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I Still Remember All The Little Things That Made Me Fall In Love With You

I Still Remember All The Little Things That Made Me Fall In Love With You

I don’t think I wished for too much before I met you. All I wanted was someone to love who would love me the same. Someone I could cuddle with while watching Netflix.

I was simply hoping for a man who would be by my side no matter what and accept me for who I am. Someone who would wash away my tears and give me a reason to smile.

I had been dreaming of a man who would never leave me. A man who would love my flaws but support me to become better.

I never before had such a man in my life, and I just wanted someone who would understand me. Someone who would never run away when a problem occurred.

And the truth is, I had a lot of problems but no one who would stick around till I worked through them. Obviously, that made it almost impossible to work through them and so I dreamed of a Prince Charming who would come to save me and make my life into a fairy tale.

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I am a little ashamed to admit that, but isn’t that what all of us dream about?

I believe in true love and always hoped for that fairy tale ending. A boy met a girl. He saved her from the trouble she was in. And they lived happily ever after.

To tell the truth, I almost lost faith that I was ever going to have that happen to me but then, after a lot of bad first dates that never led to a second, I found myself on a date with the man of my dreams.

I remember when I saw you standing in front of the bar where we agreed to meet for the first time. Also, I remember thinking to myself, “God, I hope that’s him.” And it was you.

You took off your dark glasses and greeted me with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. It was a hot August day, and I knew right there and then that my life was never again going to be the same.

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I remember how you walked me back to my place at the end of the date and kissed me in front of the door. At that moment, I wanted to tell you to come in and stay forever, but I stopped myself.

I remember when you first came inside my place, and I shared with you some of my dark secrets. You never flinched. Instead, you asked me if I needed help with that baggage, and you took it off my shoulders.

I remember the feeling when you couldn’t keep your hands off of me, and you would be eager to hug and kiss me.

You were so obviously falling for me and I enjoyed every second of it because I was falling for you as well.

I remember all the times you took me to restaurants. All the other men before you had just been trying to get me drunk, but you were trying to get me full.

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You were ready to spend all of your money on me until I told you to ease up on the restaurants and the gifts.

I remember how you proudly introduced me as your girlfriend to all of your friends and it made me feel like the most important person in the world.

You were also ready to neglect all those friends because you wanted to spend all of your time with me.

I remember when you introduced me to your parents as your girlfriend and I knew right then that they were going to be my new family.

They told me that I was the first girlfriend you had ever brought home to meet your family and I was sure that I was going to be the last one as well.

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I remember how much you complimented me all the time and tried so hard to convince me that I am beautiful.

You helped me love myself again and you never made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Instead, you made it clear that, in your eyes, I am the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world.

I remember how hard it was for me to believe that a man like you was for real. It was hard to believe that you were an actual Prince Charming, but you have treated me like a princess every day.

I had to spend a lot of time with you before I realized that you really are genuinely so loving, honest, and kind.

I remember when you bought us necklaces with two parts of the same heart after only a month of dating.

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Later on, you engraved our names on them and you gave me a flower that you made out of metal so it would never die like all the others.

I remember the day we moved into our first house, which was so small and cold but we were happy in it because we were together.

I remember the day you proposed to me on our relationship anniversary in the same bar where I had seen you waiting for me on our first date.

Before we sat down, I told you, “If you like it, you should put a ring on it,” and you got down on your knee, with a rose that you opened to get out my engagement ring in the shape of a heart.

I remember the day of our wedding and how I walked down the aisle to finally say yes to the best future I could possibly have. Later on, we danced our first dance while the sprinklers went off, and the band played our song.

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I remember how my life completely changed after that day, and all the pieces came together. We finally have our own apartment and live in it in harmony.

And every day I wake up next to you, I am grateful to the universe that sent you my way to make me the happiest woman in the world. You succeed in doing that every day and I am going to remember all of them.

And we will create a lot more beautiful memories because I have finally found my happily ever after.

I Still Remember All The Little Things That Made Me Fall In Love With You

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