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How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

He loves you, but you want to make sure he always will. So, how to keep your man happy?

Whether you want to learn how to keep a man interested or how to keep your husband happy, this article is for you.

You’ve already shown how much your man means to you by searching for ways to make him happy and keep him interested.

Just the fact that you’re reading this article shows that you want to make your man the happiest man in the world.

I’m sure that he already is since he has found you, the love of his life, but will he stay that way forever?

With our help, you can make sure that he stays into you forever, because you’ll make him happy every day.

It only takes a little effort to make a man happy and to keep him interested, and it’s totally worth it.

Once he sees how hard you’re trying, he’ll try harder to meet your needs as well.

I’ve listed all the ways that will help you learn how to keep a man happy and interested in you, so be sure to read them all.

You’ll be surprised at how effective these ways are, so take care to use them in your relationship.

Here they are:

1. Don’t be needy

How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

To learn how to keep your man interested, you first need to realize that men don’t want an insecure woman.

All men want a woman who is confident and can do well both with or without a man, so don’t let your whole world revolve around him.

I know what it’s like to be in love. You have a need to make sure he loves you, so you ask him if he does and if he is sure about it.

However, you need to be aware that needing constant reassurance could scare your man away.

Men know how to recognize clingy girlfriend, and they don’t like having to deal with all that.

Keep in mind that men are not all the same.

You man might not be the vocal type, but he makes sure you feel loved in other ways. Pay attention, and you’ll notice those ways. 

You don’t always have to ask him about it to be reassured that he loves you.

Instead, simply pay attention to see if his actions match his words. If they do, you can be sure that he loves you.

However, if you still aren’t convinced, make sure to read about all the signs he loves you in our other article.

2. Learn to love yourself

Whether you want to learn how to keep a man interested or how to keep your husband happy, you first need to learn to love yourself.

How could you expect anyone else to love you if you don’t love yourself? Loving yourself is like a training ground for loving others.

Those who don’t love themselves don’t really believe that they are worthy of being loved by others so they find it hard to build healthy, happy, long-term relationships.

If you want to learn how to keep your man interested, you need to show him that you are worthy of his interest and to do that, you need to believe it yourself.

Don’t believe that loving yourself is unappealing or arrogant, because it’s quite the opposite of that.

Show your man that you care about yourself and love yourself, and it will show him how to love you.

Successfully loving yourself will help you survive anything. I know that it isn’t easy, because you’re not perfect, but none of us is.

Be aware that everyone else has flaws just like you do, so work on changing them, and don’t beat yourself up about it.

Once you accept yourself, others will be able to accept you too.

If you were someone else, how would you love yourself? It’s just the same as loving anyone else.

Treat yourself with mindfulness, respect, and kindness… just like you would treat others who mean something to you.

3. Show him respect

How To Keep Your Man Happy 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested 2

You need to respect your man to keep him interested and happy.

For men, respect is like food and you’ll get the best of your man if you just show him respect as it’s a sure way to make him happy.

He needs to believe that he always has the final say, and you should treat him like your king.

Pay attention to the way you speak to him, especially in public, and try to be respectful.

You should value his input, just like you want him to value yours.

Don’t use your words to put him down, don’t insult him and avoid raising your voice at him and there’s probably a pet name you can use instead of calling him by his first name.

Let me let you in on a little secret: women who have the best marriages are those who are humble.

Humble women know how to keep a man happy, and they are virtuous.

Give him the same respect you expect from him.

4. Trigger his hero instinct

How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

The secret on how to keep your man interested is in making him feel like someone you truly admire… a protector and a provider.

In other words, you need to trigger his hero instinct.

Make your man feel like a true hero.

I know which decade we’re living in and that women no longer need to be rescued. You don’t need a hero. However, he needs to be a hero.

It’s something that’s deeply rooted in the biology of men, and they still have the need to be the provider.

Your man is thirsty for your admiration, just like all of them are. He wants to step up for you and protect, provide for, and service you.

Men aren’t happy in a relationship where they do not feel like a hero. They need to see themselves as a provider.

He wants to be someone you really need and want to have around, not just as a best friend or a partner.

When you don’t make your man feel like a hero, he’ll start feeling like less of a man, so he’ll lose interest in you.

Hero instinct is actually a psychological term coined by James Bauer, who is a relationship coach and psychologist.

We wrote a whole article about this term to teach you how to trigger your man’s hero instinct, so be sure to read it.

It’s not enough that you give him admiration when you next see each other; that would be like giving him a participation award simply for showing up, and men don’t like that.

He needs to feel like he has earned your respect, trust, and admiration.

It’s not enough that you ask him to carry your bags home from the supermarket because they’re heavy or to fix your computer because you don’t have the knowledge to do so.

That is why we wrote our article about triggering his hero instinct, to explain all the ways to you. 

Once you master this art, you’ll enjoy doing it, and he’ll appreciate it. You’ll instantly see results once you learn how to trigger his hero instinct.

Once he feels like he’s your hero, he’ll be more attentive, loving, committed, and above all, interested in being with you in a long-term relationship.

A subconscious drive that draws a man to be close to those who make them feel like a hero is precisely the hero instinct, and it’s especially strong in romantic relationships.

This term has already changed the lives of many women who have learned how to keep a man interested by triggering their hero instinct. 

So after you’re done with learning how to keep your man happy, be sure to read more about the hero instinct in our other article.

5. Look good

How To Keep Your Man Happy 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested 4

The truth is, all men want to be with a beautiful woman. When a woman looks good, her man likes showing her off.

Being with a woman who looks attractive and presentable strokes a man’s ego and all men want their egos to be fondled and caressed like that.

They want to have something of value. When they introduce their beautiful wife or girlfriend to their friends, they want their friends to say, “Wow!”

Let your man enjoy showing you off and try to boost his pride.

Dress up, and look your best for him, especially when he wants to introduce you to someone.

Stay physically fit by avoiding junk food; eat healthy food, rest well, and exercise instead. Taking care of your skin is also important.

You can dress well, do your hair, and look beautiful, and your man will love you even more because of it.

Try to stay attractive, even if you’ve been married for a long time.

Your husband doesn’t want to wake up one day wondering where the woman he fell in love with went.

Of course, he loves you for who you are, not for the way you look, and he’ll love you even if you don’t take care of your appearance.

However, he secretly wishes you would, and it would make him happy.

I know how hard it is to stay attractive.

Women are expected to work like they don’t have children, take care of the children like they don’t have a job, and look as if they have neither.

Expectations that society has for women are huge, and it’s hard to do it all.

However, looking the best you can will not only help you learn how to keep your man happy but help you be happier as well.

6. Keep it interesting

How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

When you first started dating, you probably put effort into coming up with new interesting things you could do together.

However, once couples get comfortable in a relationship, they tend to start doing the same things every single time they see each other.

What that leads to is complacency, and you don’t want that.

Avoid that trap because the most interesting part isn’t over, it’s only yet to come, but it all depends on you.

You’re done with the early stages of dating, and now you have a real connection and can be comfortable around each other, but you can still learn a lot and do interesting things together.

Don’t just eat dinner and watch movies whenever you see each other. Learn how to keep a man happy and interested by staying interesting.

Figure out some new things that you can do together and suggest to him that you do them. 

Surely there are places where neither of you has ever gone. Get out of your comfort zone and go there together.

Keeping it interesting is more than just having more interesting dates and going to new places.

When you stay up all night talking about your dreams and hopes, that’s when it really gets interesting.

Find out what the things are that both of you have always dreamed of doing. Discuss the things you love doing, and figure out what it is that he loves that you would like to try.

By being interested, you’ll be interesting, and that’s the answer to how to keep your man interested.

Maybe you have never been skiing, but you always wanted to try, and he told you he has. Ask him to tell you everything about it!

Talk to him about the things he’s passionate about, and enjoy seeing his eyes light up while he talks about them.

Then let him ask you about the things you’re passionate about too.

It’s a great opportunity for the two of you to start making plans together, even if they’re about small things.

You’ll have something you can look forward to, and making plans for the future is a huge sign of love.

7. Give him peace

How To Keep Your Man Happy 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested 6

After a hard day at work, every man wants to end up in an oasis of peace, and you can be that for him.

All he wants is peace of mind, so try not to complicate his life if you want to learn how to keep a man happy.

Don’t try to control him, and avoid nagging him. Let him have some peace instead.

His energy will be drained by dealing with his boss and clients, as well as driving all day, so when he gets home, all he wants from you is to give him food and let him rest.

You don’t have to deal with everything right away, because you can talk about things later, after he has rested.

Don’t scream and shout at your man, and don’t ever abuse him as that could only make him leave you.

He needs peace, so give it to him and make sure he’s always happy to come home to you.

His home needs to be a place where he can relax, rest, and have peace, so give him peace of mind.

8. Don’t try to be nice all the time

When you spend all the time trying to be nice, you can turn out to be the opposite.

You know how all over the place you felt when you first started dating; constantly thinking about what impression you are making or how to react leaves you wrung out.

You want to make a good impression and be nice, but you end up putting him off because you are overthinking it and that shows.

Stop trying to be nice all the time, because you are not being yourself. 

Nobody in this world is constantly undemanding and nice. We all get upset from time to time, and it’s perfectly okay to not be perfectly okay all the time.

However, all that doesn’t mean that you should be mean on purpose. Don’t be overly mean or excessively nice, just be yourself.

When you’re constantly nice, it means you’re trying to live up to the expectations you think your man has.

You’re trying to be who you think he would like you to be regardless of whether that’s who you are.

That is not how the foundations of a healthy relationship are built so don’t be nice, be real.

If you feel like sending him a sweet goodnight message, do so, but if you don’t, don’t do it just to make an impression.

Maybe he’s trying to be nice just like you are. You haven’t seen the real him yet if he’s never grumpy.

The only way you’ll really get to know him is if you encourage him to relax.

9. Be interested in what interests him

How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

All men want their woman to be their friend as well.

When you don’t show interest in what he likes, he doesn’t see you as a friend so he’d rather spend his free time with his friends than with you… especially if you’re nagging him all the time. 

You want him to enjoy coming home instead. You’ll keep him excited, full of energy, and happy if you just show interest in his passions and hobbies.

He will enjoy spending time with you if you show interest in the things that interest him.

In addition, you’ll bring out the best in each other by sharing the same passion and excitement.

10. Cook together or eat together

If you cook his favorite meal, you’ll surely make him happy and impress him too.

Find out what his favorite food is, cook for him, and you’ll keep him interested… not just because you cooked, but because you found out what he likes.

Why don’t you cook together? It’s a great way to have fun together and get to know each other a little better.

In addition, you’ll see how well you can work together and find out about each other’s likes and dislikes.

Neither of you likes or knows how to cook? That’s fine too because you can go out to eat and it could be equally fun.

You don’t have to impress each other, because it’s enough that you get to know each other a little better.

Take him to the places where you have liked to eat over the years. You’ll get to eat great food and learn more about each other in the process.

11. Let him have a life outside of the relationship

How To Keep Your Man Happy 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested 8

You shouldn’t try to monitor every single move he makes. Give the guy some slack.

Try not to overwhelm him. You can have your alone time too, while he has his.

Let him go out with his buddies from time to time. Encourage him to have fun without you because this shows you trust him.

12. Have fun and laugh together

Every successful relationship has some things in common, and one of them is shared laughter.

When you picture yourself being happy with a man, you picture the two of you laughing together, and for a good reason.

Laughing together is a part of creating memories as well as a bond that will last forever.

It also shows that you have a lot of things in common, including a shared sense of humor, which is a very important thing that successful couples have in common.

Building foundations is done with laughter.

All relationships go through a hard time every once in a while, but laughter is what makes those times not that hard. 

After all, you are left with amazing memories of the good times to look back on.

However, don’t think that you’re not meant to be together if you don’t laugh together.

You’re both probably just still anxious, and you need a little more time to be relaxed around each other.

Let your guard down and laugh. If that’s not possible, you need to work on your confidence. Do things together, and try to have fun.

13. Praise him

How To Keep Your Man Happy: 13 Ways To Keep Him Interested

For most men, the thing that means the most is getting to hear that they’re doing a great job.

Whether you’re asking yourself how to keep your husband happy or how to keep your man interested, the answer is the same.

Show him that you appreciate him, that you love him despite his flaws, and that you’re proud of him.

You’ll see him being happier and he’ll stay interested.

You know now how to keep your man, but is he a keeper? Find out in our other article.

How to keep your man happy 13 Ways to keep him interested

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