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How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You? 16 Signs That Give Him Away

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You? 16 Signs That Give Him Away

Knowing whether a guy wants a relationship and not just a fling is important but is sometimes hard to tell. So how to tell what a guy wants from you?

Dating is fun and exciting but it can be really confusing and frustrating. If his behavior is confusing you and you don’t know what to think anymore, keep reading.

Why didn’t he text me back? How come he didn’t kiss me at the end of the date and why did he comment on my old picture on social media?

How come he’s online on Messenger but isn’t responding to my message? Why didn’t he follow my Instagram account?

Women ask themselves these questions every day, regardless of their age or experience with dating.

Dating is a game we all play but understanding it can be very difficult sometimes. How can you tell what a guy wants from you when he keeps sending you mixed signals?

Is he trying to get you to like him or leave him alone? Sometimes, even that is hard to tell, let alone whether he really wants to commit or just have some fun.

If you’re looking for love, you don’t want to waste your time on men with bad intentions… So how to tell what a guy wants from you and whether he has good intentions?

Before trying to figure out his intentions, you need to think about your own. Maybe you want a serious relationship, but are you ready for one?

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

If you just got out of a long-term relationship or are going through a difficult time, are you ready for love?

Before jumping into a new relationship, especially a serious one, you need to be fine on your own.

Can you make yourself happy and be okay on your own? Maybe you aren’t there yet, but you surely can be.

It doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on your chance with the guy you like… Just take things slow and don’t rush into anything.

The two of you may end up together but it doesn’t have to happen instantly. Getting to know each other can be fun and his intentions will become clearer as you learn more about him.

In the meantime, you can focus on yourself and make yourself happy. It can be hard but the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself.

Take your time when you’re thinking about getting into a relationship with a new man. If he’s truly into you, he won’t go anywhere and there will be plenty of time to fall in love with each other.

That’s the true purpose of dating and for it to lead to something long-lasting, you need to take your time to get to know him.

Don’t waste your time getting involved with someone who suggests things at the last minute. If he just wants to spend time at your place or his, he’s not taking things seriously.

How does he react when you’re having any difficulties? If he’s happy to answer when you call and offer advice, he means business.

If he doesn’t want to engage in long conversations and only offers quick answers, he’s not interested.

Be careful of guys who are just looking for an ego boost or someone to text when they’re bored. They’ll often give you a lot of compliments but become distant soon after.

Once you give up on them, they’ll find their way back into your life. This is the kind of player who enjoys the chase without the intention of catching you in the end.

Unless you’re okay with playing cat and mouse, you should definitely avoid a guy like that. If instead, you need proof that he has serious intentions, just keep reading.

The truth is, some people need more time to let you know that they want to be exclusive.

If a man has been hurt in the past, it’ll be harder for him to let his guard down. Some men are truly worth your perseverance and patience, though.

You need the kind of man who wants to hear about your day and find out all the details, both good and bad. He’ll be nervous around you and his greatest wish will be to impress you.

How to tell what a guy wants from you? Sometimes, you need to look for subtle signs he wants a relationship with you.

For instance, maybe he’s self-conscious when he’s around you. If so, you’ll notice that he looks in the mirror and adjusts his hair or clothes.

Another good sign is if he connects with you on social media. Often, this is an indication that he plans to stay in your life for a while and therefore has good intentions.

If he wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll show it to you. He’ll keep in touch on a regular basis and remember all the things you talked about before.

When you mention something important, he’ll check back to ask you about it. Basically, the things that matter to you will matter to him too.

You won’t have to worry about who sends the first text and initiates conversations. He’ll gladly initiate things between the two of you and schedule dates in advance.

He’ll also introduce you to the people he cares about, which is a huge sign he really wants a relationship with you.

Are you ready to find out everything about how to tell what a guy wants from you? Read the following signs he wants a relationship and keep in mind that he’ll eventually tell you openly how he feels about you.

How to tell what a guy wants from you? 16 signs he wants a serious relationship and not just a fling

1. He’s honest with you

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

Maybe you’ve never met a guy as honest as he is. When he’s with you, he freely expresses himself, but not just that; he doesn’t hesitate to talk to you about the future and make plans for future events.

In addition, he might even tell you that you mean a lot to him.

If he’s not open and transparent with you, it might be a sign he has bad intentions. Either he is playing games or doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

To know how to tell what a guy wants from you, you’ll need to look at other signs as well because one isn’t enough.

2. He wants to know everything there is to know about you

If he can spend hours just talking to you about anything and everything, he’s surely into you.

You have deep meaningful conversations, which is a sign of an intense connection. If he wants to know all there is to know about you, he’s falling for you.

He will ask you a lot of questions and listen carefully to your answers. In addition, he will remember the little details you tell him.

If he’s that genuine and curious about you, he likely wants a serious relationship.

3. He tells you that he wants you to be exclusive

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

This guy doesn’t want to waste time and he lets you know directly that he wants you to be exclusive as a couple. You don’t have to wonder where you stand with this man because he makes it clear.

Things can get really complicated when men don’t make their intentions known. In that case, you can’t be certain that he wants an exclusive relationship.

You might not officially be a couple, but you’re not dating other people either. It’s complicated because you can’t be sure how long things are going to be that way.

A man who wants you will make sure that you know that he wants you, only you and no one else.

He’s not going to risk leaving it open to interpretation and have some other guy steal you away from him.

4. He makes promises and he makes sure to keep them

When he promises to take you out, he’s not going to stand you up.

If he says that he’ll take you out on Friday night, he’s going to take you out on Friday night, even if it means that it’ll take all of his energy to recover from a tough day at work.

Simply put, a man who really wants a serious relationship will make sure to keep his promises. He’ll never want to disappoint you so he’ll never make empty promises.

Once he starts being more invested, you’ll matter to him, and you’ll notice it happening. He’ll be much more careful not to disappoint you once he’s sure about you.

If he happens to disappoint you anyway, he’ll be upset and do everything he can to make things up to you.

How to tell what a guy wants from you? If it’s obvious that he puts you first and makes an effort not to leave you hanging, he’s really into you.

When he says that he’ll call you at 8, he calls you at 8! This proves that he has serious intentions.

5. He makes you a priority

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

In his life, you always come first. It’s not possible to make you a priority the entire time, but he clearly puts you first whenever he can.

Even when he has to deal with something else, he lets you know how important you are to him.

Making you a priority doesn’t mean that he drops everything to spend all of his time by your side. You wouldn’t even want a relationship with someone like that anyway, since it’s unhealthy and co-dependent.

Making you a priority means that you clearly matter to him. Your wants and needs matter and you’re an important part of his life.

He doesn’t make last-minute plans with you and he won’t cancel at the last minute either. He’d never make you wait for him or leave you hanging.

When you need him, he makes room in his life for you and you don’t have to force him to. You somehow just know how he feels so you don’t have to wonder where you stand with him.

6. He shows you with his actions, not just his words

Maybe he can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? Words that aren’t backed up with actions are meaningless.

Saying you like someone is easy, while proving it with your actions isn’t. When you want to know how to tell what a guy wants from you, you just need to look at his actions.

If he’s serious about you, you’ll see it because it’ll be written all over his face. You’ll see it in the looks he gives you and the way he treats you and everything he does will scream that he cares about you.

If he wants you to be exclusive, he’ll delete his profiles on dating apps and websites. He’ll stop all contact with his exes and any other girls he might have been interested in.

You will become the most important girl in his life.

7. He’s in a good place in his life

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

This guy has his own car, a savings accounts with some money put away, and a good job.

He’s happy with his career and financially stable. Maybe he even knows to cook and washes his own dishes and perhaps he’s even considering buying a house.

Timing is everything for a guy. If he still just wants to live it up and go out there, he’s not looking to settle down.

You’ll know that he means business if he really wants to commit and is ready for what that means. He’s ready to create a life and a future together, commit and be attentive.

Maybe he’s even ready to start a family. If this is what both of you want, you’re definitely on the same page and you have the same goals.

On the other hand, if he told you that he doesn’t want a relationship, you need to believe him.

8. He always considers your opinions

Whenever he encounters a problem, he wants to hear your advice and he takes it into consideration. When he asks to hear your opinions, he listens to them.

Your thoughts and feelings matter to him and he cares enough to hear them out. When you tell him what you think, he respects the things you say.

If he instead rolls his eyes or makes you feel dumb when you give him your opinion, he’s not the man for you.

9. You spend time with his family and friends

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

It’s not just that you’ve met his family and friends, but you really know them. You spend time with these people and they enjoy your company.

When you’re close with a guy’s inner circle, you can be sure that he’s serious about you. Why else would he introduce you to those he cares about and bring you into that part of his life?

All he wants is for you to like his family and friends and for them to like you.

10. He cares about what your loved ones think of him

A man who wants to be in a relationship with you will respect your loved ones. He’ll want your family and friends to like him.

Before meeting them for the first time, he’ll probably get nervous and maybe he’ll ask you afterward whether they liked him.

Leaving a good impression on your loved ones will be very important to him. If he doesn’t want a relationship with you, he won’t care about them.

11. He makes plans for the future with you

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

His favorite thing to do is talk to you about the future and come up with things you can do together. He makes it clear that he sees you as a part of his future.

It’s not just unrealistic, abstract ideas when it comes to his plans for the future. Maybe he’ll suggest that you both quit your jobs so you can travel and visit every country in the world.

This is not the type of plan I’m referring to. He’ll instead talk in very concrete terms.

Maybe he’ll tell you that he’d like you to move in with him or ask whether you’d like to search for a place together.

He’ll make clear deadlines and set reasonable goals. His plans for the future will be all about bringing you closer to each other.

12. He’s happy when you’re happy

If your happiness means so much to him that it’s basically his own happiness, he’s into you. It’s actually one of the signs a guy wants you to chase him but he won’t wait for you to because he’ll chase you instead.

He simply does everything he can to put a smile on your face and make you happy. It’s what makes him happy!

Your needs and wants are important to him so he tries his best to meet them. A man who cares about you just wants you to be happy because he’s happy if you are.

He’ll always listen to your needs, wishes, and requests and try to accommodate them. When you say that something would make you happy, he’ll be glad to do it.

You should keep something in mind, though. It’s not his responsibility to make you happy – it’s yours.

Your search for happiness is something you need to do on your own, even though he’ll do his best to help you.

13. He contacts you regularly

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

A guy who wants to be in a relationship with you will make sure to keep in touch. It’s one of the signs he wants you to notice him and fall in love.

Whenever something comes up, he lets you know, even if it means that he’s just running a little late to pick you up.

He won’t ever disappear on you and reappear just to act like nothing happened afterward. A guy like that would even get annoyed by your questions and tell you that it’s not a big deal that he bailed on you.

This guy is different and he regularly keeps in touch. If he’s going to be too busy to see you, he’ll let you know.

Your feelings matter to him so he factors them in and keeps you posted. You don’t ever feel like you’re being ghosted or fear that he’s losing interest.

If a day goes by without him reaching out to you, you’ll know that there’s a good reason for it.

14. He enjoys spending most of his time with you

How do you know when a guy is emotionally attached? Well, he’ll clearly want to be around you and spend a lot of time by your side.

If he’s into you, he’ll feel good to be around you and want to spend as much time with you as he can. Guys always move toward that which feels good.

If he simply can’t seem to get enough of you, it’s a clear sign that he wants to be in a relationship with you.

15. He respects all the boundaries you set

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You 16 Signs He Wants A Relationship

He doesn’t move faster than you’d like him to. If he clearly respects you and the pace you’ve set, he really wants a serious relationship with you.

He’ll respect your wants and needs and try to meet them. On the flip side, if he has bad intentions, he’ll pressure you into moving things forward faster than you’d want.

16. He wants you to know his likes and dislikes

When a man’s interested in a woman, he’ll want her to know what he likes. He’ll want to let you into his world and show you his favorite things.

You’ll find out about his favorite hobbies, activities, books, and movies and he’ll want to know yours. He won’t expect you to like the same things he does, he’ll just want you to know him better.

He’ll share a lot about himself with you, which is a clear sign he wants a relationship.

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You? 16 Signs That Give Him Away