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I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

You thought that you were the only one who knew how to play games, but you were wrong, as I decided to walk away.

You might’ve hurt me, but it was just temporary. I know how to love, but I decided you weren’t worthy of me loving you.

As I grew older, life taught me that love wasn’t as simple as I thought it was.

All those fairy tales that portrayed perfect love, where one person gives his heart just to you, are just imaginary ideas that someone created in their head.

Love is much more than buying gifts and saying, “I love you.” Love is something that’s tough to explain.

The feeling that you have when a person truly and inexplicably loves you is extraordinary.

You thought that I was the one who would wait for you forever, but no, darling, I decided to walk away.

DONE! I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

I’ve been playing this game for far too long so I understand how it goes. I’ve had my heart broken too many times to let you break it once more.

You don’t realize that I’ll be gone long before you know it, and the sad truth is you’ll only have yourself to blame for my actions.

I decided to listen to myself and to my heart, and not to some guy who doesn’t possess the emotional intelligence to date me.

I completely realized that my feelings and desires do matter, and I reached that emotional maturity way before you decided to play games with me.

You pretended to be someone you’re not, and your mask fell eventually. Sooner or later, all masks fall.

A person cannot pretend to be someone they’re not. It’s just a matter of time before they’re found out.

You only hurt me temporarily because I figured out your true self. I looked underneath your mask and saw not a man, but a boy, hiding his feelings.

Even though I was hurt and broken, I left because I had some self-respect left.

I left without looking back at you, because I knew you were never going to reveal your true self.

I’ve been dealing with men like you for far too long. Those immature and insecure boys who don’t know what it truly takes to love a woman like me.

DONE! I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

I decided to walk away because you were just another man who strung me along and hurt me in the end.

I had my moment of epiphany and I came to realize what you’d been doing to me, so I decided to walk away from you.

You shouldn’t have expected me to wait until you were ready to accept my love or decide whether or not I was worthy of yours.

I won’t be hurt again. Darling, I know my worth already and I’m confident enough to say I won’t be sticking around you any longer.

I won’t be just another girl who cries herself to sleep or waits for your messages of comfort that have no meaning at all.

I won’t be on the sidelines waiting for you when you’re out there chasing other girls.

There’s already too much energy wasted on trying to make things happen.

You’re just a silly boy who takes his time in making the first move.

DONE! I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

It’s completely ridiculous to expect that I would waste my time waiting for you. I’ll never settle for less than I deserve.

I’ve had my fair share of broken hearts, and I’ve learned to move on with my life and find someone who meets my standards, someone who won’t drain me of my energy, and who knows without a doubt that he wants me.

And why should I wait for you? My time is precious.

You really think you’re all that special?

Yes, I once thought you were amazing, but I snapped out of that fairy tale and I came to realize you’re not worth my time.

A guy worth my time won’t waste it at all.

DONE! I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

Maybe you didn’t know how you felt or you were insecure about us, but that’s your problem and not mine.

I won’t sit around and wait for you to make up your mind.

I have realized that life’s short and you’re only given one chance to make it worth it, so I want a man who knows exactly what he wants.

Once my head cleared, when I decided to walk away from you, I became a happy and joyful woman once again.

You’ll realize what you did to me and you’ll be sorry for sure, but it will be too late. Too late for you to come back to me.

You never made me a priority. I was always at the bottom of your list, but never again.

I’ve learned how to love and put myself first. Yes, I was broken, but I rose once again, like a phoenix.

DONE! I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

Don’t get me wrong, I was prepared to put in the effort and make it work. I wanted to make you happy, but not at any cost.

I waited and hoped you would change one day, but you never did. Waiting for you forever was never an option for me.

Now that I’ve left you, I know you feel sorry. You replay all the good things in your head and hope that one day we’ll be together again.

You want forgiveness, but you know you won’t get it from me. You’re not even entitled to ask for it.

I’ve learned from my mistakes, and now it’s your time to learn from yours. Try to live with what you’ve done because you’ll never find such a woman ever again.

DONE! I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

I deserve to be with someone who’s ready to commit to me and only me. Someone who’s ready to cut ties with other girls and just focus on me.

I deserve someone who wants the same thing as I do, and that’s to find true love.

I have grown tired of those emotionally unavailable men, who hold on to their past relationships and wait for their exes to take them back.

No, I don’t want that.

That said, I proved to myself once again how strong and confident I am and I know I’m ready to give love another shot.

Just not with you.

I Grew Tired Of Waiting For You, So I Decided To Walk Away

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