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I Didn’t Lose You, It Was You Who Lost Me

I Didn’t Lose You, It Was You Who Lost Me

Now that our relationship is over, I finally realize that I didn’t lose you. It was you who lost me.

After all of my attempts to make this thing between us work, I grew tired. Tired of waiting for you to realize my worth, tired of staying by your side even though you gave me no right reason to.

That’s when I decided I’d had enough. I couldn’t stay in this toxic relationship anymore and I had to let go.

You used to be the guy I imagined my future with, but I realized that I painted you perfect inside my head while the reality was far different.

I attributed all of the best adjectives to you, thinking you were different from all of the other guys. And it turned out that you actually are since your words and actions hurt differently than anyone else’s ever did.

At first, it was hard waking up in the morning and being unable to text you. My hand reached out for the phone unconsciously.

But soon I realized that I have no reason to send you a message. Our relationship was over as you were not the kind of man that could ever make me happy.

Those first days after the breakup, I questioned my decision. Did I do the right thing? Did I make a mistake by walking away from you?

But it wasn’t long before all of the pieces of the puzzle fit right where they belonged and it was all clear. I wasn’t losing anything with this breakup. Actually, I was only giving myself the best possible outcome.

DONE! I Didn't Lose You, It Was You Who Lost Me

It was you who lost me. It was you who’d eventually realize how you made a mistake by treating me badly.

You’ll regret the fact that you lost the only girl who cared about you. You had me next to you but you got bored of being in a stable relationship.

I guess that you wanted fun and excitement, and to experience that with all of the other girls. You wanted me to wait for you while you enjoyed your nights out, flirting with other women, giving them your number.

And since there was no chance I’d ever agree to that, I decided to walk away from you.

As I left your apartment, you kept shouting how I’m about to lose the best man ever. You were convinced that I’d come running into your arms days later, but I guess you now realize how wrong you were.

I must admit that I had the same feeling in the beginning. I guess that I was used to having you around so things felt different now that I couldn’t call you anymore.

My room felt empty once I’d taken down all of our pictures. The terrace with a view over the river had a completely different vibe once you weren’t there to sip your coffee on it.

But as time went by, I realized that the difference I felt was because things actually started to feel better.

The sun was shining brighter than usual. The air felt lighter and it was easier to breathe. All of the things I did on my own were enriching and made me feel stronger than ever.

I realized that walking away from you was the best thing I ever did for myself. It rebuilt me and showed me how strong I actually am. It showed me my real value, the one that was hiding the entire time we were together.

DONE! I Didn't Lose You, It Was You Who Lost Me

Instead of being the wind at my back, you actually ended up being my biggest obstacle. You stopped me from reaching my best potential because you didn’t want me to realize how capable I am.

That’s when it hit me. By letting go of you, I never lost you. I didn’t lose a guy who’s kind and caring, the one I’d wish to have back in my life.

It was actually you who lost me. You were deprived of the only person who actually loved you the right way. I was prepared to do anything for you until you made me realize that none of my actions could ever be appreciated.

I was your safe harbor, always there for you. In the meantime, you never represented anything good for me.

All this time, you were that one thing that kept me from soaring. You were the cage I had to break free from.

Now that I finally see the truth, I realize that walking away from you was the best decision I ever made. It was a life-changing moment – one that had to happen if I ever wanted to grow as a person.

DONE! I Didn't Lose You, It Was You Who Lost Me

After leaving you, I finally found myself.

So, if you still believe that I lost you the moment I ended our relationship, I want to let you know that you’re wrong. I didn’t lose you. It was you who lost me.

You lost a great woman. A woman who could’ve given you the world if only you’d shown her that you’re worth staying around for. If you treated her with respect and showed her that you care about her, it would all be different.

But since you didn’t want to do that, you’re now obliged to a life without me.

I’ll no longer be there for you when you need my help. I won’t be your shoulder to cry on or your rock of support.

The time has come for me to seek someone who’ll realize my worth and treat me the way I deserve to be treated. It looks like you were never able to do that, and it wasn’t my job to pressure you into it.

Goodbye forever and don’t ever forget how you lost a great woman. Someone who wanted to be yours yet you gave her no reason to stay.

I Didn't Lose You, It Was You Who Lost Me

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