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I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

You deserve to be happy. All of us do. You have the right to do whatever you wish with your life.

That includes not being in a relationship and not being ready to give your heart and soul to another person.

Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a girl who’s ready to be there for you only when it suits you, then the only acceptable thing to do is be honest about it.

Maybe you’re looking for a girl who won’t have a problem with your commitment issues and openly accepts your flaws by breaking her own rules.

At least you need to be honest about it.

You shouldn’t go around breaking a girl’s heart, saying that you’ll love her unconditionally, and then suddenly ghosting her as if nothing happened.

You shouldn’t promise someone that you’re ready to commit and make her believe that you’re ready to settle down in a relationship when you’re actually giving them lies or, at best, half-truths.

You don’t put in the effort to make her feel loved and appreciated without intending to be there for her when she needs it.

DONE! I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

You don’t say that you’re going to give her the world and then make her question your loyalty to her.

At least that’s not what a real man would do.

Unlike you who has commitment issues, a real mature man would be honest and open about his intentions right from the beginning of the relationship.

A real man wouldn’t waste a girl’s time and lead her on for ages.

I guess you weren’t mature enough to be honest about your feelings for me.

You convinced me that you were committed to our relationship and to me, only to end up breaking my heart and soul.

You made me believe you – that’s the most hurtful part. You tried so hard to make me feel special and show me that our love was honest and real.

You made me believe that you weren’t like any of my exes who used my honesty and feelings against me.

The same guys that made me feel like those relationships were perfect and flawless. 

But, you’re just like them. You took advantage of me and hurt me in every way possible.

DONE! I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

The sad thing is that you actually made an effort to get under my skin.

You did everything right to get inside my heart. You pretended to be someone you’re not for a very long time.

It was my fault for not seeing the real you. I was blinded by love. By that fake love that I was hoping was real for once.

You pretended to be the man I’ve waited my entire life for. The man I’d marry and settle down with for life.

From the outside, people would say you did everything right and how flawless you are, but you didn’t and you’re not.

As time passed, I slowly started believing in your lies and deceptions.

I couldn’t believe that a guy who said that he loves me would ever deceive me like that. 

Instead of trusting my gut, I started trusting you. I didn’t listen to myself because you were simply too good to be true.

My instincts told me that you were wearing a mask, but I didn’t listen.

I genuinely hoped that I’d finally found my soulmate, the guy who would give me the world.

A guy who would show me what unconditional love really meant.

I can’t believe how wrong I was to think that.

DONE! I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

My biggest weakness was that I gave myself to you. I fell head over heels for you, believing that you would be honest about your feelings for me.

But the moment you saw that you had me was the moment you took your mask off and showed me your real face.

You weren’t even close to the man you’d pretended to be and that scared me the most.

Everything changed once you knew you had my heart. The moment you knew I’d never leave you, no matter what.

That’s when everything changed right then and there.

DONE! I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

The man I once knew disappeared at that exact moment. The loving and caring person I used to know vanished and there was no trace of him at all.

I never thought that you were capable of making me believe you were ready to commit and then breaking my heart like it was disposable.

When you changed, the emotional abuse and cheating began. The world that I thought was perfect suddenly tore apart and turned into a nightmare.

You turned out to be a manipulative, immature guy who had made me feel like I was living in a fairy tale.

A liar who masked his true face and pretended to be someone he was not.

All those good morning texts and good night messages were replaced with me waiting for you to call me back after going out with your friends.

Those nights you held me tight in your arms, telling me everything’s going to be okay – they were gone and replaced with me crying myself to sleep.

I started asking myself if I was the one to blame for your bad behavior – if I’d done something wrong.

DONE! I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

I never thought that those thoughts were caused by your manipulative actions.

Suddenly, the bright laughter and smiles were gone.

I started being depressed and downhearted, praying that God would bring back the man I once knew – the one who’d made me believe in true love.

But you can’t change someone who doesn’t recognize his actions. Someone who is immature and has commitment issues.

After a while, I finally mustered the courage to leave you, but it took me some time to realize that you were pretending to be someone you’re not the whole time.

I understand now that the man who once loved me and cherished me never actually existed.

I simply couldn’t accept the fact that you were just like the other guys.

You never had the intention of committing to our relationship. You were too afraid of doing that.

But you made me believe you were committed and that broke my heart.

It was you who made me leave you and eventually you’ll come to realize what kind of a woman you had – and lost.

I Thought That You Were Committed, But You Broke My Heart

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