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I Didn’t Walk Away From You, It Was You Who Gave Up On Me

I Didn’t Walk Away From You, It Was You Who Gave Up On Me

It wasn’t me who walked away from you. It was you who pushed me away.

And now look at where you are – sitting in your room alone, thinking how you lost the most important person in your life.

You can’t shake the feeling that you made a tremendous mistake and that’s what’s keeping you up late at night.

You’re trying to find ways to get me back. You hope I’ll give you a second chance and we can everything behind us.

You’re sitting there thinking which things I liked the most so you could win me over again.

But darling, honestly, there’s nothing in this world you could do that would make me get back with you.

My heart is no longer available to you. I learned my lessons from you and our relationship.

Those lessons left scars on my heart, but time will heal them for sure. One thing is certain – I’ll never forget them!

I was always the type of girl who prioritized others above herself.

Even if those dear to me broke my heart, I tried to give them a second chance, believing they’d change.

But now I learned my lesson: I have to put myself first and make space in my life for those who really deserve it.

DONE! I Didn't Walk Away From You, It Was You Who Gave Up On Me

But you – you’re still dreaming about us getting back together. Honey, let me make myself abundantly clear:

It will never happen. I’ll never go back to you. You abandoned me – I didn’t walk away from you.

I loved you with all my heart, only for you to throw it away like it was nothing and walk all over it. I didn’t know you could be so cruel and mean.

You changed a lot. You’re not the same man that I knew before.

That loving and caring man I met – the one who said that I was his everything – suddenly disappeared into thin air.

But darling, what goes around comes back around, remember that.

Maybe you thought that I was like the other girls, that you could manipulate me to satisfy your needs and then leave as if nothing ever happened.

However, I know that God will make you pay for everything you’ve done to me and to those other girls.

This time your love story will be different. And it’s not looking good for you.

Don’t try to call me and send those long messages saying that you’re sorry for treating me poorly. Don’t say that you don’t know what got into you.

Because I finally had the opportunity to see your true face. And I’m never going to answer your calls or messages, ever again.

Don’t try to use our friends as middlemen. They already know what you did to me.

Remember this, I didn’t walk from you, it was you who pushed me away.

DONE! I Didn't Walk Away From You, It Was You Who Gave Up On Me

Don’t think that I’m going to change my mind just because you said you changed for the better, because I won’t.

I know I’m worthy of experiencing true love – something that’s foreign to you and something that you can’t give me.

I learned to respect myself more and that’s why I’ll never go back to you. You know I’ve changed.

Those lessons that you taught me, they’ve turned my life upside down. I’m no longer the same woman who fell in love with you.

I learned to appreciate myself more. I grew stronger and I’m moving forward in life without you by my side. And I’m completely fine with that.

Even though my heart is broken, I’ll pick up the pieces and find a man who’ll love me the way I am now.

Someone who won’t force me to change because they got bored.

And I know that God will give me such a man. A real man who knows how to treat a woman.

And he’ll show me the love you never could. Finally, I’ll find my peace with him.

I just wanted to say that I’m fine even though I’m not with you anymore. I’ve made peace with the fact that you gave up on me.

I sincerely don’t know how you’ll manage without me once you realize I’m gone for good. Once reality hits and you wake up knowing we’re not together anymore.

DONE! I Didn't Walk Away From You, It Was You Who Gave Up On Me

So the next time you wonder what went wrong and how you managed to end up alone, don’t point your finger at me.

Blame yourself – you blew everything that we had.

My only wish was for you to show me that you want to fight for me, but you couldn’t even do that.

Honestly, after giving myself time to heal, I realized that I don’t love you that much.

You lost me the day you gave up on me. Our romantic love story ended there. It won’t continue since I’m not going back to you, ever.

I truly hope that one day you’ll realize the mistakes that you’ve made and that you’ll learn from them.

I know you can’t stand to look yourself in the mirror now, but once you accept your mistakes I hope that you’ll forgive yourself because you lost a good woman.

A woman who went through hell and back just to see you one last time.

I wanted you to know that I never thought of walking away from you. You just didn’t fight hard enough for me.

All that I was to you was a second option. You never prioritized me over others.

You put up a good show that you loved me. But the truth is you never did.

You were always a closed book. You were afraid to let me in because you thought I’d hurt you. That was never my intention.

Now that you’re sitting in the room alone thinking how can you get me back, let me tell you a secret: We’re never getting back together!

I didn’t walk away from you, it was you who gave up on me, remember?

I Didn't Walk Away From You, It Was You Who Gave Up On Me

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