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I Don’t Care About Your Past As Long As You’re Committed To Me In The Present

You may think that every night when I go to sleep, I think about your exes, flings, and one-night stands, but that’s not true at all. All that matters to me is that you’re committed to our relationship now and that you plan your future with me.

I don’t care who was there before me or who you hugged in the past, as long as I know that the spot next to you is reserved just for me now and that your hands and lips are only touching and kissing me.

We all have to carry the burdens of our past. I’ve loved and been heartbroken before you ever came into my life. The entire time, I’d been waiting for a man who has no problem committing to me and who’d be able to say that he only loves me and no one else.

That’s one of the reasons I simply do not care about your past. The important thing is that you’ve left it right there where it should be, and that’s behind you.

I just care about what happens to us now.

DONE! I Don't Care About Your Past As Long As You're Committed To Me In The Present

The truth is I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. You’ve brought so much happiness and joy into my life that our love seems surreal to me.

The feelings I have for you are genuine. Sometimes I just stare at you and am awestruck at how satisfied I am now that I get to call you my boyfriend.

To be honest, I always questioned whether or not real love even exists. Too many times I had my heart broken into a million pieces and each time it took me a while to get back up again. After the last breakup, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let any man get that close to me ever again.

I failed to keep that promise, but I don’t regret it one bit. You gained my trust and showed me that true love is real – you just have to be patient and ready to receive it.

On top of that, you accepted me the way I am without trying to change anything about me. All those flaws and quirks I felt self-conscious about, you embraced with open arms and never said that they bother you.

DONE! I Don't Care About Your Past As Long As You're Committed To Me In The Present

That’s why I hope you feel the same way as I do. I hope that your words are honest and from the heart, and that you’re ready to commit to our love. I know I am.

That’s why I don’t want to know your past or who was there before me. I only want to be certain that you have eyes for me alone.

Many times, I’ve been disrespected by my exes. Many times I caught them looking at some other woman when I was right beside them. And I know that many men aren’t aware they’re doing that and can’t control it, but I hope that you’re different, for my sake.

I want you to feel that I’m as special to you as you are to me. I want to be the only one who can work you up and calm you down at the same time. Also, I want you to respect me the same way I respect you.

And most importantly, I want you to prove to me that you’re always going to be loyal.

DONE! I Don't Care About Your Past As Long As You're Committed To Me In The Present

I don’t want to lie awake at night thinking that you’re out with another girl or that you’ve done something to make me doubt you.

A relationship like that won’t ever survive. You have to be honest and open with me and tell me everything that’s on your mind and heart. Even if it means those words will hurt me, I need you to tell me everything.

Be faithful and a man of your word, and you’ll never lose me. If we’re going to plan our future together, we have to trust each other. Without trust, there’s no love. And without love, there’s no healthy relationship.

I want to know that you’re committed to this relationship and that you won’t run away whenever a problem arises. Instead, you have to promise that you’ll be by my side and that we’ll work together to find a solution.

I don’t need you to tell me that you’re going to marry me one day and then not put any effort into making me happy. I’m sick and tired of those half-truths and empty words.

All I need to know now is that you’re one hundred percent devoted to this relationship. I want to know that you’re ready to lend me a hand whenever I need help from you. You know I can’t be the one who does everything while you just sit and wait for me to shower you with compliments and attention.

I want to see you make an effort.

DONE! I Don't Care About Your Past As Long As You're Committed To Me In The Present

Be a man of action and prove to me that you feel as strongly for me as I do for you. Show me that you’re my partner in crime and that I’m not fighting this battle alone.

I want us to face everything that comes our way together as a team. And I want to be sure that your heart only beats for me.

Here’s the truth: I don’t care about your past. I only care that you’re committed to me in the present!

I Don't Care About Your Past As Long As You're Committed To Me In The Present

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