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I Didn’t Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

I Didn’t Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

You see, I never really wanted this to happen. But once you started mistreating me because you had me in the palm of your hand, I knew I had to leave you.

The thing is, I’d given up on myself thinking that you would change. I was tired of all those promises you never fulfilled. Those half-truths and lies about how you’d change for me because you love me.

And so the time passed, days turned into nights, nights turned into days, and I left our love behind in the past. And you were the one to blame for that.

You stopped showing me any kind of affection. You never fully gave me yourself, so that’s why I left you for ME!

You were the one who never fully committed to me – the one who became obsessed with knowing that I love you, even though I said it almost every day.

But you let the flame of our passion fade so quickly. You didn’t make any effort to rekindle it once again.

I was always waiting for you to show me that you genuinely love me, that you needed me in your life the same way I needed you.

That we were going to be there for each other no matter what, through thick and thin.

The sad part of our story is that you didn’t even notice that.

DONE! I Didn't Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

You didn’t notice that I was emotionally drained and needed your love to fill that hole in my heart.

You simply stopped listening to me when I talked to you because everything distracted you.

You weren’t happy to have me in your life once you knew you had me forever and that my heart belonged to you.

I was no longer a challenge for you.

I used many different techniques and strategies to make you see that I was the one who was always there for you. Not your friends or family – me.

I tried to use our old photos as a reminder of how happy we were, but they didn’t mean a thing to you.

You even forgot what our favorite song was – that song you used to sing to me when we were lying in bed thinking about our future together.

And the love messages I’d send to you, I never got a reply to them because I wasn’t a priority to you. Everything was in vain.

All those times you neglected me and caused me pain and sorrow, you never fully realized how hurt I was because of you.

It hurts knowing that the love you were supposed to give me, you gave it to someone else. And now some other woman is sitting beside you.

I never left you for another man, I left you for ME!

DONE! I Didn't Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

I was your second option and you replaced me with her – a girl who’s never there for you when you need her.

But you never expected that there would come a day where I’d replace you too.

The truth is, I didn’t want to stop fighting for us.

There was a part of me that believed we could still make it. That we could still have our happily ever after.

But the other part knew that we’d reached the end of our road. And I was torn between those two sides.

What tipped the scale for me was that you only wanted me when you needed something from me.

I became just another one of your toys, something part of your routine, and you didn’t value me enough.

I had a hard time figuring out why you stopped caring for me. I didn’t ask for too much in our relationship and I didn’t ask for anything in return.

I gave you everything I had and yet you were unable to love me the way you should have.

Finally, the day came. I gave up on you and stopped begging for love and waiting for something to happen between us.

Deep down, I knew it was the end of our road together.

And I’m not upset or mad at you. I’m just done. Don’t think that I left you for another man, I left you for ME!

DONE! I Didn't Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

I was tired of waiting for you to come home when all I did was cry myself to sleep every night.

I was sick of loving you and never receiving any love in return.

I know you have a heart, so I’m asking you: Do you even know what that feels like?

Do you even know how it felt to genuinely love someone with all of your heart and never expect anything in return?

Well, now you’re going to hear it from me. It feels like being stabbed in the back. It feels like someone rips your heart out and tramples all over it.

I felt emotionally empty like I had no feelings at all. It felt like I had the cure for my dying heart right before my eyes but it slipped away.

I couldn’t reach you.

I left you for me because you stopped prioritizing me. I was at the bottom of your priority list.

The truth is, I believed that you were my Prince Charming and that I’d love you till I was old and gray.

But somewhere in the middle, I realized that I would never be loved the way I deserve to be, so I stopped.

I was suffering because my heart was aching and I couldn’t take it anymore.

DONE! I Didn't Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

I knew I deserve someone better. Someone who puts a smile on my face, looks me in the eye, and tells me he loves me.

That he loves me with all of his heart and belongs to me only!

I knew I deserve a man who’s brave enough to stay and wipe away my tears and hold me tight when I’m in pain.

And I’m ready to find love again. I want to feel that unconditional love.

Just before leaving, I put all of our photos and gifts in a box and I threw it all away. I couldn’t stay in the past anymore. I had to let it go.

I have to keep my promise to myself that I’ll fight for ME rather than you.

I’ll never let anyone else take me for granted again.

I’ve promised myself that I’ll find a man whose actions match his words.

Someone who knows how to fight for his woman and never let her down. Someone far better than you.

And I knew I had to leave you before it was too late. I had to leave you because I didn’t want to spend my best years on you.

Even though you think that I left you for another man, that’s not true. I left you for ME!

I Didn't Leave You For Another Man, I Left You For ME!

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