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I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can’t Have Her

I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can’t Have Her

Men really believe that they deserve to have a woman by their side for doing the bare minimum. They don’t show effort or consistency – heck, they can’t even give women loyalty.

I understand that going through a breakup is hard. When the person you thought you’d spend your life with decides that they want to leave, it’s like your whole world comes crashing down on you.

But you didn’t have to create more damage. You didn’t have to pull me into your little game, tear me apart, and then show me that you never wanted me in the first place.

It was always her, wasn’t it?

When I met you, you said she was the only woman you’ve ever loved. I thought I could become the person to change that. I really believed I’d be the next woman to steal your heart, show you that love is worth the fight, and that I just might help you heal.

Breakups do a lot of damage to a person. When you didn’t see any signs that it would come to this, the surprise itself splits your heart in two. And your partner shatters it further by saying that they’re leaving you for good.

DONE! I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can't Have Her

So when she left you, she left a shell of a human being. You just tried to find a filler for the emptiness inside your chest.

That’s why you thought I’d be the best person for that. I know I care too much and am overly empathetic. It’s a blessing and a curse, all wrapped in one.

It’s a blessing because I can see the good in people. I see their potential and I believe in them. That’s why I believed in you, too.

I genuinely thought that you were just grieving. But before I knew it, it was so much more than that.

One moment you were holding me tight in your arms and telling me I make you feel like you’re holding the whole world. The next, I see you texting her.

You thought I was asleep. So when the phone was right in front of my face, and I was pretending to sleep to not make you suspicious, I saw you texting. And not just anyone – her.

You sent one message after the next, just to tell her how much you miss her and that you’d love to somehow see her again.

How long has it been since you two broke up at that point? It’s been months, for sure. Do you still believe she’ll come back to you? I hope she doesn’t. Because after seeing you’re capable of doing that to someone, I wouldn’t trust you to be loyal to anyone.

DONE! I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can't Have Her

If I think back, there were fleeting moments where I felt I was your rebound, but you never made me feel like it. You made me feel like you really did mean all those loving words.

But you would’ve left me at any given point if she called you to take you back.

Tell me, how would you feel if someone did that to you? If someone played with your emotions, made you believe that you were special, just to break you the first time they aren’t too careful with what they say or do?

Now you’ve lost the girl who wanted to help you move on from her.

I will not be the person you settle for just because you can’t have her. She doesn’t want you anymore! And I don’t want you either.

I don’t want a man who’ll lie to my face when I confront him about something that I saw with my own two eyes. I don’t want a coward who believes he can use someone else to fill the void in himself.

You should’ve worked on yourself and healed before you even thought about pursuing someone new. Look at the damage you’ve caused! I haven’t stopped crying for days and you’re there, glued to your phone, waiting for her to reply.

Do you even care for me? Do you even think of me now that I’m out of the picture? I don’t even know if I could handle your answers to these questions.

DONE! I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can't Have Her

What was it about me that you chose me? Was it the fact that I had the same hair as she did? Was it because my hand fit into yours just like hers did? So when we’d walk through town, you’d feel like you’re holding her and not me?

Those thoughts run around my head constantly. I can’t even stop myself anymore. They keep me awake at night and remind me that you never actually cared about me, to begin with.

You just wanted a distraction.

I was the place you went to when she didn’t want to open the door for you.

But I won’t let that happen again. I won’t let you come back to me just to forget about her for a night. I won’t be the girl you settle for when your ex doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

At one point, I genuinely thought what we had was something special. But I was so wrong.

When a girl finds a guy like this, she tends to believe she can change him. I was that girl as well! I would stick around men who obviously weren’t ready to love me, simply because I saw potential in them. That’s not enough anymore.

I’m all or nothing.

The next guy who comes around will have to meet all my standards, remind me that I’m the only girl for him on a daily basis, and then show me that with his actions. If anyone believes that I’m asking for too much, then I pity them.

DONE! I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can't Have Her

I’m setting you free. If you’re ever ready to love again, please don’t come knocking on my door.

I deserve better than to be the rebound of some guy who can’t take responsibility for his own life and heal himself. I deserve better than what you were prepared to give me.

Hopefully, you regret your behavior and decisions one day.

I Will Not Be The Person You Settle For Just Because You Can't Have Her

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