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How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy? 11 Subtle Ways

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy? 11 Subtle Ways

You’ve found the one guy made for you and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him. But there’s one thing that’s bothering you – How to get him to propose without being too pushy about it?

You go through life, searching for your final piece of the puzzle. And then, when you feel like you’ll never be able to find what you’re looking for, he appears on your doorstep and tumbles down all of your walls.

You fall in love and the only thing you think about is your future together. You want to see him down on his knee because you know that will be the new beginning of your life together.

But time has gone by and your significant other still hasn’t popped the question. You don’t want to pressure him into making that decision but at the same time, you want to hear those wedding bells.

What do you do then? Do you sit down with him and have an honest conversation? Do you keep casually bringing up the topic of marriage or do you start dropping hints?

What’s the right thing to do when you want to take your relationship to the next level? Is there a way to get him to propose without being too pushy about it?

If you’re sure that the timing is right and that both of you are ready to seal your long-term relationship with a ring, then there are certain things that you could be doing to help yourself out.

In no time, your wedding day will come and you’ll be the happiest woman in the world.

How to get him to propose without being too pushy?

Your best friends are getting married and you feel that now is your turn. You’ve found a guy who you want to be your husband for the rest of your life and you want your future to start as soon as possible.

But no matter how much you want to walk down the aisle in your wedding dress, at the same time, you don’t want to pressure your partner into anything.

That’s why you need to know how to get him to propose the right way, without directly asking him to do so. You feel that the moment you have a wedding talk, he may bow under pressure or instead of pulling him in, you may actually push him away from yourself.

If you’re in the same situation, then keep on reading. I’ll show you how to get him to propose without setting ultimatums or begging him to do so.

1. Let him see that you’re his true love

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

You’ve been together for some time and you both love each other dearly. You mean a lot to him and he means a lot to you.

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t remind him of that. This is especially so when you’re trying to figure out how to get him to propose.

Long-term relationships have a tendency to turn into a routine. You find the person who means the world to you, your relationship sails along smoothly, and you know that you’ll never lose each other.

But if you want him to pull an engagement ring out of his pocket, then you need to remind him that you’re the one who’s meant to be his. You’re his true love, the one he’s destined to grow old with.

In this case, you need to show him that you’re his best friend, lover, and biggest support – all in one person. You need to remind him that the two of you are made for each other.

You’re the only one who knows how to make him laugh the loudest, you make his favorite meal like no one else can, and you hold him in your arms whenever he feels down.

At the same time, you value his privacy and alone time and you never pressure him to do the things he’s not ready for.

Once he realizes that you’re that final piece he’s been looking for his whole life, he’ll start thinking more about a marriage proposal.

The fact that he has found his true love can be the initial push forward, the act that will make him think about your life as husband and wife.

2. Show him that you value yourself 

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

No matter how much you love him, you should never lose yourself in a relationship. If that ever happens, you’ll end up pushing him away from you instead of pulling him closer.

If you want to know how to get him to propose, you also need to know how to value yourself. Once he sees that you can take care of yourself and that you don’t need his help to be happy, he’ll want you even more than before.

Replace all of your insecurities with a self-confident attitude. Instead of chatting to him 24/7, have some time for yourself and start spending your free time with friends.

Don’t just wait for him to reply to your messages so you can open them right away. This might have been fun at first but if you let him see that you have nothing other to do than talk to him all the time, you may scare him away.

He’ll instantly start thinking about what will your future look like if you keep focusing all of your time and energy on him.

If you’ll always be waiting for him to do something together, then he won’t really be sure whether he wants to live that kind of life.

But when you show him that you’re a high-value woman who knows to live her life without anyone’s help, he’ll instead feel more attracted to you.

Guys love girls who know what they want because they’re aware that they’ll have to fight for them. 

At the end of the day, he wants to see that you already have a great life and his only job will be to make it even better. Once you show him that you can live your life without him, you’ll become irresistible in his eyes. 

3. Stop bringing up the topic of weddings

 How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

Maybe you’ve had a chat with your friends, thinking that they could help you find a solution.

“How to get him to propose to me? What’s the best thing I could do?”

And then, they told you that you should tell him directly that you want to get married. They even told you to set a time frame and repeatedly talk about this topic.

But the moment you start doing that is the moment you push him away from yourself, further and further.

If you constantly keep talking about your dream wedding, ring styles, and when you want to get married, without actually talking to your partner to see how he feels about it, you’ll be making the mistake of your life.

Guys don’t like to be told what to do. And when you keep having the same talk about weddings, he knows what your real intentions are.

To him, your words become a burden and he loses every wish to ever get married. The idea of marriage that he once had now slowly but surely falls apart and he starts pulling away from you.

That’s why you should avoid this step at any cost. If you keep bringing up this topic, don’t be surprised if he tells you that you’re pressuring him and only making matters worse.

Sooner or later, he may get sick of it to the point where he’ll discard the idea of getting married completely from his mind. And that’s when you’re in trouble, as after that, there’s no way to convince him that it’s the right move to make.

4. Dropping hints is the new black

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

Now, you may ask yourself how you can get him to propose unless you openly talk to him about marriage. Well, the possibilities are endless.

Scrolling away on the Internet, you stumble upon a site that sells wedding dresses. Out of fun, you show him the one you like the most to see what his response is.

If he tells you that you would look better in a different type of wedding dress and makes an effort to show you what he has in mind, then it means that he’s ready to get married.

Actually, he may even be thinking about proposing to you already. He’s just waiting for the right moment to come along.

Or if you have a close friend who just got married, you could casually bring up the topic of how happy she’s been since her wedding day.

Tell him how she finally feels that all of her missing pieces are together and how she’s never felt better.

Of course, these hints should be dropped subtly, without making him feel that you’re doing it on purpose. Once you achieve that, you’ll be able to understand whether the two of you are on the same page.

Also, these hints may make him want to propose to you, as he’ll start thinking more about your future life together. And just like that, you’ll get what you want without having to ask him directly or put any pressure on him.

5. Have casual talks about the future

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

You’re lying in each other’s arms and having a conversation. Now, it seems like a great time to bring up the topic of your future together.

Slowly but surely, ask him how he sees the two of you in a couple of years.

What does he want his future to look like? Can he imagine himself waking up next to you for the rest of his life?

At this point, you’ll get a better understanding of how he feels about taking your relationship to the next level. You’ll see what he wants his life to look like and whether there’s a place for you in it.

If you realize that he’s comfortable having this talk with you, then he must’ve been already thinking about your life together. And if he looks for ways to avoid the subject then he probably isn’t ready for this big step.

Even if you’ve been together for quite some time, marriage may still feel like a big deal to him. And you’ll be able to find that out with a simple talk about your plans for the future.

His reaction will give him away. He may say what you wanted to hear but if you feel that his body language isn’t on the same page as his words, then you’ll know that he’s trying to cover something up.

6. Let him see that you’re wife material

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

Let’s be honest! If you want to know how to get him to propose, you also need to know how to show him that you’re wife material.

When a guy falls in love with you, it happens because of your personality. But when he decides to be serious with you and chooses you for the long run, he does that because he sees that you’re wife material.

He realizes that you’ll be a great mother to his children, you know how to take care of him when he doesn’t feel well, and you know how to overcome any issues in a relationship maturely.

Being wife material means that you know how to keep your relationship playful while at the same time, being able to provide your partner with the best advice.

Of course, you’re not expected to show him that you’re wife material if he isn’t willing to be husband material.

But if he ticks all of your boxes and shows you that you can count on him, no matter what, then you need to do the same thing for him.

Getting married is more than having to wear a ring on your finger and having a fancy, expensive wedding. It’s actually about two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together because they’re a perfect match for each other.

7. Spend some time in the company of married friends

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

How to get him to propose without directly asking him? Well, simply spend more time with some of your married friends and let him see what he’s missing out on.

If the two of you have friends who recently got married, then you should invite them to hang out sometime. This way, you’ll help your partner see that marriage only makes a relationship stronger and changes it for the better.

Maybe your guy is scared of getting married because he believes that his whole life will change after the big act of walking down the aisle.

That’s why you need to show him that marriage doesn’t negatively affect his life in the first place. In fact, it only makes things easier.

Spending your life with the person you love the most is the best feeling in the world. And your guy simply needs to see that he won’t end up feeling trapped by marriage.

Once he realizes that, he may start thinking more about his love life.

Maybe he’s ready to take the next step in your relationship. Maybe he’ll see that things aren’t as bad as he thought them to be.

Show him that other married couples still have fun and that they would never change their lives for anything. After that, he’ll be eager to give it a go.

8. Listen to his fears

 How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

If you want to know how to get him to propose, you also need to know what he’s afraid of. What’s stopping him from getting down on one knee?

There could be many different reasons why he doesn’t feel ready to propose to you. Maybe it seems like too much of a commitment and he’s never been a fan of restrictions.

Perhaps his fears are about finances and how you could afford the wedding itself. Or maybe he feels that your relationship will change and the spark will be gone and he doesn’t want that to happen.

When he opens up to you, you should know how to comfort him the right way. Let him see that you’ll be there for him, no matter what, and that you can do everything together.

Show him that you don’t need an expensive wedding or a diamond engagement ring. You only need him, even if it means that you’ll get married all alone, in the middle of a desert.

As long as you’re holding each other’s hands, you don’t need anything else.

Once you show him that, he’ll realize that your intentions are pure and that you don’t want to get married simply because of the act of marriage itself or showing off to other people.

Instead, you want to strengthen your bond and take your relationship to the next level.

And that’s all that matters.

9. Stop giving him ultimatums

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

If you want to know how to get him to propose, then you better stop giving him ultimatums, as they never work.

Maybe you think that setting a time frame and letting him know that either he’s marrying you or you’re out will help you. But it actually makes matters worse.

No, he won’t feel that he needs to do so because he may lose you. No, he won’t go and buy a ring immediately and make your wish come true.

When you pressure a man to do something, he actually makes a decision to never do it. In his eyes, you look desperate and you give the impression that you want to get married, no matter who the groom is.

And that’s not something you should make him feel.

10. Ask your friends and family members to stop asking when you’re getting married

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

When you want to get him to propose, the last thing you need is your friends and family, who keep bringing up the topic over and over again.

“When will you get married? Are you about to pop up the question? Do you have a plan on how you want to propose to her?”

If your significant other is always faced with these questions, the chances are that he’ll start to back off. Bit by bit, he’ll start to get more afraid of proposing and getting married.

It will all stress him out and you’ll see that he’ll start to change. So, if you want to figure out how to get him to propose, you most definitely need to make everyone around stop talking about this subject.

If they don’t stop bombarding him with these questions, the pressure will take over him and he’ll have no idea what to do.

He’ll feel like he was taken hostage and everyone around him wants him to do something he doesn’t even know he’s ready for.

So, if you want to save your relationship and get what you want, then you need to make your close friends and family stop with the interrogation. The more they do it, the harder they make things for you.

11. Let him know what marriage means to you

 How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy 11 Subtle Ways

Sometimes, the best way to get him to propose to you is to actually share with him what marriage means to you.

Most guys don’t think of marriage as something essential, something that needs to be done. Instead, they don’t have a problem with being in a long-term relationship for the rest of their life.

And because they feel that way about marriage, they don’t see the need to get married. To him, it’s just a piece of paper that can easily get lost somewhere around the house.

That’s why it’s your job to share with him how you feel about marriage. Let him know that you think that marriage signifies the commitment that couples make to each other.

Say that the vows you make on your wedding day are sacred and they will follow you for the rest of your lives. Let him know that you always only want to wake up and fall asleep next to him.

So, you don’t just want to get married. Instead, you want to get married to him because no one else would be a better fit.

Once you share with him all of the thoughts that go through your mind when you think about getting married, your significant other will realize that you don’t want him to propose just because you want to see yourself wearing that white dress.

Instead, you want to spend the rest of your life with him because he’s the only one who can make you happy. And that may be a good enough reason to get him to change his mind and propose to you.

How To Get Him To Propose Without Being Too Pushy? 11 Subtle Ways

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