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How To Impress Your Crush: 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

How To Impress Your Crush: 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

If you want to learn how to impress your crush and get them to consider you as a potential partner, you’re in the right place.

I know that you’re wondering what to say to your crush or what to text your crush to get them to like you, but that’s not the point.

Learning how to impress them is not just about having interesting things to say to them; it’s about the way you act.

You need to get them to notice you by being the best possible version of yourself.

Once you read these ways to get their attention, and you apply them, you won’t only learn how to impress your crush… because others will start noticing you too.

Who wouldn’t want to be with a kind, confident, independent, creative, and well-dressed person?

Instead of trying to figure out what to say to your crush or looking for what to text them to get them interested, focus on improving yourself.

You need to present yourself in the best possible light, and you’ll know the right things to say to your crush to get their attention.

Learning how to impress your crush won’t be hard, as long as you read these ways to get them to notice you:

1. Radiate confidence

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Being confident is always a good thing, so it’s something you should work on for all sorts of reasons.

However, right now, we’ll focus on the fact that confidence is very attractive.

Be proud of yourself, and let people see how you enjoy doing what you love. Everyone has imperfections, and you need to embrace yours.

I know how hard it can be to stay confident when your crush walks by and takes your breath away.

It can be hard to keep yourself together but don’t write yourself off.

Maybe you are afraid of rejection or even think that your crush will laugh at you, but don’t be, as feeling that way will ruin your confidence.

As a result, you won’t have the courage to get your crush to notice you, let alone impress them.

Being emotionally withdrawn, too self-conscious, or having low self-esteem won’t get you where you want to be… in the arms of the person that you’re crushing on.

If you want to learn how to impress your crush, you can’t just wait around hoping they’ll notice you and wishing you had the courage to talk to them.

You need to radiate confidence if you want to impress the person you like.

Hang out with confident people, and be around those who truly believe in you.

Listen to them when they try to encourage you and make you see what an amazing person you are.

Try seeing yourself through their eyes to become aware of everything that’s great about you.

It’s good that you know what your weaknesses are, but don’t think about them right now.

You need to focus on your unique abilities, good looks, and everything you’ve achieved so far.

Praise yourself, and watch your confidence grow.

You’ll know exactly what to say to your crush when the moment comes, but you need to be confident enough.

2. Show your crush that you’re independent

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

The best quality you can have is being independent.

Your crush needs to see that you don’t rely on others to accomplish things, that you decide things on your own, and that you always stand up for what you consider to be right and for the things you believe in.

Nothing will impress your crush as much as seeing how independent and strong you are.

If you often need someone’s help to do things, it’s time for you to leave your comfort zone.

We often need to be assured that the choices we make are the right ones, unaware that the people around us influence our habits, words, and actions.

Don’t blindly follow others by doing whatever they’re doing without even thinking about it with your own mind.

For instance, if your friends always eat fast food, and you just go along with it without giving it a second thought.

How about you make a decision to eat more healthily and follow through with it, despite the fact that your friends aren’t willing to make the same choice themselves?

Once your crush sees that you stand up for yourself and the things you believe are right, they’ll surely be impressed.

3. Show genuine interest in their life

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

When you’re talking to your crush, make sure to ask them questions about their interests.

When your crush is talking about themselves, make them feel really listened to.

Show them that you are interested in learning more about their life, their principals, their hopes and dreams, and their childhood.

It’s not as important to know the right things to say to your crush, as it is to know to make them talk… and to listen carefully to them.

Ask them if they have any pets, and if they do, you’ll be able to have a long conversation, and they might even show you pictures.

Show them that you’re interested in everything that matters to them the most by asking questions about those things.

Everyone likes people who can be good listeners, so your crush will appreciate the fact that you listen carefully to them.

Also, try to remember the details they tell you about themselves and their life and make sure you mention them sometime later when they’ve even forgotten what they said.

Doing that will make them see that you really care about them and everything they have to say.

Don’t be nice to them just to impress them or to get something from them.

Your crush needs to see that you’re genuinely interested in learning more about them.

4. Take care of your appearance

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Of course, your crush needs to like you for who you are, not just for the way you look, but looking your best can’t do any harm.

In fact, being physically attractive is an important part of getting someone to notice you… so that they can then see the beauty that’s on the inside as well.

All this doesn’t mean that you should look like some celebrity or follow fashion trends.

Find a fashion style that you like, one which makes you feel comfortable but attractive at the same time.

Go shopping and renew your wardrobe with clothes that draw attention to your attributes and hide your imperfections and reward yourself with a new haircut.

I’m sure you already look good, but this change in your appearance will get your crush to notice you and wonder who you are dressing up for.

5. Dedicate yourself to staying active

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Another aspect of taking care of your appearance is staying active.

Of course, you don’t have to have a perfect body just so someone could notice you, but don’t forget that when you stay fit, you stay healthy at the same time.

Staying fit also shows that you are a dedicated and disciplined person, and those traits are definitely attractive.

Don’t worry about getting a perfect body, but find an activity that you like.

Try yoga, fitness, or tennis, or anything else that keeps you active.

Getting in better shape than you already are will surely make others notice you, including your crush.

Also, people who take care of their body are quite impressive, and staying active will impress the person you like.

6. Make sure that your friends are kind people

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

You might not know this, but people learn a lot about you by simply looking at who your friends are.

Choosing your friends wisely is a good idea for many reasons, but this is one of them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to be friends with cool people who you don’t even like just so others would think that you’re cool too.

However, you do need to be around those you’re proud to hang out with, people who are kind and nice.

This is because if your friends are shallow and like to gossip, your crush will think you’re just like them.

Just like it’s important that you’re confident in yourself, it’s important that you’re confident in your friends too.

7. Tell them about the things you’re passionate about

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Do you love traveling? Share the best parts of it with your crush. Maybe you have a big toy collection?

Let your crush know how much it means to you. Do you love books? Tell them how the smell of books makes you feel.

A person’s eyes sparkle while they talk about the things they’re passionate about, and that is very attractive.

Let your crush know what a passionate person you are when it comes to some things, whatever they are.

Talk to them about your dreams and goals in life and let them know what really moves you.

8. Open up to them

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

You shouldn’t cry in front of your crush just to show them that you can be vulnerable, but you shouldn’t hold back either.

When you have deep conversations with them, reveal the things that hide beyond the surface.

For instance, you could talk about school. Were you bullied by your classmates? Let your crush know about it.

You could talk about marriage, and if your parents are divorced, you should tell your crush.

Everything you’ve been through in the past has made you who you are today and sharing those things with someone is impressive.

9. Express yourself through art

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Showing your creative side and being able to express yourself through art is really impressive.

Maybe you could start going to an acting class, a pottery class, or start painting.

Don’t do anything you don’t like, but find something creative that you enjoy doing.

Impress your crush through art, because there’s nothing as attractive as talent.

It is also impressive when you find something you like doing, instead of just doing what everybody else likes.

Another important thing is that your potential partner wants you to have something going on in your life unrelated to them.

No one wants to be with a person who only stares at their phone, waiting for their crush to ask them to hang out.

In that case, your crush would feel pressured to spend time with you and make you feel fulfilled. 

When you have something you love doing, your crush will consider hanging out with you a privilege because you made time for them despite your other responsibilities.

10. Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Don’t hide your goofy side, because it could be what will make your crush fall in love with you. When you have any crazy ideas, don’t hesitate to share them.

You’re not a good dancer? Dance anyway. You’re not a good singer? Sing anyway.

Acting like that, and just doing what you like, no matter whether you’re good at it or not, is impressive.

Enjoy simply being who you are, no matter how quirky you are.

Your crush will like that you’re real, and they’ll appreciate that you can be your normal self around them.

11. Make them laugh

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Men and women both agree that having a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities a person could have.

The key to your crush’s heart is laughter, so try to make them laugh.

Share your embarrassing stories with them, and make jokes.

Even if the jokes you make aren’t really that funny, your crush could still laugh because trying to make them laugh will make you look cute.

Once the two of you start laughing together, the attraction between you will grow and if you have a good sense of humor, it will impress your crush.

12. Be outstanding at what you do

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

People who are outstanding at what they do are impressive, whether they’re outstanding at their job or at school.

Engage in all the things that you’re passionate about, and don’t ever give up.

Whether you want to be the best at your job or want to get good grades, be hard-working and tenacious, and nothing will break your spirit.

Of course, you shouldn’t get too intense, because you will need a break from time to time.

All in all, when you are committed to succeeding in life, it will impress your crush.

13. Find out about your common interests

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

When you talk to your crush, try to find some common ground.

Surely you have some common interests; maybe you like the same movies, or you even have the same hobby.

Perhaps you’re both currently dealing with the same struggle.

All you have to do is to open up, and those common interests will come up and deepen your relationship.

Talk about everything, and make sure you mention all your likes and dislikes and find out theirs.

Once you find something you have in common, focus on that for a while.

14. Ask them for help

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Maybe they could give you advice on a good book you should read, so ask them.

Perhaps they could help you with a work project or homework, and all you need to do is ask.

You can ask for their help or advice regarding anything really.

When you do that, it will make them feel important and needed, and they’ll know you trust them.

Also, asking for someone’s help or advice means that you see that person as intelligent, capable, and ultimately a good person.

How could that not make them feel good?

15. Be a kind person

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Showing that you’re genuinely kind will surely impress your crush.

If they see you helping others or volunteering, they will be amazed at how kind a person you are.

Let your crush see that you have a good heart, and even influence them with the kind things you do for others.

We attract people who are the same as we are so if you’re a kind person, you’ll attract kind people.

Check out our other article to learn why it’s important to always be nice to everyone.

16. Be their friend

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

The most beautiful love stories start with two people becoming friends so be a friend to your crush.

You need to be there for them when they need you and make time for them.

Make sure that they feel like they can trust you. Don’t be focused on making them like you, and instead focus on being a good friend to them.

Once you become their friend, it will be easy to transition from friends to lovers.

17. Notice their little quirks

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

I already told you that you shouldn’t hide your quirky side, because it will make them intrigued and impressed, but you need to notice their little quirks as well.

Maybe they play with their hair when they’re nervous, or bite their pen when they are thinking about what they will write down.

It could be anything really, but whatever their quirks are, you need to notice them.

Not only will it allow you to get to know them a little better, but it will give you an opportunity to prove to them that you like them and that it’s beyond the surface.

18. Being spontaneous could be what will win them over

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

You need to be brave enough in order to be a spontaneous person, but if you succeed, it could finally get your crush to become your partner.

Randomly ask them out for brunch, or invite them on a small road trip. If they say no, you won’t be too sad because it’s not like you asked them out on a date… but if they say yes, it could be your chance to learn more about them and win them over.

19. Don’t be afraid to try new things

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Your crush will be impressed when you show them that you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself or try something you never tried before.

Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, but make sure your comfort zone doesn’t stop you from experiencing new things.

Try go-karting, go rock climbing, ride a roller coaster…

When you take a risk just to spend some time with your crush, it will leave them really impressed.

20. Be the real you

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

The most important thing is that you be yourself.

Keep in mind that impressing your crush isn’t your only goal, because if you want this person to become your partner, they’ll need to appreciate the real you.

Don’t try so hard to present yourself in the best possible light on social media, just so your crush would like your photos.

Embrace yourself for who you are, and let them see how amazing you are just the way you are.

21. Surprise them with small gestures

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Text them when they’re at work to ask if you could go see them to take them their favorite coffee or the next time the two of you hang out, take them lunch from a place they told you they wanted to try.

Making these small gestures without them asking you to will prove that you listened to them, remembered what they said, and acted on your feelings.

In addition, it feels good when someone goes the extra mile for you, and your crush will surely be impressed.

22. Be a positive person

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Maintain a smile on your face, and always speak positively about other people.

Not only will this impress your crush, but they’ll also see you positively when you’re positive about yourself and your life.

In the same way, they will see you negatively if you’re always negative.

23. Give them some space

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Leave your crush some room to breathe, and avoid double texting.

If you show them that you’re independent and don’t crave attention, they will be impressed.

Who wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a person who doesn’t suffocate them but lets them have their space instead?

In the same way, no one is happy to get involved with someone who is very clingy or needy.

You’ll impress your crush by giving them space, and there’s no rush, so take your time.

24. Tell them how you feel

How To Impress Your Crush 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

Being bold is impressive, so no matter how scary it is, it’s effective to tell your crush how you feel.

You’ll be taking a risk, and that is confident and brave, which proves that you’re willing to do what it takes to get your chance with them.

If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.

How To Impress Your Crush: 24 Ways To Get Their Attention

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