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I Won’t Be The Girl Who’ll Beg You To Stay

I Won’t Be The Girl Who’ll Beg You To Stay

I won’t be the girl who’ll beg you to stay. I’ll never be the girl who’ll run after you and drop to her knees just so you don’t walk away.

What many men don’t get is that the women of today love themselves. We love who we are and we thrive on knowing that a man will never own us again.

That’s why I won’t be the girl who’ll beg you to stay.

You might want someone to scream and yell. You want someone who’ll fight any and every woman out there for your attention.

We see things like that all over social media and in every single movie. You see those women who fight for the affection of one sleazy man who obviously doesn’t deserve any of them.

Those movies portray a woman as desperate for a man’s approval. Like we need to beg on our knees to get a man to be there for us, to love us and stay beside us.

I won’t do that. No real woman would do that just for you to walk all over her the very moment she lets her guard down again.

DONE! I Won't Be The Girl Who'll Beg You To Stay

However, there are always exceptions. Those exceptions make the rest of us seem too assertive and too picky.

But hey, I’d rather be called picky than desperate.

So if you want to walk out of that door, then do it right now! Walk away and never look back if you think that I’ll ask you to stay.

There isn’t a man in this world who’s able to make me want him enough for that. I’ll hold the door open for you on the way out, but I’ll also lock it shut the moment you walk through it.

I don’t need you. I don’t need you to tell me I’m beautiful, or to convince me that I’m worthy of love.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve gone through times when I thought a man’s love was the only thing that would make me worthy of respect.

But what I didn’t consider is that’s exactly what people want us to believe so that we can be easier to control and influence.

Since then I’ve been loving myself fiercely. I understand that you don’t want me to give up on you and I won’t.

DONE! I Won't Be The Girl Who'll Beg You To Stay

When I love someone, I love them intensely. However, when that someone wants to walk away, I’m not going to beg.

If I do fall in love with you, you’ll know what love should’ve always felt like. You’ll realize just how much someone can love you.

You’ll remember that every time I so much as look at you. You’ll remember my love with all the effort that I put into the relationship.

On the other hand, all of that love and affection will be gone the very moment I hear you considering leaving.

I know how much I’m worth. I don’t need you to tell me that or to make me feel worthy.

You can play your games for a little while until you realize that I really mean what I’m saying.

For some reason, men tend to think that we’re just playing hard to get.

They think that we’re not able to make those threats come to life, so they continue to act like animals and think that we’ll still love them.

DONE! I Won't Be The Girl Who'll Beg You To Stay

Well, not me. Once I realize that you’re playing your little games, it’s over and done for you.

You’ll know what it means to be played by a woman. You’ll be the one on your knees begging for my forgiveness, but I won’t budge.

I won’t be the one to let you back in my life once you’re gone.

Either I kick you out of my life or you leave on your own, it doesn’t matter. But once you’re out, you’re out for good.

This strong woman right here isn’t afraid to be alone. I enjoy my own company and I would never let you or anyone else disturb it.

There are so many people who’ll be by my side once you’re out of my life. They’re just waiting for you to mess up so that they can hug me and console me.

Yes, I will cry once you’re gone. Even though it feels strange to outright tell you this, I’m not going to lie to you.

I won’t beg you to stay, because what’s the point in that? You and I both know that this game isn’t going to end soon.

DONE! I Won't Be The Girl Who'll Beg You To Stay

You want me to beg you to stay every time you threaten me to leave, just so you can do it again.

If that’s what you truly believe, then you definitely don’t deserve a space in my life.

I should be your biggest priority, not a choice – not the girl you go to when your main one is busy.

I’m not that girl. Not now, not ever. I will be your one and only or I won’t be a part of your life at all.

I’d rather be happy on my own than miserable with you. You aren’t worthy of me if you’re undecisive.

Go and find someone who will play to your ego.

Find someone who’ll make you less insecure, because a strong and independent woman obviously isn’t the one for you.

I’m not going to beg you to stay, because I know that I deserve more than an on-again-off-again relationship.

I deserve someone who’ll be there for me when I need them and who’ll love me unconditionally.

DONE! I Won't Be The Girl Who'll Beg You To Stay

I deserve someone who won’t leave at the first obstacle we face. Someone who’ll be able to show me how beautiful relationships can actually be.

A man who reckons I’ll beg him to stay just to make him feel wanted and needed isn’t a man that I want in my life.

So, goodbye.

I Won't Be The Girl Who'll Beg You To Stay

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