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How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You? 12 Giveaway Signs

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You? 12 Giveaway Signs

Are you wondering how to tell if a guy at work likes you? 

You’ve always been a fan of workplace romance. You’ve seen it in movies and wished to be the one a co-worker likes but at the same time, you know how messy things can get.

Mixing your personal life with work, wondering whether you’re breaking a workplace policy… And even if you end up together, what will happen if your relationship doesn’t succeed and you break up?

Your ex will be your work colleague at the same time, which is the worst-case-scenario you want to avoid.

However, there’s this cute guy who catches your attention. Every time you’re on a lunch break, you can’t help but stare at him.

He’s smart, looks amazing, and there’s simply something in him that pulls you in. No matter how hard you try to resist.

To make matters even worse, he seems to feel the same way about you. You think that he’s been showing you different subtle signs that he likes you but you still want to be sure.

You don’t want to risk making the first move just to find out that he doesn’t feel anything for you, however, as that would be embarrassing.

So, you’ve come home from work and since you can’t stop thinking about him, you decided to look for answers.

You typed ‘how to tell if a guy at work likes you’, pressed enter, and here you are.

You started reading numerous lists of different telltale signs that your co-worker likes you and you realized that they were all so confusing. Some time later, you still have no idea whether this guy at work likes you or not.

But now, you’re here, and the only thing you have to do is keep reading. The answer to your question is right below.

How to tell if a guy at work likes you?

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

Since you have your eyes on a male co-worker, it’s natural that you want to know whether he feels the same way about you.

Maybe there’s a romantic story on the horizon and you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of signs that tell you whether your co-worker likes you.

He’ll probably use subtle ways to show you his feelings.

This means that you have to know what to pay attention to and that’s where this article comes in handy. 

Once you read it, you’ll know how to tell if a guy at work likes you without a struggle.

1. He always glances at you

How to tell if a guy at work likes you? Just pay close attention to the way he makes eye contact with you.

When a guy likes you, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Even though you’re at work, he doesn’t know how to stop staring.

So, every time you get the feeling that someone’s watching you, you’re not wrong. This guy is certainly looking at you.

This is one of the clear signs that your co-worker likes you and one of the first ones you should look out for.

You’ll catch him staring at you almost every time you look up.

Zoned into your work, you’ll take a second to focus and you’ll realize that he’s watching you.

Even if you’re surrounded by other co-workers or someone is giving a presentation on a certain topic, this guy will still be looking at you.

This is because he likes you and nothing sparks his interest more than you. You’re the only person who matters, even in a room full of people.

2. He always asks you for help and looks for ways to start a conversation

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

Does it feel that he always reaches out to you to help him with something, no matter what the issue is?

Every now and then, he drops by your desk and asks you to help him with something.

And there are at least a few more people in the room who are more experienced in the matter.

However, he still seeks your help. It looks like you’re the first person he thinks about every time he finds himself in a difficult situation.

Sometimes, he even forgets that he went to you for help and you end up having small talk about everything except work.

At first, you thought that he was just being friendly but now you realize that you’re the only one he reaches out to on a daily basis. 

He has professional relationships with other co-workers, while the two of you always end up talking about things that aren’t work-related.

This is a good sign to look out for if you’re wondering how to tell if a guy at work likes you.

If you notice this kind of behavior, the chances are that he sees you as more than just a co-worker.

3. He makes sure to always sit next to you

Wondering how to tell if a guy at work likes you? Pay attention to where he sits.

Is he located right next to you every time you’re on lunch?

Does he pull his chair next to you every time you have a coffee break or does he sit next to you in every meeting?

If the answers are ‘Yes’, then you’re faced with a giveaway sign that your co-worker likes you.

It’s not accidental if you see him sitting right next to you every single time, no matter the occasion. To him, you feel like a magnet that pulls him closer.

He can’t resist and he always looks for ways to be in your proximity.

Plus, the closer he is to you, the greater the chance to make chit-chat with you, which would make him the happiest man in the world.

So, why would he risk sitting away from you and not being able to have a conversation when he can sit right next to you and most likely talk to the girl he has his eyes for?

4. He has a nickname for you

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

Let’s be honest, work colleagues don’t usually give each other nicknames. It’s not something you’re used to in a professional environment.

So, when you realize that he has a cute nickname for you then there’s no need to wonder if a guy at work likes you. It’s more than obvious.

This is especially if you realize that the nickname he’s given you has a flirty connotation, as then you’ll know what’s going on.

Do you think that he would call you sweetie pie or babes if he didn’t like you as more than just a co-worker?

Even if you were good friends to begin with, this kind of nickname will suggest that he wants something more.

The chances are that there’s chemistry between the two of you even though no one has made the first move yet.

But since he found a cute pet name for you, you can tell that he’s ready to take things to the next level.

He probably wants to see whether he stands a chance with you even though you’re supposed to only be co-workers.

If you don’t give him a negative reaction, he’ll know that he can keep going at the same pace.

5. His body language gives him away

The best way on how to tell if a guy at work likes you is to look at all of the body language signs he’ll be giving you.

You may think that he can control them but the truth is that body language is unconscious and under no one’s control.

It’s his body’s instant reactions to the well-known feelings that he’s currently going through.

So, if a guy likes you, his body knows that and reacts concerning his emotions.

Since body language shows different ways our body behaves to certain feelings or emotions, we made sure to pick out only those which would be relevant in your case.

So, if your co-worker likes you, you can expect the following things from him.

Besides making eye contact with you, he’ll also make sure to face his body toward you.

Even if you’re not chatting and are standing on opposite sides of the room, he’ll still make sure to face himself your way.

This is his body’s instant reaction. He’s looking for you even when you’re not in his proximity.

Another thing his body will do is lean in toward you every time you’re having a conversation.

When he does that, it means that he’s fully involved in every single word that comes out of your mouth.

He’s listening carefully and doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Also, you’ll notice how his hand uncontrollably reaches out for you. He might touch your hair, graze your hand, or even rest his hand on your knee.

Once he realizes what he’s done, he’ll likely pull away, but still, the action remains and can’t be undone.

Another great way to use his body language to tell if a guy at work likes you is by paying attention to whether he repeats your actions. 

When you move to the left, does he do the same thing?

When you face your feet to the right, does he repeat after you, or maybe when you smile, he smiles as well?

If the answers are ‘Yes’ then he probably likes you.

This is because we follow the lead of the people we like; we’re so impressed by them that we can’t stop doing the things that they’re doing.

So, his body will unconsciously follow after you and it’ll give you an obvious sign that your co-worker likes you.

Who would’ve thought that you could observe his body moves and know whether he has feelings for you or not?

6. He keeps asking you about your relationship status

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

The moment he realizes that he likes you, he’ll want to know whether you’re single. Is there anyone in your life who can keep him away from you?

And to do that, he’ll find different ways to ask you about your relationship status, which is how you can tell if a guy at work likes you.

Simply pay attention if he asks you about your relationship.

If he’s brave enough, he won’t hesitate and he’ll ask you directly whether you’re single.

Of course, he’ll usually do that while you’re talking about a similar topic so he can subtly slide in a personal question he wants to know the answer to.

If he’s too afraid to be direct, he’ll find a more subtle way to get an answer.

In that case, he might ask you whether your boyfriend minds you staying late at work.

At that point, the only thing he’s praying for is to hear the reply, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Maybe you think that it’s normal for your co-workers to know your relationship status but once you realize that he’s jealous of every guy you mention, you’ll understand that his personal questions have nothing to do with curiosity.

It’s more likely that he wants to know whether he stands a chance with you and if he can make the next move.

7. He invites you to hang out after work

One of the ways to tell if a guy at work likes you is to pay attention to how much time he spends with you.

So, besides being friendly at work and reaching out to you every time he needs someone’s help, he also makes sure to invite you to hang out outside of work.

Don’t be surprised if he asks you to go for lunch or grab a coffee. He’ll do whatever you like since he just wants to be with you.

Time spent with you at work isn’t enough since you’re never all alone.

This makes it hard for him to develop serious conversations and to get to know you better.

But once he takes you out of the workplace, he’ll have enough time to show you that he’s a guy you need in your life.

8. He tells you personal details from his life

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

Let’s be honest. You have to be really good friends in order for him to let you into his world. 

Men rarely share their feelings or details from their lives with their co-workers.

They would rather keep things professional and save those details for their friends.

But when you want to know how to tell if a guy at work likes you, you simply need to pay attention to the way he talks to you.

Have you noticed that his topics are not about work-related stuff?

Instead, he lets you know about certain details from his life that he usually doesn’t share with other co-workers.

This is because he sees you as more than just a co-worker. He knows that he likes you and wants to introduce you to his personal life.

A great way to do that is to let you know about personal details to get your attention.

He might even mention his current relationship desires, talk to you about his ex, or let you know what he wants from a girlfriend. 

In that case, you might recognize yourself in his words since you’re the one he wants right now.

He wants you to be part of his life so he’s trying to show you what it usually looks like. 

9. He remembers your special dates

Guys rarely remember special dates. They forget birthdays and anniversaries since they don’t pay much attention to them.

So, when a co-worker remembers your birthday and brings you a gift, it could be that he has feelings for you.

This could be one of the ways to tell if a guy at work likes you.

You got to work and found a gift on your desk that was signed by him. You thought that it was sweet and thoughtful and you appreciated the effort.

Then another day, he asked you whether you were all set for an upcoming vacation.

You forgot that you even told him about the date you were going on a trip, yet he still remembered.

It’s like he keeps all of the information that you share with him treasured in a special place in his mind and he remembers everything you tell him.

He’s always thoughtful, buys you nice gifts, and never forgets anything you tell him.

To be honest, sometimes it feels that he knows your upcoming plans better than you do. That’s how much he pays attention to you.

10. He always jokes around with you

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

Have you noticed that he’s always joking around with you? Maybe you even have your own inside jokes that other co-workers don’t understand.

Sometimes, you feel like that one couple who always jokes around and acts like best friends.

​It would be okay if the two of you were in a relationship but since you’re only co-workers, you sense that something’s off.

That’s why you’ve been wondering how to tell if a guy at work likes you and why we need to tell you that there’s a chance that he actually feels something for you.

The moment he started treating you as more than just a co-worker was the moment when he gave you a sign that he doesn’t want to be stuck forever in just a professional relationship.

He wants you to see him as more than just a guy who works with you and that’s exactly what’s he’s trying to achieve with his charming jokes.

Now, it’s up to you to recognize the signs he’s been giving you and to let him know that you want him to take the next step.

11. He’s always there for you

Wondering how to tell if a guy at work likes you? Then ask him to help you with something even though you see that he’s busy.

If he leaves behind the work he’s focused on that exact same moment, there’s a chance that he likes you. 

He makes sure to let you know that he’s always there for you, whenever you need his help. 

It can be anything, from covering a shift for you to bringing you breakfast at work because he knows that you’re busy.

You know that he goes out of his way just to be helpful to you. And you know that he’ll do whatever you need just to make things easier for you.

This goes to show that this guy likes you and doesn’t mind doing anything for you.

Even if he’s preoccupied or overloaded with work, he’ll still find the time to help you out.

And trust me, if he didn’t like you, he would never set his work aside for you.

So, it must be that he has feelings for you and doesn’t want you to see him as just a co-worker.

12. Your gut instinct tells you

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You 12 Giveaway Signs

This has become somewhat of a cliché but it’s always relevant. You should always trust the feeling in your gut, no matter what it’s about.

And if you want to know how to tell if a guy at work likes you while feeling in your gut that he sees you as more than just a colleague, take a pause and trust that feeling. It’s usually never wrong.

This is because subconsciously, you’ve already analyzed his behavior.

You’ve already realized that he treats you differently from other co-workers.

You always get more attention and he always makes sure to help you out with anything you need.

After fully understanding the reality of the situation, your gut concluded that this guy likes you and wants to be more than just a co-worker or just a friend.

That’s why he goes out of his way to prove himself to you. So, if you feel that your inner instinct is telling you something, you better listen to it.

There’s a good reason why you feel that way, and the chance that it’s wrong is almost equal to zero.

However, you need to be careful about one thing. There’s a difference between having a gut feeling and convincing yourself that a guy likes you.

You have to be objective and look at things from the right perspective.

Is he actually being friendly and does he treat everyone the same way or are you the only one who gets this kind of treatment? 

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall into a delusion and convince yourself that he likes you just because you want him to.

So, for the sake of your happiness, be honest with yourself.

And if you truly realize that he’s showing you some or most of these signs that he likes you, then it’s up to you to figure out what your next step should be.

How To Tell If A Guy At Work Likes You? 12 Giveaway Signs