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How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder: 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder: 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

Tinder – the most popular dating app there is with millions of active users daily. It’s definitely useful in today’s world, but it’s also a perfect ground for cheating. If you’re dating someone, you’ll probably want to know how to find out if someone is on Tinder, right?

Introducing this kind of modern-dating app opened a bunch of possibilities to meet people from all over the world, which is a great advantage. Tinder is the leading dating app in the world, and everyone has at least heard of it. Therefore, I’m not going to explain it in detail, I’ll keep it short.

So, this app allows you to find people in your surroundings based on your preferences. One of the app’s best features is that you can specify the location where you want to find a potential partner. It was founded ten years ago and nowadays it’s used worldwide.

You can also find your +1 for weddings that you don’t want to attend alone, have video calls with your matches and there are also panic button and traveler alert features that focus on the safety of the users. You can connect your Instagram profile as well and allow other users to find you there too.

The whole point is that you swipe right if you like the person, or left if you don’t like someone. There are possibilities to send super like as well, but only if the other person likes you too, the message “It’s a match” will pop up on your screen. That’s when you can contact the one you swiped right on.

Men use these kinds of apps more often and women tend to be pickier users. Even though they made dating life way easier, they are also the perfect choice for cheaters. So…

How to find out if someone is on Tinder?

This answer is not going to be the easiest one to answer, but I’ll try. First things first, I hope you’re aware that it will be a lot easier to find someone on Tinder if you have an account yourself. There’s no search bar on tinder, so that’s not going to help.

However, there are a couple of things that you can actually do even if you don’t use the app. We’ll go through all of them in a bit.

Most people make profiles on dating apps just for fun, especially when they are traveling abroad. Therefore, meeting new potential partners from every side of the world became a piece of cake. So, how to find out if someone is on Tinder? Time to crack the code.

1. Create an account

How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

If you still don’t have it, you can create an account. I’ve told you that it’s not essential, but it’ll surely help. It’s going to make your life easier when you’re trying to figure out how to find out if someone is on Tinder, or if the person you’re committed to is exploring different territories.

Creating an account is super easy. You have to download the app for your Android or iOS, verify your phone number and email address, and set up your profile. Take some time to write a short bio and choose a couple of photos your potential matches will see first.

Add a song from Spotify that describes you, tap the fire sign at the top and that’s about it. There are a couple of paid services, so if you want some advanced options, you’ll need to use your card here and spend some money.

If you want, you can connect it with other social media profiles that you have. Accept terms and conditions, and you’re good to go.

2. Swipe until you find them

Before you start swiping, you’ll have to set up your discovery preferences. That refers to the age, location, gender, and if you’ll be visible to other people when they’re exploring. Once you did this, your journey can start.

A photo of someone who fits your criteria will pop up on your screen and, after checking this person’s profile, you have three possibilities. Swipe right if you’d like to get in touch with that person, and swipe left if you wouldn’t. Tap on the blue star, or swipe up, (they will see this!) to send them a super like.

There’s also a possibility to undo the previous swipe if you’ve accidentally swiped left and you can even boost your visibility for 30 minutes for free (once per month). Anyways, once you’re all set up, swipe left until you find the specific person you’re looking for.

If you’re using Tinder just for fun and you’re not checking up on your boyfriend or husband, feel free to explore your possibilities. Maybe you’ll find your special someone on Tinder and write a modern love story, who knows.

Note: You won’t be able to find him if he has disabled the “show me on Tinder option.

3. Check his location update

DONE How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity 2

As soon as everything about your profile is set, and you’ve found him, it’s time for the next step. One of the indicators that he’s been active recently is matching with you (if it didn’t happen long ago). If you already had him as a match, jump to his profile.

Check if his location changed recently. It means that he’s been using Tinder because the location is only picked up when the person is active on the app. Otherwise, it will stay unchanged.

If your person told you that he’s going on a business trip or weekend trip with guys in a particular city, you can set up your location and check his activity in that city. Most users forget about this feature, but Tinder instantly changes your location when you open the app.

4. Activity status

If you find your boyfriend or husband on Tinder, his activity status will reveal a secret but only if he has it activated. A green dot will appear under his name when you open his profile, which indicates that he’s been active in the last 24 hours and opened the application at least once.

Recently active status doesn’t mean that the person is currently using Tinder, so even though you find him there, you can’t be sure if he’s active in real-time. However, if you’re having an argument with your partner about it and he’s trying to convince you that he didn’t use the app in a while, this helps.

Show him a screenshot of his Tinder profile and that little green dot that proves the opposite. Don’t worry, the app doesn’t notify the user when someone captures the screen with their profile open which, in this case, is a good thing.

5. His profile has been updated

How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

The easiest way you can find out if someone is on Tinder or has been using it recently is to find their account and check their profile updates. If he changed featured photos, edited his bio, or changed his preferred song, you’ll know he’s lying when he says that he uninstalled it.

Let’s be real, the profiles on social media apps don’t change on their own. So, unless someone else is using his profile, or is catfishing people and pretending to be your partner, he’s back in the game. If you’re doubting his activity, you can always take screenshots and track the changes.

6. Message him on Tinder

You know that chat bubble in the top-right corner of your Tinder app when you open it? I know you do. Just jump in there and message him. If he reacts to your message or even texts you back, you’ll know that he’s using Tinder.

A little reminder here. You can only text people you’ve matched with, so if you have him already, you’ll be able to text him. In case he’s not there, and you’re entirely sure that he was among your matches, this means that he unmatched you or disabled his account.

Before you overreact and do something you may regret later, like accusing him of cheating, make sure he’s still using the app behind your back. Pay attention to signs that he’s micro-cheating on you, or if he’s hiding his phone away, and prevent the chaos.

7. Ask your friends

DONE How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity 4

This one comes in handy when you don’t want to be the one accused of cheating. You can use your friend’s Tinder account and if you find his profile there, confront him. Tell him that your friend sent you a screenshot (even though you did it by yourself, but psst) and require an explanation.

Even if you can’t meet up with your friend (or someone you know is using Tinder), you can always ask for a favor. In case they suspect that your partner may be one of the people they came across, they can send you the profile or a screenshot and ta-da.

8. Ask your partner directly

This is, without thinking, the first thing I’d do. If you had an agreement to stop using Tinder when you started dating, and you feel that your partner may be swiping again, ask him directly. Perhaps, you’ll find out that he’s using it again. It’s definitely not going to be easy, but at least you’ll know the truth.

If he says he’s not back on Tinder and shows you that he doesn’t have the app on his phone, you can choose to trust him, or not. That’s completely up to you and how certain you are in your relationship. Your partner has maybe done something recently and lost your trust, so that’s why you’re being suspicious.

In that case, you can always ask your friend to try and find him on Tinder or opt for other steps that we’ve mentioned throughout this article.

9. Check through Facebook

How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

This one will only work if his Facebook is connected to his Tinder account, and is enabled to be visible, so don’t build your hopes up high. So, log in to your profile and check if they have it displayed in their About section on their profile.

Don’t freak out because this may also mean that the person is not using Tinder now, but was using it before.

10. Google it

How to find out if someone is on Tinder? Well, what do you usually do when you want to discover something new?

You google it, right? Believe it or not, that’s also one of the ways to find out if your boyfriend or husband has a Tinder profile. Just type in, let’s say, Eric and press enter.

At that moment, you’ll have a list of Tinder users whose name is Eric, and you’ll be able to scroll through the results and check if one of them is actually your Eric. This will not work out if he’s using a fake name on Tinder because he was worried that you may find him sometime in the future.

If you know that he uses a specific username for other social media platforms, you can type that one in as well. Try typing in the URL that goes something like (of course, his username). This search will take you directly to the potential profile that you’re looking for.

11. Try logging in with his data

DONE How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity 6

This one means that you’ll violate his privacy, but if you suspect that he may be cheating on you, I approve. If you know his password and email, try to fill in the required fields. Make sure that you don’t press Forgot your password if it pops up because that way he’ll know you’ve been snooping around.

However, this will give you an important hint – the password is not correct. That means that your lover has a Tinder account registered to that email address that you’ve typed in. If you’ve found this one out, you can either confront him or collect more evidence.

12. Create a fake profile

I guess I shouldn’t recommend you to do this since it means that you may be catfishing someone, but do this ONLY if you want to find him on Tinder and confront about infidelity. Don’t mess around with other people using the app, simply swipe left until his profile appears.

Make sure you don’t make a fuss about it if you didn’t notice any other signs that may be cheating alert. He may have deleted the app but forgot to deactivate the account. If you don’t notice any sign of recent activity on his profile, you may relax.

13. Check his phone number and email address

How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

Some apps require you to provide your phone number or email address when you’re creating the profile. Tinder is one of them, and if you want to find out if your boyfriend or husband is using it, simply check if any account is connected to one of those (or both!).

We all leave a digital footprint behind, and it’s inevitable that he left at least some crumbs if he’s cheating, so I hope you’ll be able to find it.

Is it okay to be on Tinder while you’re dating?

An answer to this question, honestly, depends completely and solely on the couple. Nobody can tell you what’s right or wrong for your relationship. However, most people consider it a bad thing, especially if you’re in a committed relationship with someone.

In the beginning, when you haven’t even defined what you two have, and you’re kind of keeping your options open, it’s not so scary to find out that he has a profile on Tinder. He’ll probably deactivate it as soon as you define your relationship.

Don’t hesitate to set up boundaries when you choose to start a serious relationship with him. But don’t be two-faced. Both of you need to delete your accounts. It’s not only up to him to delete it because “you’ll control yourself”. No, don’t do that.

I guess he deserves to be treated the right way as well, so don’t tell him to do something if you’re not ready to do the same. Anyways, if you find him on Tinder and he told you that he deleted his account a long time ago, check for some of these signs that he’s been recently active.

Noticing a couple of them at the same time means that you need to find proof of his infidelity, especially if your gut feeling is telling you that something is off. Don’t hesitate to investigate a bit and activate those detective skills of yours.

In conclusion

I guess I have to say it one more time before you accuse anyone of cheating or using Tinder, make sure you’ve gathered all the information and you’ve found his profile. You’ll need solid proof, so a screenshot or two will do you good when confronting him.

It may be difficult to notice signs that your boyfriend or husband may be unfaithful, but if you do spot something, even the slightest change in his behavior, talk with him. A lot of things can be soothed in relationships, as soon as at least one person involved initiates the conversation.

If you find out that things went too far and he already cheated, I’ve got no other advice than to take some time and decide if you’ll try to fix it or leave him. Choose what’s the best for you and your relationship, since you’re the only one who has a clear insight into what’s actually happening.

Using Tinder and being in a serious, committed relationship is never a good idea, and it shouldn’t even cross one’s mind. So please, once you start dating, forget about it and any other dating apps, in fact. Unless you decided to have an open relationship with your partner. In that case, nobody can complain.

How To Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder: 13 Tips To Prove His Infidelity

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