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How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Not everything is rainbows and butterflies in relationships. Sometimes it gets stormy and breakups happen. People grow apart, they can’t stop arguing, or just figure out they are too different to function together.

As each relationship is unique in its own way, the same goes for breakups as well. Neither of those will hurt the same, or leave the same mark. Maybe you’re going to bounce back surprisingly fast, or you’ll grieve for a long time – nobody knows for sure.

By now you already know so many things about your personality and why you have certain habits solely based on your zodiac sign. You even know why you behave in a particular way and why something hurts you more than it should. And well, breakups are no exception.

If you’ve broken up recently and you want to figure out how long will it take before everything goes back to normal, or you’re just reading this out of curiosity, I hope you’ll learn something more about yourself.

So, go ahead and discover what the stars are saying on how you cope with breakups.


DONE! How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Our little warriors in life and love as well, you will do anything in your power for the breakup not to happen. If it’s inevitable, you’ll be the first to call it quits (but only because you hate losing). However, if you are left, it will be hard for you to completely give up on the person you’ve been with.

You’ll call and text just to find out what went wrong and if you can fix it. The hardest part for you will be getting rid of the physical reminders of your relationship, like your photos together, his shirts, or gifts he bought you.

In order for you to move on and heal properly, you’ll need to entirely cut the contact with your ex. This may be a tough thing to do since you’d rather fight to win them back, but be aware of the reasons why you still want them. Is it just a need for the excitement that you get out of chasing?

If that’s the case, I advise you to go out in nature, try mountain biking or zip-line, something that will give you that adrenaline boost you’re looking for.


When it comes to you, once you accept (or decide) that the relationship is over, there’s no going back. You’ll be grateful for the experiences you had with your ex and you’ll use this situation for personal growth.

However, if you find out that your ex-partner cheated on you, they better watch out. Loyalty comes first in your case, so you’ll be really angry.

Considering that you are one of the most committed and romantic signs when in a relationship, any kind of breakup will be hurtful. Not only because the person you love left you, but rather because you’ll have to change your habits all over again.

The healing process has to go step by step since it’s not so easy for you to give up that iced coffee you enjoyed every summer night. Just take it easy and start with bigger changes as time goes by. You can do it!


DONE! How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini are known as social butterflies of the zodiac, right? You are super communicative with your partner, open-minded, and ready to compromise.

However, you truly hate confrontations, so you’ll probably ghost your partner when you know you’re over the relationship. Or, if you really want to end the relationship, you’ll trick your partner to leave you and make it seem that it was their decision.

If it so happens that your partner leaves you, you’ll try to numb the pain by staying busy. You’ll go out with your friends, or start a fling. This can be a short-term solution, but if you want to heal properly, take some time to acknowledge your feelings.


You feel things deeply, fall head over heels in love, and you are secretly hoping for your happily-ever-after. Am I right?

It’s really tough for you to open up and trust someone because your romantic self is afraid of getting hurt. So, when a partner breaks up with you, it will not be easy. On the surface, you may seem tough, like it’s not hurting you at all, but you’re falling apart in solace.

Your friends and family will be the ones who’ll help you heal. Be ready for a lot of adventures with them, because they’ll do anything in their power to see you smiling again. For you to be able to trust in love again, you’ll have to let them show you what unconditional love is and that it actually exists.


DONE! How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hello there you hopeless romantic!

For you, the relationship is really important and you’d do anything to protect what’s yours. However, if you feel like things are coming to an end, you’ll be the one who dumps. This allows you to heal quicker since you know that you were the one who made the decision.

The drama is your thing and you love to be in the center of attention, so this event will not go unnoticed. You’ll publish it all over your social media accounts and you’ll pamper yourself.

On the other side, you will go through an agonizing heartbreak if you’re left behind; but will pick yourself up with the help of your closest people and find the light at the end of the tunnel. I mean, a lioness is extremely resilient, right?


Virgos are, by nature, perfectionists and they want to believe that their relationship is flawless as well.

For you my dear Virgos, relationships are something magical. You fail to rationalize what the problems are, and you avoid conflicts in big circles. However, they are inevitable; and when they happen, you start overthinking.

You start doubting yourself and anxiety kicks in. You’ll ask yourself a bunch of “what if” questions. In the end, there is a reason why you are the one carrying the title of the overthinker.

Healing will take time for you because it will be extra painful to accept that you lost control over something. Since you enjoy outdoor activities, you’ll probably find your peace of mind somewhere in the mountains.


DONE! How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to you, everything has to be balanced and in your ideal world, breakups don’t exist. You’ll probably realize it happened after some time has passed already. You’re known as flirtatious and if you’re not completely sure about your partner, you won’t be ready to commit.

You care about other people’s opinions, so you’ll do your best to finish the relationship on good terms. If you initiate the breakup, you’ll try to do it as friendly as possible and you’ll use something like “Can we take a break”.

The best way for you to get over the split is to just get rid of any visible reminder of your ex. Use your creativity, pamper yourself like Leo, and let the time do its thing.


As a Scorpio you’re not the one to fall in love easily, but only because you hate letting go of what once was really important to you. You are really passionate about your relationships and you tend to avoid breakups.

However, if they do happen, you stay calm on the outside, but your heart is going to be shattered into pieces. For you, breaking up with someone actually feels like a stab to your heart.

The best way for you to heal will actually be to accept all those dark emotions and fully understand them. Embrace all of it and move on. It’s possible and you can do it.


DONE! How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You probably didn’t see the breakup coming because of your optimistic nature. You are known as a thrill and adventure seeker.

Because of that, if you’re the one leaving your ex, it will be easier for you to move on. Okay, you may suffer a bit, but soon enough you’ll pack your bags and be on the go to the city of your dreams. However, if you are the one left, it will be your mission to get the other person back.

What you need to do is to find a new skill, go traveling and reconnect with yourself. It’s really important for you to keep your mind busy.


When it comes to you, you seem emotionless and you’ll only start a relationship if you think it’s going to be worthwhile.

You may have the urge to go back to your ex, just because you don’t like giving up on anything. You may become dark and depressive.

To heal properly, throw yourself into a busy schedule, but if you need a long-term solution, talk to someone, and share your feelings completely. Whatever makes you happy, will keep your mind off of a breakup.


DONE! How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all know that you’re not someone who’s expressing their emotions easily; so after a breakup, you’ll look tough on the outside. You are occupied with more important things to solve, so you won’t bother too much with date nights and relationships in general.

However, you’ll approach the breakup and analyze it completely. You’ll ask yourself questions like what went wrong, what could you do better, and so on. Truth to be told, you may also move on easily with someone you just met and explore the possibilities of dating a stranger.

Your healing process will be filled with accepting yourself and enjoying your favorite hobbies. You’ll leave the bad things behind and you’ll be that independent woman you were before you started dating him.


You’d rather that you didn’t have to deal with these situations. You are one of the most sensitive signs, but you’re also really intuitive and creative.

It’s not so easy for you to close the door to your ex, so you don’t establish healthy boundaries. That, in the long term, may lead to a problem and you may want to go back.

Don’t. It was the right decision. Yes, you may be heartbroken after this, but you’ll never stop believing in love.

You will have to take some time to clear things up in your head or do some fun and healthy activities. Just use that break to heal and learn to be straightforward.

How You Cope With Breakups Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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