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How To Text Each Zodiac Sign? Proven Ways To Get Them Interested

How To Text Each Zodiac Sign? Proven Ways To Get Them Interested

When you’re only getting to know each other, you might choose to do it through texts. It’s just way easier without having to come face to face with someone. But if you don’t know how to text him, it might be a bit of a challenge.

Even though it seems easier to not be in the spotlight when you’re expressing how you feel, it might be a hard task as well. First and foremost, it’s quite easy to get carried away and say something you shouldn’t.

Second of all, you might come off too strong or not interested. It’s just that a text can convey only so much. The message you want to send can easily get lost and lose its meaning.

Just when you think that’s the only worry you have on your mind, here comes the hard part. Perhaps you’re used to texting in a particular kind of way, but here comes the real challenge.

You’ve recently met someone and he’s a zodiac sign you’ve never got the chance to text before. So, you’re wondering how to text this guy since it’s a brand new scenario.

It might sound a bit foolish, but there’s a major difference in how different zodiac signs text. Send a message to one sign and it’ll all be great.

On the other hand, send that same message to another sign and all hell could easily break loose. Yes, that’s just how distinct and unique all zodiac signs are.

All twelve of them can interpret something in twelve different ways. Therefore, it would be best to just learn how to text a particular zodiac sign, wouldn’t it?

I know for a fact that it would just ease your worries a bit. You’ll feel more relaxed and confident once you know what to say.

How to text an Aries man? (March 21 – April 19)

How To Text Each Zodiac Sign Proven Ways To Get Them Interested

Do you know how they say that patience is a virtue? Well, an Aries man doesn’t seem to agree with that. Or they simply couldn’t care less about what other people say.

To put it this way, patience isn’t something that can define an Aries man. This fire sign is volatile, to say the least. They like moving at a fast pace, so it would only be best if you kept the texting up as well.

If you’re trying to make him wait for your text, I’m not so sure that’s going to impress him. It’s just not a way to text an Aries man as he may lose his interest.

Sure, it might work on someone, but not this fella. He’s a really determined one, so you won’t get his attention this way no matter how persistent you are.

Make sure to be quick with your replies if you don’t want that fire to diminish. Aries doesn’t actually depend on a relationship.

What I wish to say is that they’re totally fine on their own. Therefore, make sure you show him through text just how good it can feel to be an item. That’s your best chance to text an Aries man the right way.

Here’s how to text a Taurus man and make them intrigued! (April 20 – May 20)

They might not look like it, but Taurus men can definitely be a real softy. Yes, they’re stubborn and annoying at times, but you can’t help but love them.

The thing is, he may not show it, but a Taurus is a romantic at heart. If you want to find out how to text a Taurus man, you’ve come to the right place.

Not many people can deal with such a headstrong personality. However, persistence is the key to success. Now, for the big guns: romance.

If you want to sweep a Taurus man off his feet through a text, you should pull out your sweet and romantic side.

Moreover, they’re an extremely loyal zodiac sign, so make sure it goes something along those lines. For instance: “You’re my one and only“.

Your partner will be head over heels with you even more. It’s just something about hearing those words that make a Taurus all jiggly inside.

Trust me, after this text, he’s going to be so enamored with you. You know how bulls usually see the color red the best? Look out because he’s only going to see and focus on you entirely.

How to text a Gemini man the best possible way? (May 21 – June 20)

DONE How To Text Each Zodiac Sign Proven Ways To Get Them Interested 2

This just might be quite different from the previous two. You’re trying to impress this person but you just can’t figure out how to text a Gemini man.

He seems too hesitant to step forward for an unknown reason. They tend to give off that Don’t come near me vibe the first time you meet them.

However, it’s not that they really mean that. It’s just that they live in their own bubble and like to keep it that way. Don’t get me wrong, a Gemini man is in no way antisocial or anything similar. They’re highly intelligent, so they could sometimes be a bit absent in the presence of other people.

Don’t let this deter you from texting him. If you know how to text a Gemini man, then it would be no different from talking to him.

All you have to do is find something in common between you two. If you manage to stumble upon a topic that they’re passionate about, you won’t hear the end of it. Gemini will go off and you won’t be able to stop them. This is a really determined sign who knows what they want.

Therefore, once you’ve hit the jackpot with the topic, you can rest assured. You’ll probably go crazy with all the beeping and dinging noises your phone’s going to make.

How to text a Cancer man, AKA a hopeless romantic? (June 21 – July 22)

This might sound a bit cliche, but that’s just how this sign is. If you like sensitive men that aren’t afraid of expressing their feelings, Cancer is the right choice for you.

But, how to text a Cancer man, someone so expressive and delicate? You might worry that his emotions are going to get way ahead of him or that you might say something wrong.

Honestly, it’s possible. Cancer men are known to be explosive as well. They have so many emotions that are going to escape anytime soon.

So, how do you not go wrong with texting a Cancer? Well, it’s quite simple actually. All you’ve gotta do is send a simple I miss you text.

I know, but I warned you. I told you it’s going to be a cliche! So what? If it works for him why not make him feel special?

Of course, you could also pour out your heart to him over a text and he’ll be happy with that. It’s just that you have to be wary of saying something that might disturb them.

If they get too emotional it can quickly turn into a heated mess. Just be simple and tell him that you miss him terribly. Things will go smoothly from there.

Tips on how to text a Leo man the right way! (July 23 – August 22)

How To Text Each Zodiac Sign Proven Ways To Get Them Interested

Before you decide on what you’re going to send to a Leo, your first have to be aware of their strong personality.

Leo men aren’t suitable for every woman. To some, they’re the perfect, confident man and everything they could’ve ever asked for.

To others, Leo men aren’t anything but cheeky, flirtatious fools. Some women think of them as arrogant and egoistic as well.

Honestly, I get where they’re coming from. They can totally come off strong and too much at times. Well, when you think about it, they actually are a handful.

If you aren’t smitten by these assumptions and prejudices and still want to give it a try, you have to learn how to text a Leo man.

Before we say anything further, just know that they’re in love with themselves. Before they love you, they’ll become infatuated with their looks and everything about them.

So, don’t take it personally. What you can send to a Leo man is a nice compliment. He’ll feel appreciated and that’s all he really needs.

You’d want to start off with his appearance and work your way all to his skills and personality traits.

Find out how to text a Virgo man! (August 23 – September 22)

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet a Virgo man before, you probably know what you’re dealing with. You have to be somewhat experienced to be able to text with this sign.

Virgos are known for their organizational skills. However, it can sometimes be the thing that’s actually dragging them down.

The need for the order can become a bit obsessive and they may find themselves in an unflattering position. Before they know it, they can come across as controlling.

However, it’s not what they’re like, but I get how their intentions can be misinterpreted. Finding out how to text a Virgo man can be a challenging task in the beginning.

But as time progresses, it becomes crystal clear to you that all he needs is time. Give him some to return a proper answer because he just needs to put his thoughts in order, just like everything else!

Give him a chance to be himself without judging him. It might sound exaggerated, but it’s not. A Virgo man will gladly continue a conversation with you if you respect him and his ways.

Make sure you’re patient and wait for his response. This way he’ll feel understood and appreciated because you showed him you value his opinion that took so long to write itself in the form of a text!

How to text a Libra man? (September 23 – October 22)

DONE How To Text Each Zodiac Sign Proven Ways To Get Them Interested 4

A Libra man isn’t a fan of texting unless you have something for him. If you only wanted to say hi to him, it’s unlikely the conversation will keep going.

They just don’t see the point in wasting their time on simple, meaningless texting. If there isn’t anything to hold his attention, he’ll just disappear like a ghost.

You won’t see him and you won’t hear from him. That’s how unbothered a Libra man can be. However, if you want to keep his focus on you, you have to find out how to text a Libra man.

One of the ways to start a conversation is by simply sending out a text where you let him know about this new movie or a book coming out soon.

What better way than to try and maybe ask him out as well! If you’re not feeling so confident yet, you can also dig a bit deeper and get into an intellectual conversation with him.

Libras are smart zodiac signs and I believe random things won’t keep him interested for that long. Entice his brain and give him a challenge!

Libras don’t like boring people, so make sure to put that effort into it. However, if you notice he’s not responding well, consider giving him some space.

Don’t shy away! Learn how to text a Scorpio man. (October 23 – November 21)

What people oftentimes tend to think about Scorpios is the level of mysteriousness they have to them. It’s true, but it isn’t present all the time.

When you think about it, that mystery is present in every zodiac sign when you’re texting with them. You don’t actually know what they’re really thinking or feeling at the moment.

However, Scorpios can get out of their shells over a message. Once they do, you find out just how easy it is to text them.

Still, you can get caught up in all the excitement and lose track of your conversation. When you feel lost and don’t know what to reply to, you can always say something you’ve already talked about.

It’ll be best if you mention to him how good recommendations he has. For example, he advised you to do something and recommended a movie or a book.

When he sees that you actually took his advice and listened to him, he’ll feel extremely proud. So, whenever you think you don’t have anything to talk about, you actually have.

He might as well let you take the lead and set the tone and pace of the texting. It’s one of his ways to test you and challenge you.

Here’s a fun way how to text a Sagittarius man! (November 22 – December 21)

How To Text Each Zodiac Sign Proven Ways To Get Them Interested

Sagittarius is known to be real fun, so it’s only the right thing to do to find a fun way how to text a Sag. They’re all about joy and laughter, so cracking up a joke might be your ticket to success.

This zodiac sign has a great sense of humor. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with drawing a few classics out of your sleeve.

If he texts back that he’s laughing out loud, then you better believe him. It’s only one of the many good things about a Sag, that they know how to take a joke.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re being made fun of and you try to play along but they get offended? I know – the worst feeling ever.

But with a Sagittarius man, you’ll never have to worry about that again. They’re extremely outgoing and extroverted, and accept people as they are.

Therefore, if you’re really bad at jokes or just can’t get them, it’s totally fine. A Sagittarius won’t make a fuss about it but will rather try and make a joke out of it.

However, a Sagittarius man can sometimes be a bit blunt. But don’t let that scare you away because it’s just his way of showing vulnerability around you!

Slide into their DMs! Here’s how to text a Capricorn man. (December 22 – January 19)

When you think of spontaneous, you don’t think of a Capricorn. I know, a bit of a bummer, isn’t it? Perhaps you don’t know how to text that Capricorn man you met earlier?

Well, here are a few ticks and tricks. Capricorns are much alike the Virgo men. They like to feel that stability and be in charge of the situation.

It’s not that they like to dominate you in every aspect of the world, but rather have control at any given time. Therefore, don’t surprise him with any unexpected things.

All you have to do for a Capricorn man over a text is tell him where your next date’s going to be. Capricorns hate getting interrupted in the middle of something, especially planning.

So, unless you don’t have something important to tell them, don’t be so confident with sending them a random text out of nowhere.

If you ever come up with a plan on how to text a Capricorn man that includes any surprises, be wary. They can’t make up their minds in a minute, so they don’t like to be taken off guard.

How to text an Aquarius man? (January 20 – February 18)

DONE How To Text Each Zodiac Sign Proven Ways To Get Them Interested 6

If you want to know how to text an Aquarius man, you have to find out what intrigues him the most. Find out what’s his passion and ask him about it.

If not, it would be best to engage in a deep, meaningful conversation with an Aquarius man. They may not look like it, but they’re surely the type of person to stay up late with you talking about your childhood dreams.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with an Aquarius, don’t hesitate to let go and reveal some of your secrets. Trust me, those are going with him to his grave.

Aquarius can be a hard person to open up to because they can come off as intimidating. They’re extremely intelligent and know what they want.

This sign doesn’t rely on anyone but himself, so you might feel incapable of lending him a shoulder to cry on. But don’t worry, that’s just his physical appearance.

Also, don’t be shy to tell him about your worst fear or something you’ve done that you always regretted. This zodiac sign is full of understanding and has no space for judgment.

Learn how to text an Aquarius man with these easy pieces of advice. In the meantime, think about your deepest and lowest points in life that you can share with him next time.

Easy approach on how to text a Pisces man. (February 19 – March 20)

As for the Pisces man, it’s usually a piece of cake. They don’t require a lot of attention and hard work.

You could actually say they’re quite low-maintenance partners. If you ever feel stuck and can’t quite figure out what to send him, you can always opt for a song.

Choose something that’s romantic but not too much. They’re hopeless romantics but will run away if you come off too strong.

The thing about Pisces man is that he can simply disappear when something doesn’t sit right with him. So make sure you put that effort into finding a great song to match his current mood.

Either way, it’s a really easy approach and you just can’t mess up with it. A Pisces man will eagerly respond to you with another song similar to your taste.

They just feel that urge to connect with someone on a whole other level. And what better way to do that than through a nice melody?

Bottom line

It’s never easy having to open up to someone over a text. It’s just the same as having to be the one to break the ice!

Either way, you might end up struggling a bit. However, you can always learn more about the zodiac sign of your partner and collect some tips and tricks along the way.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship, but can a text equal a full-blown conversation? Even if it couldn’t, it’s still an essential part of any romantic bond between people.

The tempo of life can be so fast sometimes that you only get to send a text to your loved one. It’s crucial that you know exactly what to send them, as well as the right time for a text.

How To Text Each Zodiac Sign? Proven Ways To Get Them Interested

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