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I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

For me, the end of a relationship is mostly characterized by self-doubt and questioning what I did wrong, or whether I need to take all the blame.

For years, I put you and our relationship first. But thanks to you, I’ve finally found myself.

It took me time to see how unhappy I was and how unsatisfying our relationship was.

For months, I put up with the false image of being happy and joyful, and I lost sight of who I was.

All that time, you were dishonest about your feelings, and such behavior fueled my actions even more.

I was always there for you, trying to please you and satisfy every need of yours, while you only criticized me.

Don’t get me wrong, I learned how to live with your lies, and with every word of criticism you intended for me.

You attacked my insecurities, but you’re not the first one who did that.

I grew stronger and colder toward you, and my skin grew thicker.

DONE! I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

Those gaps that we had in our relationship became holes that were irreparable.

Once I realized that, I knew I had to make one of the toughest decisions yet, and that was leaving you once and for all.

When I thought about my future, I only saw us there. It was always us against the world.

I thought that I could always count on you being a part of my life. Suddenly, everything changed and our love disappeared.

I don’t blame you anymore. I was broken, but after some time, I found myself again.

You taught me how to be strong enough to put myself back together.

I learned how to live without you and realized that my life was okay without you.

That’s why I wanted to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for letting me fall, only to discover my true strength. You gave me a chance to start over without you.

DONE! I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

I started to celebrate all the little wins. Walking a dog, who once was a pain in the butt for you, now brings me so much joy and happiness.

Going to the gym gives me energy that you drained me of.

I take care of my body and now, I feel great once I forget how much I gave myself to our relationship.

It’s something that everyone does, I know, but I picked up the pieces of myself and brought back the old me.

I sacrificed so many things because of you; I traded my values to satisfy your needs.

It was the wrong thing to do, but I did it nonetheless. I sacrificed myself for what love was and now I realize it was a false love.

DONE! I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

One day, I found myself hiking again and doing things that I’d missed so much.

I made a list of all the things I’d stopped doing, and now I’m on a path to start them again.

The other day, I went to my favorite cafe and had a cup of coffee, alone. It filled me with so much positive energy that I hadn’t felt in so long.

Sure, my heart ached, but my happiness overshadowed the sadness. I never knew that the little things could mean so much to a person.

At first, after we broke up, I didn’t understand how much of an impact that decision would have on my life.

I felt lonely. My hands shook and my mind raced thinking about you. Eventually, it drained me of all my energy.

Although we’re not together anymore, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry because you never appreciated me the way you should have.

That said, the breakup brought me happiness, as I started doing things that pleased me.

The awful things you loved to eat, I didn’t cook anymore, and I started eating healthily.

I quit my job and applied for a new one, and took risks because you said I would never have the courage to do so.

I also made new friends and got out of my comfort zone.

So, I proved you wrong.

I know that I’m one thought away from finding true happiness.

DONE! I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

You may ask how I found myself after feeling broken and miserable.

Well, I surrounded myself with the right people, my people. Not yours, who always criticized and judged me.

When my friends invite me on casual nights out, I go and have the time of my life.

Without you holding me back, I have finally experienced my true self. I have grown into the woman I was destined to be.

Those gaps and holes of emptiness that you thought you left, I filled with my dreams, goals, and passions.

Ultimately, I learned that the best way to find myself was to be my own best friend.

I was afraid of being alone, but I found out that I could invest that time in my interests.

DONE! I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

I’d always put you first before, but now I have learned to love myself.

I don’t blame you for choosing her over me. You might have found something in her that I lacked, but I realize you were never destined for me.

Your love wasn’t enough for me anyway.

Our love felt right at the time but at some point, I came to realize that someone can only be in your life for a certain reason.

The reason you were in my life was to help me recognize my own worth and strength.

Your absence made me a better person. I gained so much when we broke up, and I recognized that I had so much to offer – and I gave it to myself.

Besides my own love, I don’t need anything else. I’m enough and I don’t need a man like you.

You were the one who taught me how to become a stronger woman. I thank God for the experience because I finally found myself.

I Might Have Lost You, But I’ve Finally Found Myself

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