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How To Get Your Life Together: 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

How To Get Your Life Together: 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

When you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed, don’t give up because you can learn how to get your life together.

Life can get tough and make you feel like you’re even struggling to keep breathing…

I know how it feels but you can gain back control over your life and enjoy it again!

Keep reading because you’ll find all the steps you need to take right here. This is how to get your life together:

1. Don’t complain all the time

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

Complaining without any constructive purpose can lead to additional stress. What’s more, no one likes to hear someone moan all the time.

Sure, you should talk about your problems, but don’t constantly complain about everything.

It’s okay to simply vent sometimes, but always try to find the purpose of talking about your problems.

It could be looking for solutions or trying to process feelings that are associated with the issue.

Sometimes, simply talking about it just to say it out loud can help too… but doing it too often can be draining to others and even do you more harm than good.

2. Don’t procrastinate and be proactive

We all sometimes procrastinate but it causes things to pile up until there’s too much to be done.

It also causes us to forget about the important things that we need to do.

How to get your life together? Live proactively!

When something needs to be done, do it as soon as you can. If you can do something in five minutes or less, do it right away.

Be proactive, don’t do things at the last minute, and avoid procrastinating.

3. Be organized

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 2

Good organization is crucial for success. It helps you plan things and turn those plans into reality.

You can’t be proactive and learn how to get your life together if you don’t learn to be organized.

For efficient organization, it’s also important to know how to prioritize.

Something may need to be dealt with in a few days, while something else can be done next month.

You should also know that organization doesn’t require keeping everything meticulously neat.

If you function better in creative chaos, embrace it, but stay organized.

4. Set goals

Setting goals can help you have the life you always wanted but make sure to break down your goals into three categories.

Long-term goals are the ones that represent the destination of your journey.

Mid-term goals are there so you can gauge your progress as well as make sense of all your short-term goals that have already been achieved.

Short-term goals are the small steps you take during your journey to stay on track and reach the desired destination.

Setting goals isn’t really that complicated and you can find a lot of information on the Internet that will make it even easier.

5. Get rid of toxic people

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

When you’re surrounded by cynical or bitter people, it’s hard to stay positive and focused on the goals you’ve set.

If they belittle your efforts or even you, it’s nearly impossible to make progress.

You shouldn’t get rid of anyone who just disagrees with you or says something you don’t want to hear, however.

Toxic people are actually those who harm your well-being. Most often, they don’t do it on purpose, so it’s good to give people a chance…

Set boundaries so no one can ruin your happiness, and if they try to anyway, then cut them out of your life.

6. Take care of your health

Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet can do wonders for your health.

When you feel lethargic and run-down, it’s no surprise that you don’t feel great about your life.

Start with something small. You’ll instantly be healthier and have more energy by simply limiting caffeine and sugar.

Exercise is crucial, though, but you don’t need to join the gym right away.

Just walking for twenty minutes a couple of times a week will have a beneficial effect on your health.

7. Embrace your passion

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

To know how to get your life together, you need to know what your passion is. What do you love doing and what makes you feel fulfilled?

If it’s not your job, it can always be your hobby! As long as you’re passionate about it, you need to find time for it.

Don’t know what your passion is?

Simply pick something that interests you, try it for some time, and repeat the process if it doesn’t turn out to be the right one.

The mental and emotional stimulation your passion can give you can’t compare to anything else.

8. Understand, accept and love yourself

Loving yourself is one of the most important steps.

Start by getting to know yourself. Figure out who you truly are and what made you who you are.

You’re not the negative experiences that you’ve had, regardless of the marks they left on you. They’re just a part of you, not who you truly are.

Understand yourself, accept yourself for who you are, and practice self-love. It’s harder than it sounds, but it’s worth it.

9. Don’t chase external happiness and practice gratitude instead

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 5

External things can’t ever bring genuine happiness.

Yes, you need money and stuff that you can buy to live a good life… but don’t think that it can make you happy.

For a little while, maybe, but eventually, you’ll want something new again.

Happiness is something peaceful and quiet. You find it by loving yourself and being okay with where you are in life and what you already have.

Instead of trying to get those brain chemicals going by buying new things, try to practice gratitude for what you already have.

10. Don’t be afraid of failure and try things

Doing nothing is a lot worse than failing. It guarantees that you won’t succeed, while failing proves that you’ve at least tried.

Don’t waste time and start taking action! If you try and fail, you’ll learn what doesn’t work, which can help you make a better plan.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but that’s okay.

Direct experience teaches you something and you can’t succeed if you don’t even try.

It’s not over when you fail or have a setback; it’s only over when you stop trying.

11. Don’t put short-term pleasure ahead of what can bring long-term happiness

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

It’s nice when you can feel good today, but it’s not worth it if you’ll feel bad tomorrow.

Don’t sacrifice your plans for the future just because you can have some pleasure right now.

Working toward the life you want sometimes means resisting the urge to maximize the enjoyment that you can have in the present.

Instead of spending your money on something you’ll be happy about for a short while, save it for a rainy day.

If you want to enjoy your Saturday, don’t drink more than you should on Friday when you go out.

Plus to get better opportunities in the future, you must pass up some present ones.

12. How to get your life together? Work on developing an effective routine

Your routine is actually the things you do every day without even thinking about them.

What’s your current routine? Do those things help you get your life together?

If not, you should work on developing an effective schedule.

For instance, you can set Tuesday nights and Sunday mornings as the times you do the laundry.

You can make a routine out of doing all the necessary daily tasks.

An effective schedule can keep everything running smoothly without requiring extra effort.

13. Don’t rush and think everything through before making decisions

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 7

We make a lot of decisions throughout our life… but we often forget that all of them have outcomes that affect us.

Whether an outcome will benefit us or not depends on our decision-making abilities.

Don’t ever rush to make important decisions. Think carefully and take your time before coming to a conclusion.

Think critically about all the information you have and consider all the options and pros and cons.

Don’t blindly listen to someone else’s opinion on a decision that you need to make.

14. Push yourself

Maybe you’re already a hard-working person, but you’d be surprised at how much more you can do.

Putting in extra hours might be a good temporary solution in order to get everything done.

Maybe you can start a side hustle or ask for overtime to solve your financial problems.

Or you can spend a weekend renovating your bathroom yourself if it needs to be done.

Getting things done sometimes requires mental and physical hardships… but you probably aren’t aware of how much you can endure if you push yourself.

15. Don’t expect perfection and focus on making progress

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

Maybe you don’t know how to get your life together because you expect perfection right away.

Slowly improve your life by focusing on making progress instead.

Things can’t go from bad to great right away. You first need to make bad things okay and then good, and only then can you get to great.

Improve your situation one step at a time. Do small things that can make your life healthy and happy.

Be aware that you’ll face setbacks eventually but you can’t give up because of them. Keep moving forward.

16. Get the basics right before worrying about the details

Mastering the basics is actually most of the work. The finer details are only the finishing touches on work that’s almost entirely done.

What does this mean and how can it help you?

Well, let’s say you want to lose extra pounds. Instead of worrying about the balance of sugars and fats in your meals, focus on the sizes of your portions.

Maybe you want to be a better romantic partner instead. Forget grand gestures and fancy presents and make sure to always act out of respect.

It’s important to get the foundations right to build something more onto them.

17. Work on overcoming your fears

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 9

How to get your life together if you don’t overcome your fears?

Well, if fear is what has been stopping you all along, you won’t move forward unless you face it.

Think about what your fears are and be perfectly honest with yourself. Identify your core fears and try to face them.

Courage doesn’t mean being fearless, it means acting anyway.

Once you start facing what you’re afraid of and taking action despite it, you’ll overcome it.

18. Be proud and celebrate your achievements

Reward yourself whenever you overcome an obstacle, achieve something, or face a fear.

Taking the steps toward getting your life together is something you should be proud of. Celebrate your achievements and it will keep you motivated.

For instance, open a bottle of champagne to celebrate getting a promotion at work.

Treat yourself with anything you like as long as it’s some sort of a small reward for your efforts.

19. When you can use a helping hand, ask for it without fear

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

People who work on something together have a much bigger chance of succeeding than when it’s just one person working on it.

How to get your life together if you can’t do it all by yourself?

Whenever you need help, ask for it, and you’ll see that those who care about you won’t hesitate to help you out.

If they can’t, you can always try finding help from organizations.

The point is that asking for help certainly doesn’t mean that you’re weak and it doesn’t mean that you’re a burden either.

All of us need a helping hand from time to time.

20. How to get your life together? Ask for feedback and be open to constructive criticism

You can always ask for feedback when you do something, as it will help you improve and do it even better in the future.

A third party always sees things more objectively than we do. Someone else can see what you can change to improve something in your life.

Naturally, you shouldn’t blindly listen to any advice, but take it into consideration.

For instance, after a job interview where you don’t get the job, ask the employer what you can work on.

Or ask your loved ones how you can be a better partner, friend, sibling, or parent.

21. Don’t get easily offended

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 11

These days, people tend to take things personally even when they clearly shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t take everyone’s opinions of you to heart and always believe it’s the truth.

There will be people who don’t like you and they’ll intentionally say something to hurt you.

It’s not what you deserve and it says more about them than it says about you.

There’s another side to this, though. Don’t get offended by everything people say or do.

Sometimes they don’t even have bad intentions and you’ll just waste your energy by getting upset, whereas you could put it to good use instead.

22. Take care of your finances

Budgeting carefully and showing restraint can save you from possible financial difficulties in the future.

Cut back on some unnecessary lavishness or waste.

Instead of purchasing something new for the same purpose, make full use of what you already have.

When money’s tight, it can cause a lot of stress but being frugal can prevent this.

It doesn’t really matter what your current income level is because everyone can make use of extra money.

After all, no one knows what the future will bring, and having some cash put away for a rainy day is always a good idea.

23. Avoid unnecessary drama

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

People often create drama when there’s really no reason for it. It just drains your energy and wastes your time.

To avoid unnecessary drama, sometimes it’s enough to simply refuse to get involved.

Dealing with other people’s personal issues prevents you from focusing on improving your life anyway.

Don’t give your opinion unless someone asks you for it.

Try keeping away from those who cause drama and avoid getting involved in other people’s disagreements.

24. Set clear boundaries

Setting boundaries is a part of learning how to get your life together.

Learning how to say no can even help you learn how to reinvent yourself and transform your life.

You can always say no to anyone or anything that doesn’t benefit you.

It’s also important to carefully choose who you’re going to help and what you’ll help them with.

Lending a helping hand to someone you care about is kind, but don’t let people take advantage of your goodwill.

Someone might lean on you to help them a lot more than you’d like, even if they don’t want to take advantage of you.

Always consider whether you can afford to spend your time on their life instead of on yours.

Occasionally putting your own needs ahead of anyone else’s isn’t really selfish.

After all, you have to take care of yourself first to be able to help others.

25. Find out what keeps you motivated

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 13

You can learn how to get your life together but still not do anything about it if you’re not motivated.

Motivation is there to drive you forward and help you take positive actions to improve your life.

Different people need different types of motivation, though. Think about what gets you energized and driven to do things.

Maybe you need to be among people who’re working on something similar.

When you have others to encourage and support you to achieve your goals, it’s easier to achieve them.

Maybe you’re instead motivated by actually working toward your goals.

When you feel that you’ve successfully completed something, it gives you the energy to do more.

26. Live in the present

You can’t change the past and you can’t live in the future. What really counts is the present!

Think about what you can do right now instead of worrying about something that’s yet to come. Don’t think about what already happened.

As I said, you can’t change the past… but by living in the present, you can change your future.

Try to do something productive every day and be present in the moment.

27. Don’t let setbacks derail you entirely

DONE! How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

The truth is, life isn’t fair but you can do something about it. For starters, be aware that setbacks are inevitable, and push through them.

As long as you don’t give up, a setback is just going to be temporary, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

See it as an opportunity to prove your dedication to learning how to get your life together and making use of that knowledge.

When you look back on those setbacks, you’ll just remember how you showed perseverance and commitment.

28. Instead of walking blindly through life, see where your actions can take you

Every decision you make and every action you take leads to a certain outcome.

Understanding the links between the things you do and the things that happen in your life is crucial.

It will help you recognize when a certain action could have a negative outcome… but it can also help you predict the positive things your actions can lead to.

Knowing these things allows you to make better decisions and see where you’re heading in life.

29. Don’t blame others and take responsibility for your actions

DONE How To Get Your Life Together 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life 15

No matter how hard you try, you can’t always make only the right choices.

Sometimes, you’ll make poor decisions because you listen to your gut or someone else’s opinion.

Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes when this happens and take responsibility for your actions.

You can always learn from your errors. Even scientists fail sometimes and learning from it helps them make breakthroughs.

When you make a bad choice, admit it, because if you don’t, you’ll just repeat your mistakes.

30. How to get your life together? Accept the things that are beyond your control and let go of them

Most of the time, you’ll have a say in what happens in your life, but sometimes you won’t.

There are things you can’t control and you have to let go of them.

No matter how unpleasant they are, don’t let them cause you to just dwell on anger or sadness.

Bad things happen and sometimes we can’t control them. What we can do is focus on the things we can control.

If you’re unhappy with your life, it’s your responsibility to change it and now you know how.

Good luck!

How To Get Your Life Together: 30 Small Steps Toward Leading A Happier Life

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