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How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

Having your heart broken too many times can leave you wondering how to stop catching feelings fast and not repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

We’ve all been there and done that. Perhaps you gave your heart to a man who didn’t prove to you that he was an honest or mature guy but despite that, you gave him a chance because you genuinely thought that he was the right one for you?

Don’t feel guilty if you can relate to this, because you’re not alone. There are so many people who catch feelings fast and regret it later on.

There are people out there who can’t stand being single and would rather jump from one relationship into another than live through the discomfort of being alone.

You can say that those people have a pure heart and think that others are like them. They fall in love way too easily and end up being hurt by the same person they swore would never do them any harm.

However, there are so many men and women out there who don’t care for other people’s feelings and who’ll stay by your side as long as they can use you for their own benefit.

You need to keep in mind that falling in love is a beautiful process that takes time. It’s not something that can be classified as easy and most importantly, it should never be too fast.

There are stages of falling in love with someone and you need to respect every part of that process. You can’t take any shortcuts since it’d only do you harm.

A good and healthy relationship needs both people to put in an equal amount of effort and so you shouldn’t rush anything.

Why do you catch feelings so fast?

It’s understandable that you can’t control your heart but the thing you can command is your mind. By realizing what triggers your heart, you’ll be able to prevent falling in love too quickly and avoid a possible heartbreak.

If you’re the type of woman who catches feelings on the very first date, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Once you finally realize what causes you to catch feelings so fast, you’ll be able to stop it.

1. You can’t stand the bare thought of being single

How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

Maybe you’re the kind of woman who hates feeling lonely. The very thought of being alone gives you the chills and you’re terrified of facing obstacles on your own.

As a result, you jump into new relationships way too soon and that’s because you can’t stand the bare thought of being single.

Perhaps you didn’t give yourself enough time to heal after breaking up with your last partner and you immediately tried all the dating apps to find someone new.

You exchanged a couple of messages, went on a handful of dates, and before you knew it, you’d found yourself in yet another romantic relationship.

And the same thing happened to you again. After a month or two, the guy couldn’t commit to you, so he left you.

Does this sound familiar to you? Can you relate to this situation?

Do you hate being single and you also wonder why you catch feelings so fast? Well, one thing to remember is that your happiness doesn’t depend on being in a relationship with someone.

You should embrace your single life and wait for a man who’ll sweep you off your feet. A man who’ll prove to you why your previous relationships were wrong and will make you feel like you’re the only one for him.

2. You have a lack of self-awareness

Do you prioritize others above you? Do you think that your partner should be at the top of your priority list?

If so, then you need to quickly change that mindset. That spot shouldn’t be reserved for your better half.

In fact, you shouldn’t be looking for your other half at all because genuine love happens spontaneously. You need to be aware of your strength and not depend on others.

Realize that you’re worthy of receiving love and place yourself first on your priority list. You deserve to be in that position because the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself.

I know that you’ve always waited for guys to compliment you so that you can feel great about yourself but let me tell you straight away – you’re amazing and beautiful in your own way.

You need to have positive thoughts about yourself if you ever wish to attract the man of your dreams. Otherwise, your mood and happiness will depend on the number of compliments you receive from those immature guys who don’t know what they want.

3. You believe in love at first sight

DONE How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt 2

You’re probably wondering how to stop catching feelings fast but before you learn how to avoid that, you need to realize what causes it.

Ask yourself this – do you know the difference between falling in love with someone and simply liking someone?

Perhaps you always believed in love, in every type or form of love there is. Maybe you thought that everyone’s destined to find their soulmate and that every person has their own better half.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s okay to believe in those things. I do too but you need to learn that there’s a difference between true love and love at first sight.

You can’t start a romantic relationship with someone just because you like their physical appearance. Love is much more than that.

Love is accepting their flaws and being attracted to them the way they are. It’s about connecting with the other person on a deeper, more emotional level and having the spark that makes you wonder how on earth you managed to live without that person for so long.

But I understand that you probably thought it was true love at first sight but it never was. You only wanted it to be that but it was nothing more than just pure infatuation and lust.

4. You experienced neglect in your childhood

Maybe your needs were never met when you were a child and as a consequence of that, you spent your entire life looking for someone who would compensate for the lack of affection and love in your childhood.

You’re probably dealing with abandonment issues and you’re searching for someone with whom you’re going to feel safe and secure. You need someone who’ll protect you from the rest of the world and who will never leave you.

But what you don’t realize is that you’re looking for those parental figures in everyone you meet. That’s why you fall in love so quickly and easily.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have yourself and that’s perfectly enough. You’re a grown and mature woman who knows her strengths and weaknesses.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that you can achieve your dreams and you don’t need anyone to protect you because you’re not a child anymore. You have self-love, which is the purest and most honest kind of love.

Just take a step back and realize that your childhood trauma shouldn’t affect your future decisions.

5. You always think with your heart and never with your head

How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

This is something that happens to each and every one of us at some point, especially when we’re falling in love with someone. It’s the constant battle between our mind and our heart.

What’s interesting is that in most cases, our heart wins, even though we’re aware that it’ll have a negative effect on us. Don’t be discouraged by this, though.

Listening to logic is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to love. It’s okay to listen to your heart sometimes but you need to be aware of what your gut is telling you.

Falling in love with someone is beautiful and amazing. You get all those butterflies dancing in your stomach, you feel wonderful and protected by a man, and overall, it’s a magnificent process that everyone should enjoy.

But sometimes, for your own well-being, you need to listen to your mind. It’s certainly true that you can be blinded by love and it can force you to do some stupid or reckless things.

If you like a man and he invites you to go on a date with him, you need to calm yourself down first and think with your head and not your heart. He may be nice and handsome but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s your soulmate.

Take a step back and save yourself from breaking apart into a million pieces.

6. You’re emotionally immature

Being emotionally immature can definitely be the cause of falling in love so fast and jumping from one relationship into another. But it’s quite difficult to accept this fact because most of us usually tend to blame the other person for our faults.

We fail to see that we don’t possess enough emotional intelligence to start a real romantic relationship with someone. Instead, we rush things and believe that we learned from our previous mistakes, only to be heartbroken again.

That’s why you need to give yourself enough time to process your own feelings in the right way. Don’t ignore all the bad things in a new relationship for the sake of being with the other person.

In order to understand your boyfriend’s feelings, you have to understand your own first. Remember that understanding and good communication with your partner are the pillars of a healthy long-term relationship.

7. You have very poor standards

DONE How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt 4

Perhaps you catch feelings fast because you have low self-esteem and you really think you’re unworthy of being loved. That kind of thinking can really make you lower your standards way too much, since you’re afraid of being alone.

As a result, you don’t think about whether or not you and your partner are even compatible or if your relationship has the potential of being long-term.

You probably develop feelings for every guy who treats you nicely in the beginning but that can only mean your downfall as you’ll always settle for less than you deserve.

8. You have a genuine fear of commitment

Ask yourself this before reading the section on how to stop catching feelings fast – are you scared of being in a long-term relationship? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably afraid of commitment and that’s why you fall in love so easily.

You simply don’t want to connect to anyone because you don’t know whether or not you’ll succeed. That’s why you start to develop feelings for someone new as soon as you end a relationship.

On the other hand, commitment is way better than jumping from one relationship to another. By committing to someone, you’re promising them that you’ll never leave and that you’re always going to give your best no matter what happens.

How to stop catching feelings fast?

Giving and receiving love are some of the most magnificent experiences that you can have but you need to be cautious not to rush things. Below are some tips that can help you avoid catching feelings fast and which will definitely help you from getting hurt again.

1. Nurture the relationship you have with yourself

How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

Neglecting the relationship you have with yourself can really affect your self-love.

You’ll always look for someone who will love you unconditionally and honestly and who’ll accept you for who you are and that’s fine. But while you’re looking for that true love, you’re missing the one place where it has always existed – inside you.

You just have to rediscover it again and you can only achieve this by shifting the focus back onto yourself. Find ways to fall in love with yourself again.

Stop putting others on a pedestal and prioritize yourself above everything and everyone. Self-love goes hand in hand with self-care and knowing what your values are will bring you a step closer to finding eternal happiness.

So, how to stop catching feelings fast? By nurturing the relationship you have with yourself, your self-worth will increase significantly and you won’t fall in love until they prove that they’re worth your time and effort.

2. Don’t be too available to others

One of the worst mistakes that you can make in a relationship is to be too available to your partner.

It won’t prove to him that you’re honestly in love or that you care about him. Instead, your partner may think of you as being vulnerable or needy, and as a consequence of that, you’ll lose your self-respect and self-value.

Your partner may see this as an opportunity to take you for granted because he’ll be sure that you’ll never leave him. You give him the security that you’ll always be there for him, which he can use to wrap you around his little finger and do whatever he wants with you.

That’s why you need to be unavailable to those who don’t respect your presence at all. Only then will your boyfriend realize your true worth and it’ll prompt him to fight for you and your love.

After all, you need to have your own life even if you’re in a relationship. Don’t neglect yourself in order to satisfy your partner’s needs.

So, if you’re wondering how to stop catching feelings fast, the answer is rather simple – don’t be too available to others!

3. Take a step back whenever you start catching feelings for someone

DONE How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt 6

It’s fairly easy to lose yourself when you’re in love with a man.

Women are excellent at creating scenarios that may or may not ever happen and that’s especially true when you’re at the beginning of a new relationship. But if you want to stop catching feelings fast, you need to pause for a second and pull away to give yourself enough time and space to think about your emotional state.

Taking a step back can sometimes be a step forward, even though it’s difficult to not listen to your heart. You can achieve that by focusing on the things that attracted you to that person in the first place and think about whether that and the other person’s values are valid enough for you to fall in love with them.

Don’t start a relationship just because you’ve been single for a couple of months or even years. Remember to find happiness within yourself first.

I get that you’re attracted to the guy and you may think that he’s the one but waiting a couple of weeks in order to figure out your emotions won’t push him away from you.

If he’s genuine, then he’ll give you as much time as you need. He won’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

4. It’s time to reconsider what love actually means

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about love? Do you think about the qualities your partner must possess to make you fall in love with him or do you think about falling in love the right way?

Reconsidering what love actually means is a process that takes a while and everything depends on you. You need to fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with someone else.

All the craziness and thinking that you can’t live a day without your partner is just your heart playing tricks on you. Genuine, real love is much more than just the honeymoon stage.

It’s a journey that’s rather challenging and difficult, with many obstacles along the way. But the beauty of it is overcoming those hurdles with your partner and growing together as a couple.

Only through sacrifices and understanding will you see how much he cares for you. That’s what true love really means.

I’m not saying that you can’t feel a spark on the first date but it’s usually too early to catch genuine feelings or to fall in love. You need to give it some time before you can say that he’s the one for you.

5. Learn to better identify your emotions

How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

Most people have a hard time distinguishing between real love and infatuation. You can’t expect to be certain that you’ll marry a man just by dating him for a couple of weeks.

The emotions you’re experiencing at the beginning of a new relationship aren’t honest feelings of love and you shouldn’t give them too much importance.

So, how to stop catching feelings fast? Take a step back and accept the situation as it really is.

It’s fairly easy to get carried away when you meet a handsome and intelligent man. You’re head over heels for him and you can’t stand being apart from him.

But you must recognize infatuation in a relationship and draw a line between this and honest love. If you don’t do that, you’ll live in an illusion that he loves you, when the reality is quite different.

By trusting your head more than your heart, you’ll learn to better identify your emotions. Accepting and sharing them with your partner should be your last step and that’s when your bond will become stronger.

6. Don’t engage in physical intimacy right from the start

Delaying physical contact until you feel comfortable around that person can certainly improve and strengthen the emotional connection that you two share. Being intimate with a man can lead to feelings and that’s something you want to avoid for now.

In the beginning, you should steer clear of having dinner at his place, for example. By holding off on physical contact, you can build some important foundations of a healthy relationship, such as effective communication and loyalty.

7. Take things slowly!

DONE How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt 8

If you’re wondering how to stop catching feelings fast, my best advice to you is to take things slowly. Don’t jump the gun and fall in love with someone before you have the opportunity to get to know him.

Otherwise, if you do end up hurt or disappointed, you shouldn’t blame anyone else but yourself for that. There’s simply no need to hurry anything.

Give both of you some space to get to know each other better before starting anything serious. After all, love is a slow process that takes time and you can’t force it.

How To Stop Catching Feelings Fast And Save Yourself From Being Hurt

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