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I Still Care About You, I Just Don’t Like Who You’ve Become

I Still Care About You, I Just Don’t Like Who You’ve Become

True love lasts forever, doesn’t it? It’s why I still care about you. But I don’t like who you’ve become.

The love I had for you was true and unconditional. I loved you for everything that you were and everything you added to my life.

All your little imperfections and quirks were what I loved most about you because that’s how it is with true love. I loved your very essence and how it spiced up my life.

In the good times and in the bad, I loved you with my entire heart. But now it just hurts to love you.

I still care about you, I just don’t like the guy you’ve become – that’s not the person I knew and grew to love.

When you love someone, you accept them for who they are, and that’s how I love you. You are not yourself anymore though and it feels like I have lost you even when you’re standing right there.

I love you, but it’s not a choice anymore because I don’t like loving you anymore. In fact, even though I love you, I don’t like you anymore.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but no matter how much I try to fight it, I still have feelings for you. But you’re not the man I love anymore.

DONE! I Still Care About You, I Just Don't Like Who You've Become

You’re a stranger, a soul I once knew, and the love I felt is still there, but you’re not. I don’t like this person you are now, and I’m not sure I even want to know someone like that.

This is not how it was from the start.

When I fell in love with you, you were this amazing, honest, loving man who’d do anything to make me happy. I loved the person you were – your personality, your soul.

You showed me respect and used to have the same core values as me. I fell deeply in love with you. I thought I’d found the man of my dreams when I met you and that man knew how to appreciate me.

Of course, you weren’t perfect and you had your flaws, but I loved them too. I loved every little part of you, good or bad, because you were the kind of person I imagined marrying.

You were caring, kind, and loving. I thought you were a real man I could have a future with. Perhaps you were, but then everything changed.

I still care about you, I just don’t like who you turned into and I don’t think you like that person either. At least your old self wouldn’t, that’s for sure.

DONE! I Still Care About You, I Just Don't Like Who You've Become

You’re now the person you promised you’d never be. The man I love exists only in my memory.

I don’t know how to accept it, but I wouldn’t even like being around the person you’ve become. You’re suddenly this bad person who only thinks of himself.

If I didn’t care about you, I would never even be friends with the person you are now. I wouldn’t want him and his negativity in my life, and, most importantly, I wouldn’t love him.

You’re now this selfish guy who thinks only of his needs and wants. You’ve become entirely indifferent to the feelings of other people and you hurt me without even batting an eye.

You take me for granted and don’t even care about the pain you’re causing me. Our relationship doesn’t seem to matter to you at all anymore since you put zero effort into it.

It’s like you think that I’ll stay no matter how bad your behavior gets and how poorly you treat me. I still care about you, I just don’t like the person you’ve become – and it’s sure not the person I’m going to stay with.

DONE! I Still Care About You, I Just Don't Like Who You've Become

You turned into a bitter, toxic man who enjoys hurting and manipulating everyone around him with no regard for their feelings.

It’s not the only reason I don’t like you anymore, because the big issue is that you have no respect for me anymore.

I’ve constantly made sacrifices and worked on our relationship, but you don’t appreciate it at all. It makes me feel like you find joy in breaking my heart.

After all, you constantly find new ways to diminish and hurt me, and I’m sick of it. I don’t know who you are anymore and I’m not going to let a person I don’t even recognize anymore treat me that way.

You’re not the person I fell for and I’m done putting up with men who don’t deserve me. I can’t believe I thought that you were different when you’ve probably just been pretending this entire time.

I honestly don’t know anymore, but I’m tired of giving chances to people who don’t deserve them. As it turns out, you’re one of them, even though I thought that you’re unlike anyone I ever met before.

You said that things will be like they used to, but it was just another lie. After all, lying has become your new hobby.

DONE! I Still Care About You, I Just Don't Like Who You've Become

I wanted to make our relationship work, I just didn’t know that I’d suddenly find myself in a relationship with a stranger.

It’s like the man I loved never even existed and I only imagined him. Are you really that good at pretending to be someone else or do you not recognize yourself anymore either?

I don’t know the answer, but the truth is, I don’t care anymore. You’re not going to go back to who you were and it has become perfectly clear now.

I gave you more chances than you deserve. I’m done now. I am done living in the past.

If the man from that past was still here, I’d run into his arms. But I don’t know who you are.

You’re a mean, angry man who doesn’t deserve any more of my time or love. I wanted to spend my time with the man I fell in love with.

Sorry I mistook you for someone else.

I Still Care About You, I Just Don't Like Who You've Become

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