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I Won’t Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

I won’t chase you. Not today, not ever.

When you met me, I made sure you understood this. The first conversation we had about what we think of when we say that we want a healthy relationship, this topic came up.

I would never chase you if you decided to leave. If you decided to pull away even for a minute, I wouldn’t think twice about letting you go.

Yes, it sounds absolutely bizarre when it comes from the person who claims to love you wholeheartedly.

There is this misconception that loving someone automatically means that we’ll endure any amount of pain just to keep them close.

People say that if you love someone enough, you’d do everything for them.

And I agree with that!

DONE! I Won't Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

You’d do for the love of your life unimaginable things just to see them happy. You want to see them thriving, fulfilled, and loving life.

There’s practically nothing we wouldn’t do for a partner who absolutely adores us.

But there is a line I will draw even with you. Even though I love you, I will draw it over and over again.

You have to understand that I will never chase you, simply because I know my own worth.

When we were dating, you didn’t have to do all the chasing. I never played hard to get because I truly believe that games are for children.

I was honest with you from the very beginning and that translated into such a healthy relationship.

You had to learn that a woman doesn’t have to play those games in order to be interested.

I know it was a new experience for you too.

But if you ever decide to leave me, cheat on me, or break up with me for good, just know that I will let you walk away.

DONE! I Won't Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

I love you. I really do love you. There hasn’t been a moment in our relationship where I made you doubt my intentions with you.

Whenever you’ve needed a friend and will need one in the future, just know that I am yours to talk to.

I’ve always been there for you and I want to continue being there for you forever.

When it comes to couples, you know that people around us are so envious of our love.

My love for you is literally pouring out of every pore of my body!

So why would you ever threaten to leave me? What could be so bad that you’d feel like you’d need to resort to these petty actions?

Because if you think that I will fall to my knees and beg you to stay, you are mistaken, my dear.

DONE! I Won't Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

I would never stoop so low to beg a man to stay by my side.

I know what I bring to the table and I know my own worth.

If you took a moment to realize what you’re actually saying, maybe you’d realize just how absolutely comical you sound.

I know my worth because I know what it means to be disrespected.

Someone had to teach me the hard way that there isn’t anyone in this world worthy of me as much as I am worthy of myself.

Because of that, I’m prepared to let you go if the moment ever calls for it. I’m ready to watch you walk away, but know that I won’t chase after you.

It’ll hurt. The pain and heartbreak would be inevitable.

Imagine having to spend so much time and energy on a relationship and then your partner decides to just walk away.

It would probably be easier to talk about that than about how the love I feel for you would choke me.

DONE! I Won't Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

I love you so much, but I love myself so much more.

If you loved me as well, you’d see that I am worthy of being by your side.

You’d know how much I do for this relationship, even when no one’s watching.

You should be the first one to acknowledge my dedication to you and this life we’re creating together.

So I hope you understand why I wouldn’t chase you if you ever decided to walk away from me.

I would be heartbroken, for sure, but I wouldn’t take a step to stop you from leaving.

And if you ever decide to get back, don’t expect to find open arms welcoming you into a hug. Don’t expect me to let you back in if it’s so easy for you to walk away just because things get a bit tough.

DONE! I Won't Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

I deserve someone who’ll spend their days next to me, showing me that I am lovable.

The love of my life will be a man who won’t just walk away from me when we fight.

He would fight alongside me against every single problem that we might encounter.

And most importantly he wouldn’t expect me to chase after him when he walks away.

He’d leave only when he knew for sure there was nothing more to fix in our relationship.

He’d leave when he realized that there was no hope left for us.

I wouldn’t have to chase him because he wouldn’t let me. He’d know my worth just as much as I do.

So are you going to be that man? The man who I’ll love for the rest of my life? The man who will be worthy of me?

Or will you walk away and expect me to ignore all of my worth just to chase after you?

Which one will it be?

Because I’d really like for you to stay.

I Won't Chase You When You Decide To Leave, Because I Know My Worth

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