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I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

I just wanted to love you. I never thought twice about giving you my heart, but all you did was break it.

No one in my life ever hurt me as much as you did, and it’s not something you had to do. You had a choice.

Why did you even get involved with me if you weren’t sure about me? You didn’t have to get in a relationship you clearly didn’t want to commit to.

Still, you chased me, not the other way around, and you wanted me to become your girlfriend.

I don’t understand why you did that when all you wanted was to play games and toy with my heart.

Maybe you just wanted someone to spend time with until you found someone better.

I clearly didn’t mean a lot to you.

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

It seems like you never had any intention of truly loving me.

You seduced me with a clever pick-up line by making me laugh, and I instantly fell for you.

I actually thought that you weren’t like all the other men and that we could have something special.

You were special, at first, and you were unlike anyone I had ever met before. That’s what made me fall in love with you so easily and quickly.

It only took a few days for me to want to love you for eternity, but I made a mistake by thinking you felt the same way about me.

We had a lot of memorable times with each other, when we had fun, fought, laughed, and cried together.

It was an amazing relationship that should have lasted a lifetime and it could have.

Why did you choose to ruin everything?

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

Even now that you have left me broken-hearted, I still remember and ache for those wonderful moments we shared.

No matter how badly you hurt me, I still cherish the special bond we had, even though you destroyed it in the blink of an eye.

You chose to destroy me and all that we had when you looked at another woman.

Maybe you didn’t know that you would betray me, and maybe you didn’t want to destroy us.

I want to think that it wasn’t something you intended to do, but it looks to me like you wanted to destroy me.

Did I mean so little to you?

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

Did I mean so little that you forgot all about me when you noticed another attractive woman?

You chose her over me every time you touched her and with every touch, you destroyed me more and more.

All the lies you told me and the excuses you came up with to be with her destroyed me.

Every time you kissed her and made her promises, you destroyed me and everything that we had.

You kissed me and made promises to me at the same time. You should have never stopped choosing me and I would have loved you forever.

Instead, you chose her.

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

It doesn’t mean anything that you were sorry afterward. You need to know that your apology means nothing to me now.

Maybe I could find the strength to forgive you but I can’t ever forget what you did.

Once it was all out in the open, you wanted me back and you were ready to do anything to have me back.

You cried and promised me that you wouldn’t see her anymore, begged me to forgive you, and told me that it was a mistake.

When you told me that you hadn’t appreciated what you had because you weren’t even aware of how precious it was, it didn’t mean much.

Maybe it’s true, but it doesn’t change anything.

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

You hurt me and broke my heart, and it was something you chose to do. So, now, it’s something you need to take responsibility for.

It’s something you will have to learn to live with and find a way to deal with.

I really wanted to give you a second chance. It was my biggest wish to be able to forgive you and get back on track.

Still, I simply couldn’t act like nothing had happened because you made a fool out of me.

You did something unforgivable when you made me see that nothing was the way I thought it was.

Everything I believed in and all my hopes for us were crushed when you chose to betray my trust.

You didn’t treat me like your girlfriend, not even like a stranger, but like your enemy.

It felt like you wanted to destroy me because no one does that to the person they love.

I feel like I never really meant anything to you.

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

Everything we went through together and all our shared memories meant nothing to you.

Didn’t you promise that we would be together forever? Why did you have to go ahead and destroy everything then?

Maybe you promised her the same thing at the same time. I don’t know what to think anymore.

You destroyed everything I thought was true and for what? I was left broken, in pieces, and you tried to say that you were sorry.

If you loved me and respected me, you wouldn’t have anything to be sorry about.

Even if you don’t love me, I love myself enough not to accept your apology. You had a choice and you chose to destroy what we had.

I wanted to love you, but you wanted to destroy me.

DONE! I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me

Don’t tell me that it’s not what you wanted because you wouldn’t have done it if that were true.

I was completely broken and left alone to suffer the consequences of your actions, not mine.

It was terrible for a while and I was a wreck, but I managed to pull myself back together.

I was afraid of being alone at first, but it soon became clear to me.

You actually helped me realize my worth and that it’s better to be alone than settle for someone who doesn’t recognize it.

Even though you destroyed me, I managed to get back on my feet. Now, I even feel sorry for you and hope that karma won’t get you.

Still, maybe it will help you become a stronger person, just like it helped me.

I Wanted To Love You And You Wanted To Destroy Me