads his life.

Instead, he’ll run from one girl to another, afraid that he’ll miss something if he stays with you for too long.

DONE! If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You - Leave Him

And trust me, you deserve so much more than that. This mediocre love should never be the thing you strive for.

It should never be your goal to spend time with a man who has no idea how to love you the right way.

So, please leave him and never turn back to look at him. He’s just a player afraid of commitment, and he’ll never be the man you want.

His insecurity makes him chase girls instead of appreciating the one he has.

He’s afraid that you’ll see how bad of a man he is and that you’ll run away from him.

That’s why he plays games with you. It’s always easier to play with someone’s heart than to have your own hurt.

Don’t waste your time on a guy who chooses when to pay attention to you. Ones like that have a bad heart and can ruin you forever.

Leave him before he destroys you, and let him see that the only thing he can get from you is a goodbye!

If He Chooses When To Pay Attention To You - Leave Him

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