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How To Manifest Someone To Love You? 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

How To Manifest Someone To Love You? 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

Sometimes, all you wish for is to learn how to manifest someone to love you. It seems that all the people around you are in happy relationships and you’re the only one who’s struggling to find your true love.

But what if I told you that there’s a good chance of getting someone to love you with the help of the law of attraction. Would you believe me?

After many heartbreaks, you start losing faith in love. You doubt that real love even exists and start asking yourself if you’ll ever find true happiness with someone.

Every single love experience you’ve been through turned out to be a failure. And after years of trying to find someone for yourself, you’ve accumulated a significant number of failed-relationship cases in your drawer of love.

It gets to the point where you no longer want to try your luck. Why bother when you already know how things are going to end?

But then you heard of the law of attraction and you started wondering if the thing really works. Would it help you find your match made in heaven or is it going to have the same result as all those failed relationships from the past?

Well, today’s your lucky day. I’m here to tell you that manifestation actually works. You just need to know how to do it properly.

No matter how painful your previous experiences were, it’s possible to manifest someone to love you the way you’ve always wanted. And I know that you feel like giving up, but if you decide to take this chance, you may just finally find everything you’ve been looking for.

Why are you struggling to find love?

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

If you want to know how to manifest someone to love you, you first need to know why all your previous relationships didn’t work for you.

There must be a reason.

Usually, there are some patterns in our lives that prevent us from achieving that final happiness.

And sometimes, you need someone else to point out the things you need to change about yourself.

That’s why I’ll first give you a list of possible reasons why you’re struggling to find a guy for yourself.

After that, you’ll get to know how to manifest someone to love you through 10 simple steps.

1. You’re still living in the past

Sometimes, it’s hard to move on.

When you give your whole self to someone and things still end up in heartbreak, it can be hard to find your way into the present.

Whether you know it or not, you might still be living in the past, longing for a person who broke you and wishing to get a new chance with them.

Because of that, you’re unable to move forward with your life, which means that it’s almost impossible to find someone to love you right now.

As long as you keep having unfinished business, you won’t be able to let anyone new come into your life.

It’s hard to attract someone to love you when you’re still longing for someone else.

2. You’ve emotionally shut down

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

After being hurt many times, your heart doesn’t feel like fighting anymore.

You don’t want to go through the same experiences ever again because you’re not ready to face the all-too-familiar pain of having your heart broken once more.

Because of that, you shut down emotionally, trying to protect yourself from being hurt in the future.

But the problem is that this makes it almost impossible to attract someone to love you.

There’s a wall around your heart that’s preventing anyone from getting close to you.

No matter how much you want to find your true love, it won’t happen as long as you keep those walls up.

Breaking them down might seem scary, but it’s the only way you can expect to meet your Mr. Right.

3. You’ve lost faith in love

When you wear your heart on your sleeve and people still keep rejecting you, at some point, you lose faith in love.

You’ve tried everything you could and there’s no change – the end result is always the same.

Maybe you no longer believe that you’ll ever find your soulmate. To be honest, you’ve stopped believing something like that even exists.

Maybe you’re thinking about settling with someone just so you aren’t alone anymore because it makes no sense to keep waiting for your true love.

These negative thoughts could be one of the reasons you no longer believe in love.

And it’s impossible to attract someone to love you when you’re doubting that real love actually exists.

How to manifest someone to love you?

Right, so now that we’ve covered the bases, let’s get into how you can manifest someone to love you.

Throughout these simple steps, you’ll be able to finally find the love of your dreams that you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Before we start, you need to know that your intentions must be clear and you’ll need to be aware of what you actually want to get from the process.

It might sound hard to achieve, but don’t worry, as long as you keep following these steps, you’re off to a great start.

1. Focus on what you want to attract

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

When you want to manifest someone to love you, the first step you need to take is to focus your energy on the things you want and ignore the things you don’t want.

Believe it or not, your thoughts have a huge impact on your life. What you think, you become.

And when you preoccupy yourself with negativity, you’re actually focusing all your energy on the things that you don’t want to attract.

This means that you stand a stronger chance of ending up with someone bad for you because he’s a match to your negative thoughts.

So, before taking the next step, you need to make sure that you have complete control over your mind.

Now, pay close attention to your thoughts. Are they positive or negative?

You can’t be thinking about a cheating partner because you’re afraid of ending up with one, then expect that you’ll end up with a loyal guy.

So, make some room for positive thoughts and show all those pessimistic ones the door.

If you don’t do this, you’re actually sabotaging yourself and your process of manifestation could end up the opposite of what you intended.

Clear your mind of negativity and make sure to focus on everything you want to attract.

By doing this, you’re shaping your energy into something positive and radiating it into the universe.

Sooner or later, everything you give away will come back to you and your wishes will come true.

So, forget about negative thoughts and everything that could prevent you from attracting your perfect person.

This way, you dramatically increase your chances of getting your happy ending.

2. Don’t set unrealistic expectations

Setting unrealistic expectations isn’t the way to go when trying to manifest someone to love you.

That’s why it’s important to know what you should expect from a person you want to attract.

First of all, don’t think that you’ll be able to manifest someone perfect. People like that simply don’t exist.

We’re all flawed in our own ways and no matter what you think or hope for, you’ll never find someone perfect.

You can only get someone who’s perfect for you and who’s worthy of your love. That’s the closest to perfection you should ask for.

If you set unrealistic expectations, you’re setting yourself up for a letdown.

At that point, you shouldn’t blame the universe for not giving you anything you asked for because it was you who expected too much.

So, sit down and think about your best match. Try to be as realistic as you can because that’s the only way you won’t get disappointed.

3. Connect with yourself

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

Are you 100% sure what you want to attract? Is it something you want or is it something others told you you should look for in a partner?

When you’re trying to manifest someone to love you, you need to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

First of all, you need to believe that you’re worthy of love.

You need to appreciate yourself and develop a strong conviction that you truly deserve the person you’re asking for.

If you don’t believe in those things, you could end up with someone who’s the same vibrational match for you.

It means that two people who don’t believe that they’re good enough could find themselves together. And trust me, that’s not a good combo.

So, before you start manifesting someone to love you, you first need to love yourself. This is one of the most crucial steps in the process.

Connecting with yourself and truly getting to know what hides deep within you can help you get a person who’ll appreciate everything you are.

Because in the process of getting to know yourself better, you’ll learn to appreciate yourself as well.

This means that you won’t let others treat you in a way you don’t deserve.

You’ll know your worth, and as a result, a person you’re trying to attract will know the same.

So, before trying to attract someone to love you, you first need to learn to love yourself. It sounds like a cliche, but trust me when I tell you, it works.

4. Become the person you want to attract

When it comes to learning how to manifest someone to love you, you need to be honest with yourself.

Once you have a list of features you want to find in another person, you need to make sure that you’re also a decent match for them.

What I’m trying to say is that you can’t expect to attract a partner who’ll have high self-esteem when you don’t have it yourself.

You can’t wish for someone who has his life together when you have no plans for your own future.

If you expect this person to bring certain things to the table, you have to be ready to do the same.

That’s the only way you can make manifestation work.

You can’t expect a change in your life if you aren’t doing anything to change it. That’s backward thinking.

There’s no magic button that you can press to solve everything that needs to be solved.

Instead, you have to work hard – there’s no other way to see the results you want to see.

5. Get rid of limiting beliefs

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

Even though you’ve been so focused on manifesting someone to love you, you may still fall under temptation and find yourself faced with different limiting beliefs.

No matter how hard you try to resist them, they always come back to you.

Limiting beliefs are there to stop you from concentrating on your final goal.

They will make you doubt your chances of attracting someone worth your love.

That’s why it’s important to find different ways to get rid of these negative thoughts.

Every time you find yourself saying that you won’t be able to manifest someone to love you because you’re “too this” or “too that,” make an effort to replace those beliefs that hold you down with positive ones.

So, instead of telling yourself, “I’ll never be able to manifest anyone to love me,” take a pen and paper and write down these words instead:

“I will be able to successfully manifest someone to love me because I’m worthy of love!”

“I will be able to attract the person who’s made for me because I deserve it!”

Every time you feel negative thoughts overcoming you, grab your piece of paper with all of the affirmations on it and read it out loud.

Inhale every one of those words and keep repeating them for as long as it takes to convince yourself of them.

Over time, as you keep doing this, your thoughts will become more positive and soon, you’ll see that you can do everything you set your mind to.

And that’s how you manifest someone to love you successfully, with the power of your own will.

6. Focus on the feeling of the end result

Manifesting someone to love you is a bumpy road full of obstacles.

Attracting that special someone won’t be an easy task, and it’ll require a lot of effort from you.

The best thing you can do is to always keep focused on the final feeling.

Never forget about that final emotion you’ll feel at the moment you actually attract that one special person.

That’s what makes this journey easier.

To achieve this, you need to imagine that you’ve arrived at your final destination and that you’ve gotten what you wanted. (I know that it sounds weird to pretend, but just bear with me.)

Sit yourself down in a calm and cozy environment and think about everything you’ll end up with the moment your manifestation is realized.

You’ve got your partner, the person you’ve been looking for your whole life.

You feel proud of yourself for being strong and persistent. Plus, you’ve learned to love yourself throughout the process.

How do these things sound? Do you like the feelings they evoke in you? Do you feel happy?

I bet you do, so whatever goes through your mind, don’t think about quitting. No matter how hard things get, just keep on walking this journey.

Your perfect person might be around the corner and you’re risking missing out on your chance to meet him because you feel like giving up.

Pick yourself up, shake off that dust, and move on toward your goal.

Get ready to meet someone who’ll love you the way you’ve always been dreaming of.

7. Let the universe know you’re ready

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

Once you go through all of the above steps on how to manifest someone to love you, the next thing you should do is let the universe know that you’re ready for the final meeting.

You might be asking how you do that – How do you send a message to the universe?

Well, the main point is that you should send a message to yourself.

You should let yourself know and believe that you’re truly ready for the big meeting.

“I’m ready to meet the person who’s made for me. I’m ready to open my heart to him and show him all I am.”

Write these words down and stick them around your room. Learn them by heart and repeat after them on daily basis.

At one point, you’ll get confident and start saying those words like you really mean them.

You’ll know that you’re ready because everything will feel right.

If by any chance, you don’t feel ready to take this step, then you should take some time and try to figure out what needs to be fixed.

Maybe you still haven’t made yourself the right match for your partner and deep down you know it.

This is the perfect time to reflect back on everything you were supposed to do.

Then when you do feel ready for it, send a message to the universe once again and wait for the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.

8. Visualize your future

Now that you’re waiting, don’t forget to remind yourself of everything you’re looking for.

That’s why visualizing your future is one of the important steps when wanting to know how to manifest someone to love you.

But how does visualization work? It’s actually quite simple.

First of all, imagine your future with the person you’re trying to attract. Now, let all of your senses do their thing.

What do you hear? What do you see?

Imagine that the person you’re trying to manifest is sitting right next to you. Is he holding your hand?

Do you feel the warmth of his body? What does he smell like?

Now, think of the way he speaks with you. Is his voice soft? Do you feel respect in his tone? Is he smiling at you?

At the end of the visualization session, it’ll feel like you’ve been through an out-of-the-world experience.

Especially if you make sure to include all of your senses. This makes everything seem so real.

This way, every time you feel like giving up, you’ll have a piece of information, a video that you made for yourself in your own head, as a way to remind you what’s waiting for you at the end of the journey.

This will serve as your source of inspiration and wind at your back.

9. Practice daily affirmations

How To Manifest Someone To Love You 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps

Besides visualization, daily affirmations are also of great help when you’re trying to manifest someone to love you.

They remind you of your destination and how close you are to getting everything you’ve been looking for.

They’re especially valuable when you need the inspiration to help you get through the bad days.

So, no matter what you’re doing, keep repeating these words to yourself.

“I know that my soulmate is on his way to me.”

“I deserve love and that’s what the universe is sending me.”

“I can’t wait to meet my unconditional love.”

When you keep repeating these statements on a daily basis, you’re paving your way to the person you’re destined to attract.

This radiates positive energy into the universe and sooner or later, you’ll be standing face to face with the person of your dreams.

10. Trust the process

Even if you’re sure that you’ve done all of the steps correctly and you know everything about how to manifest someone to love you, you should never forget to trust the process.

Manifestation doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and patience.

Don’t think that in a week’s time, the whole process will be over and you’ll be in the company of the person you were trying to attract.

Sometimes, it can take as long as a year to make all of your wishes come true.

But, the most important part is that you should give in to doubt. When that happens, you’re ruining your chances of meeting your Mr. Right.

So, no matter what you do, keep in mind to always have trust in yourself and in the universe.

Sooner or later, your expectations will be met and you’ll finally get the taste of true love.

Have some faith and it’ll all turn out just fine!

How To Manifest Someone To Love You? 10 MUST-FOLLOW Steps