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How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

You want to have a serious relationship with this man, but you don’t want to scare him away. Learning how to make him commit without pressure can really help you.

Trust me, I completely understand how you feel. Many men are terrified of commitment and run away at the very mention of it.

You know that, so you understand how important it is not to pressure him… but you’re tired of not knowing where you stand with this guy.

A steady relationship can’t be built on shaky ground, right? He needs to man-up and commit to you!

Follow my advice, and you’ll learn how to make him commit without pressure.

Here are the most effective ways:

1. Stop chasing him

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

The most important part of learning how to make him commit without pressure is actually learning something else.

You have to realize that you should never chase a man.

I understand that need, and all of us sometimes make the mistake of chasing after a guy.

But you must resist the urge and stop yourself from making a colossal mistake.

Sure, show interest and flirt. But don’t act needy and, whatever you do, don’t pursue him.

Take your time when you need to respond to his messages and don’t stalk his social media profile.

2. Be mysterious

Even if the two of you have been dating for a while now, you can still stay a little mysterious.

Don’t shut down emotionally and by all means, be honest and upfront with him.

But also keep him intrigued that he can’t decipher that elusive smile of yours.

Your innermost thoughts and experiences should stay a beautiful mystery.

Remember the smile Mona Lisa has? There’s a reason it’s so famous!

One thing men love as much as the chase is a good mystery!

3. Make him feel like a hero

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 2

You’ve probably already heard about the hero instinct.

Make your man feel like a hero!

You can trigger his hero instinct by making him feel needed. Ask for his help, thank him, and praise him.

You don’t really need him to save you, but if he feels that you do, he’ll feel like your hero.

This is important to men, and it’s one of the easy ways to get them to commit.

Give him a challenge, and make sure to admire him when he completes it.

He wants to be a provider and protector. Make him feel like he is, and he’ll love you even more.

4. Have a life outside of the relationship

Women often neglect their own life when they fall in love. It’s tempting to dedicate yourself completely to your relationship, but it’s a bad idea.

If you want to learn how to make him commit without pressure, live your life! Pursue your goals and spend time with your friends.

Don’t put everything on hold just because you’re in love. Your man doesn’t want you to do that.

Men don’t actually like it when they become the center of a woman’s world. A woman who has a life outside of the relationship is much more attractive.

In addition, it reassures him that he’ll be allowed to have a life outside of the relationship too.

If he thinks that he’s not going to, it might be the reason he’s scared of commitment.

5. Don’t turn him into a god

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

A woman can look at a completely average man and see a glowing Greek god just because she’s in love.

Your man might be charming and attractive, but you’re probably idealizing him.

Remember your worth, stay confident, and don’t turn him into some divine being.

You don’t have to give him whatever he wants nor plan your life around him.

Don’t permanently drool over his incredible abs, and don’t pamper him.

He’s not a god, so don’t see him as one, no matter how amazing he is in your eyes. Don’t you know that you have much to offer too?

6. Use reverse psychology

Okay, so he doesn’t want to commit, but do you? Flip the script and don’t show him that you desperately want a committed relationship.

Instead, hesitate to commit – at least a little.

After all, you’re not ready to marry a man as soon as he shows interest.

Men are tired of women who pressure them to get married and have kids. Show him that you’re not like all the other women.

Relax and let him prove himself if he’s really worthy of becoming the man you’ll commit to.

7. Look your best

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 4

We’re not all supermodels the media pressures us to be, and we shouldn’t be. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of our appearance.

Wear clothes that suit your body type, do something with your hair, and get a mani-pedi.

Simply look your best and show men that you are a high-value woman. Caring about being well-presented and attractive isn’t shallow.

After all, there’s a connection between looking good and feeling good.

8. Connect on a deeper level

You can’t have a purely physical relationship and expect it to turn into a committed one.

Connect on a deeper level with your man and show him that you’re not just a pretty face.

Have meaningful conversations with him and be his friend, not just his lover.

Make sure to spend quality time with him, and he’ll want to spend more time with you.

9. Have standards and stick to them

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

If you let others walk all over you, don’t be surprised when they do exactly that.

Have standards and don’t break them, no matter what.

When your man does something unacceptable, don’t look the other way. Call him out without nagging.

Simply be straightforward and honest, and let him know that you’re not going to tolerate it.

If he lets you down with the way he behaves, tell him that you’re not going to accept that behavior.

If you truly want to make him commit without pressure, you can’t just let him treat you however he likes.

Have standards, and he’ll respect you all the more for it.

10. Make him feel needed

Whenever you need something fixed, ask for his help. Make him feel needed by asking for his advice as well.

Men love to fix things – it makes them feel useful, wanted, and needed. He may love your independence, but he doesn’t want to feel dispensable.

Tell him when you need something, and let him step up and do his magic. When he feels more essential, he’ll be more willing to commit to you.

11. Let him open up to you

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 6

Your conversations need to flow naturally. Yes, you should talk about the serious stuff, but don’t be so serious all the time.

Use humor, and don’t make him feel like he’s at a job interview.

Don’t make him think that there’s a right and wrong answer.

He needs to know that it’s safe for him to open up to you regardless of what he wants to say.

Talk about commitment, sure, but don’t go crazy if he doesn’t say what you want to hear.

12. Don’t make him think that you want commitment more than you want him is how to make him commit without pressure

Guys often feel like a woman just wants a serious relationship, not the man she’s with.

He doesn’t care about labels – he just wants to be with you.

If you care about labels too much, he might think that “in a committed relationship” means more to you than love.

He needs to know that you want to be with him, not with just about anyone as long as they’ll commit to you.

Care more about him than you care about being in a serious relationship.

Want to know how to make him commit without pressure? Don’t make it all about commitment.

13. Don’t always agree with him

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

Women often think that they always need to agree with a man to get him to commit. They think that they should conform to his plans and values…

This is definitely not true. In fact, it could actually push him away.

Yes, he wants to be a savior and protector, but to a strong and independent woman.

Have your own priorities and opinions. Make him earn your love and trust, and he’ll love you even more.

14. Let him have a life outside of the relationship

To make him commit without pressuring him, you have to help him realize something important: that he won’t lose his freedom when he commits to you.

Men are most often scared to commit because they think that they won’t be able to have a life anymore.

He wants to see his friends, have some alone time, and watch and play sports.

If he thinks that you won’t let him do these things, he won’t commit to you.

Encourage him to have a life outside of the relationship and make him see that he can commit to you while still keeping his freedom.

15. Show him you’re funny and intelligent

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 8

Men want to be with women who look attractive, but they want to commit to those who are funny and intelligent.

Impress him with your intellect and sense of humor.

Help him see the world, relationships, and intimacy in a new way.

If the two of you have meaningful conversations and laugh together, he’ll want to spend more time with you.

16. Meet his family

How to make him commit without pressure if he hasn’t introduced you to his parents yet?

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, meeting the parents is the next logical step. You have to meet his family to become a part of it.

Make sure not to be pushy, but bring up the topic of meeting his parents…

Want to make sure not to pressure him? Wait for him to bring up his family and casually ask if you could meet them.

Maybe he’ll mention that he’s going to see them. Simply suggest that you go with him, but it’s crucial that you make it sound casual.

Don’t make a fuss about it if he’s not ready yet… Bring it up again after a while.

17. Show your vulnerable side

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

Yes, men like strong women, but showing your vulnerable side is also important.

Open up to him, and admit it when you’re having a bad day. Let him hold you in his arms when you’re emotional.

He’ll feel more needed and his attachment to you will grow stronger.

Let him see that you need him to be there for you when you’re not feeling so great.

18. Ask for his opinion and advice

Always ask him for his opinions on things, and make sure to ask for his advice as well.

You don’t have to take his advice, but he’ll be glad you wanted to hear it.

Whether your boss is annoying, your dad gets on your nerves, or you’re struggling with a new baking recipe. Let your man give you his advice.

Maybe it will be completely useless, but it will create a deeper connection. It might even result in laughs and cuddles.

19. Set clear yet reasonable boundaries

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 10

Have clear yet reasonable boundaries. Don’t nag or annoy your man, but let him know what you can and can’t tolerate.

For instance, it’s not your job to clean up the mess after he had his friends over. He can and should do it himself.

Let him know when you had a hard day at work and when you just need some time to yourself.

Establishing expectations and personal limits is important in a relationship.

As long as your boundaries are reasonable, he’ll be okay with it.

20. Treat him right is how to make him commit without pressure

We always talk about how men need to treat women right… But men want to be treated right too.

Make him feel heard and special. Listen to him and celebrate his accomplishments.

Be there for him when he’s going through something difficult. When he gets a promotion, take him out to a fancy restaurant and spoil him.

Treat him the way you want him to treat you.

21. Be yourself

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

Yes, I know that it sounds like a cheesy cliché, but it’s actually very important.

Women often try to live up to a certain type of woman they assume their men want.

How to make him commit without pressure when you’re not even being yourself around him?

Even if he commits to you, he won’t really commit to you but to who you’re pretending to be.

The problem with pretending is that you can’t keep doing it forever.

Be yourself. If he can’t love you for who you are, he’s not the man for you.

22. Don’t let your past experiences influence your current relationship

We’ve all had some bad experiences with relationships in the past.

But when you let the past influence your present, you’re compromising your future.

If your past left you with some emotional baggage, don’t put it on the man you’re currently with.

Stop living in the past and don’t let it ruin the relationship you have now.

If your ex was afraid of commitment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your boyfriend will be too.

23. Let him earn your love

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 12

Guys don’t like it when they get something without having to work for it.

They might think that they do, but they simply can’t value something that they didn’t have to earn.

Yes, you should show him interest and affection, but he needs to earn your love and value it.

Don’t give him all of your attention and praise regardless of what he does.

Let him work for it a little. It might sound strange, but he actually wants it that way.

If you want him to truly commit, you can’t just serve everything on a silver platter.

24. Get his friends to like you

Maybe you don’t really like your man’s friends, but they mean the world to him, so they need to like you.

Try your best to become friends with them, or at least get them to like you. Don’t talk badly about them and try to see their positive qualities.

Show your man that you can fit into his world, and he’ll be more willing to commit to you.

Hey, if you manage to get his friends to like you, they may even encourage him to marry you one day!

25. Talk him up

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

Guys hate fake compliments, and even though they appreciate genuine ones, it’s important who hears them.

It’s very important to men how others see them, and you can talk your man up.

Always praise him and talk about his good attributes and achievements to his friends and acquaintances.

Be in his corner and boost him. You’ll be a keeper in his eyes!

26. Make him miss you

Don’t make the mistake of constantly being around him and think that it’ll make him commit to you.

He needs to miss you from time to time. When he feels your absence, his love for you grows stronger.

Go out with your friends, spend time with family, and do whatever makes you happy.

Not only will you enjoy your time without him, but also make him miss you in the process!

You can even get him to commit by pulling away.

27. Don’t let him spoil you

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 14

Your man wants to take care of you, but don’t let him spoil you all the time, even if it feels good.

Sure, he may want to pamper you, but it could get exhausting after a while and he may give up.

He needs to do some things for you, but not everything. Don’t play helpless, and don’t let him financially support everything you do.

He won’t be willing to commit to you, and he might even feel used.

28. Be his biggest fan

Always believe in him and support his dreams.

A woman he wants to commit to is one who always backs him up.

Be his cheerleader and show him that you see him as a hero. Do it in small yet sweet ways.

He’ll want to have that kind of support in his life forever.

29. Be in it together

DONE! How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

To have a committed relationship, you have to have reciprocity.

Don’t ever say things like “I’ll do this if you do that,” expecting to get as much as you’re giving.

Bonding, conversations, advice, intimacy… it all needs to flow naturally and go back and forth.

You’re in this together, and it should feel that way.

30. Don’t make him jealous

There are times where making a man jealous can work to your advantage, but NOT when you want him to commit.

It will just make him frustrated and annoyed, and even if it makes him chase you at first, he’ll leave you eventually.

Making someone jealous is not the way to get them to think about a long-term relationship.

He doesn’t want a committed relationship with a woman who flirts with other guys.

You should actually do the opposite of making him jealous. Show him that he’s the only man for you and you’re not interested in any other man.

31. Tell him you love him

DONE How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure 32 Most Effective Ways 16

A man who loves you will at least consider the possibility of committing.

Maybe he even thought about it already but doesn’t think that it’s necessary.

Have you said the L-word yet?

Don’t be scared of letting him know how you feel. If you love him, tell him that.

He may just say it back and realize that it’s time to commit. Who knows, maybe he’s ready for it but hasn’t talked to you about it yet.

There are some easy ways to tell if your man is ready to commit that can help you.

32. Be in his corner and show him compassion

He wants you to be a safe haven. He wants to know he can open up to you about anything without any criticism or judgment.

Show him compassion and let him fall in love with your understanding and kind soul.

He needs to find something with you that he hasn’t found anywhere else.

If you’ve implemented all the ways to make him commit without pressure and that doesn’t get him to commit, there might be a problem.

In that case, there are certain things you can do if your man doesn’t want to commit but won’t leave you either.

Good luck!

How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure (32 Most Effective Ways)

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