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13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

When you think about how to compliment a guy on his personality, you might find yourself stuck.

It’s not that hard, no, but we are used to complimenting people on their looks.

It’s so often that we go for compliments based on what we see and we forget to also say nice things about someone’s personality.

When you’re complimenting your friends, it’s always so easy.

You know them through and through, so you know the best compliment that will make them the happiest.

Have you ever considered that knowing how to give compliments to a guy on his personality is the key to his heart?

Everyone can give him a compliment on his appearance, let’s be honest.

Only the person who pays attention to him and really wants to get to know him can put themselves in a situation where they know what compliment will make him the happiest.

Every man knows that, and yes, they really do pay a lot of attention to the compliments they receive.

That doesn’t mean that compliments about his physical appearance will mean less, it’s just that compliments about his personality make him feel heard.

Complimenting a guy on how he looks is like stating the obvious, but what will happen to his heart when you tell him how much you appreciate the work he puts into your relationship?

Subtle little things like that will make him much happier.

Do you know what it means to a man when you see past his appearance? The world.

How to compliment a guy on his personality

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

You can always find something to compliment your boyfriend or husband on.

Even if it’s just your male best friend, there is always something you’re grateful for.

You can show gratitude and build up his self-esteem!

You might need some inspiration since it isn’t something we learn how to do from childhood.

We still need some ideas on where to start and that’s totally fine, don’t worry.

This will increase the happiness you both feel in your relationship and you will both feel more connected.

Also, we tend to do much more of the things that we receive praise for.

So if you compliment men on their personality and efforts, they will proceed to work more on these parts of themselves.

So let’s dive into how to compliment a guy on his personality and let’s make your guy feel lucky to have you.

1. Compliment him on his hard work

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Did he do something that really shows how hard he’s working? Maybe he came home from work and he fixed that kitchen sink for you? 

Even if it seems like it’s something minor, like him changing the lightbulb or washing the dishes, he’s still going to appreciate a compliment just as you would.

Be honest and tell me that you wouldn’t like to be complimented on these little tasks.

It’s something you do every day and no one seems to realize how much effort goes into them.

That’s why he’d like to be complimented on them as well.

Some examples that might help you compliment him on his hard work:

– You are truly a jack of all trades! Thank you so much.

I knew you’d do this perfectly, you never disappoint.

– You work so hard for this family, I just want you to know that I appreciate it.

– Well you’re exhausted because you work so hard. I can see all the effort you put into everything you do. You’re remarkable!

– I really look up to you, you’re an inspiration to everyone around you. I don’t know anyone who works as hard as you do.

2. Tell him he’s such a great listener

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

You might be wondering how this is even remotely a compliment for a man, but let me tell you that it’s one he’ll always remember.

This isn’t a common compliment men receive, so for them to hear this means that it’s very authentic. You’ll make his heart melt!

Men love to be of service to their partner. They love to please. So when you tell him that he’s a great listener, it shows him that you appreciate him.

For example, you can use the phrases:

– Thank you for listening to me, it really means a lot!

– You’re such a great listener, you always make me feel understood.

– I love talking to you, you always give the best advice.

– There is no one I’d rather talk to than you. You always listen to what I have to say!

3. Compliment him on his intelligence

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

It’s easy to tell him that he looks like Brad Pitt, it’s easy to compliment him on a new hairstyle or any of his other physical attributes.

A sincere compliment is something he will cherish more, even though he might not show it.

One of the best things you can say to a man is to compliment his intelligence.

It doesn’t matter if he’s book smart or street smart, he is still smart and you can point that out.

Your significant other will be so extremely happy to know that you appreciate his brain just as much as you appreciate his body and the things he does for you.

A few examples of how you can compliment his intelligence are:

– You’re so smart, you always know the best thing to say.

– Did you really read all that? My man is so smart, I’m so proud!

– One of the biggest reasons why I love you is because of how intelligent you are!

– You are one of the most intelligent people I know.

– I can always count on you to teach me something new. Your brain always amazes me!

4. Tell him he’s a great dad

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

When we become parents, we overanalyze everything we do.

Am I really doing a good job? What if my child isn’t happy? How will I know if I am a good parent?

These questions really aren’t that fun to answer when we’re stuck in our own heads.

That’s why it’s so important to have the support of our significant other.

When was the last time you told the father of your children that he was a great dad?

Even if you say it a million times, he’ll still love to hear it. This is a great compliment.

Some examples that might help you out:

– Don’t worry honey, you really are an amazing father!

– The kids will realize one day what an incredible dad they truly have.

– Our kids are so happy to have you as their dad! Look at how much they love you.

– You are such a great dad, never forget that!

5. Compliment his sense of humor

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Whenever I talked with my male friends about what they do to attract a girl, they always say that they try to make her smile or laugh.

It’s a huge ego boost for him when he can make your lips curl at the ends into the most beautiful smile.

That’s why complimenting his sense of humor is something he will appreciate a lot.

If you want to take away one thing from this article on how to compliment a guy on his personality, this is the one.

He probably put a lot of effort into making you smile – reading jokes and accumulating a mountain of memes, just to impress you.

Don’t let all that effort go to waste, but rather compliment him on it.

Disclaimer: You are not obligated to compliment his bad jokes. There is a difference between being funny and being rude to people.

– You always make me smile!

– Your sense of humor is next level!

– I can always count on you to make me smile, even when I’ve had a bad day!

– Stop, my stomach hurts from laughing, you’re hilarious!

Any of these will do, but let’s be honest, the best compliment you can give him for his sense of humor is if you genuinely laugh.

6. Compliment his decision-making abilities

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

A lot of time, we tend to believe that it’s easy for men to make decisions in life. However, it’s a struggle for everyone.

We’re humans and we aren’t born with certain abilities, but we learn them through our lives.

That’s why it’s so important to compliment him on these abilities and skills. It isn’t always easy to make a decision.

You can show him that you really do appreciate him for the decisions he makes in your love life or outside of it.

When he tells you a story about what went down at work that day and how he managed to avoid a conflict, you should be able to say some encouraging words and know how to compliment a guy on his personality.

– I love the way your brain works, you always make the best decisions!

– I know that it’s really hard to make the right decision sometimes, but you always do it so well.

– There’s nothing you can’t do, is there? You make decisions like it’s no big deal! I really envy you for that.

– Don’t ever doubt the decisions you make, look at how far they’ve got you!

7. Compliment him on his patience and gentleness

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

You can use these compliments when the two of you two cuddle – just throw them in like a cherry on top. 

We are all well aware that men aren’t the most confident about being gentle and patient, as they are taught to be much tougher.

That’s why you need to compliment him on his gentleness and his patience.

If he doesn’t show it often, you can mention his gentleness as a reminder to him that you prefer it over his rough side.

It’s just a little white lie that won’t hurt anyone. It’ll actually help him find the perfect balance and you’ll have a gentle human right by your side.

– You are always so gentle when you hold me, I love it.

– Don’t ever lose your gentle side, it’s what I love most about you.

– You’re always so patient and gentle with me and the kids. Thank you for that!

– When you’re so gentle and patient with us, I always remember that I hit the jackpot with you.

8. Compliment him on his looks

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

You might be wondering why we’re putting looks into the equation if this is an article about how to compliment a guy on his personality.

Well, you see, complimenting his looks can be part of this as well.

Especially if certain parts of his physical appearance (for example a new haircut or styling) really make his personality come to life.

If he buys a shirt for work that really suits him or cuts his hair to make him seem more mature, you are more than welcome to compliment him on that.

– That new haircut really makes you look more mature.

– I love the way you’ve been dressing lately, it suits you very well.

– I think you should wear that color more often, it suits your eyes / hair / skin tone.

– You always look so put together, you really know how to dress!

– You always smell so nice. I love the way you smell!

9. Tell him that you appreciate his efforts

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

After a while, we will all get extremely frustrated and tired, especially if the things we put a lot of effort into don’t seem to give back the same energy. 

This is especially visible when your partner doesn’t see the effort you put into your romantic relationship. It’s always about the little things.

A good way to compliment him is to show appreciation for his efforts.

You don’t have to make these comments all the time, because that’ll make them seem forced.

Rather use them when you know your partner feels especially insecure or just randomly to remind him of your love for him.

– My friends and family are absolutely crazy about you! Everyone says that it’s obvious how much you love me.

– It makes me so proud to have you by my side!

– I wouldn’t want anyone else next to me but you. I really do believe we’re soulmates.

– Thank you for everything you’re doing for this relationship. I know sometimes it might seem like I don’t see your efforts, but believe me I do. I am so grateful to have you.

– Don’t ever, even for a second, believe that I don’t love you. There is no one in this world who is as deserving of my love as you are.

– I feel so safe when you’re holding me.

– I don’t think I’ve ever experienced true love until I met you.

10. Compliment him on his social skills

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Does your partner have a lot of friends that seem to love and adore him almost as much as you do?

Is he always invited to all the parties and his friends always think of him?

If this is the case, you should really compliment your partner on his social skills. 

This is one of the best tips you can get on how to compliment a guy on his personality.

Especially if he is oblivious to the atmosphere that changes when he enters a room.

He might not be aware of it, but you see it and it’s there. You need to tell him!

– You light up the room when you walk in!

Your friends really appreciate you a lot.

– You are such a great friend to everyone, I don’t know how you do it. It’s obvious that they’re so inspired by you. Your opinion means a lot to them.

– You’re so charming, you command the room when you enter! Everyone is drawn to you.

– People just seem to like you naturally. That’s a gift!

– Whenever you talk, all your friends are hanging on to your every word! 

– When you told that joke, everyone laughed so hard. I told you you were funny!

11. Tell him that he’s emotionally mature

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

This is especially important for men who aren’t really sure how you feel about them or aren’t sure about their own emotional state.

Telling someone that they’re emotionally mature makes them feel extremely special and heard.

So when you tell your man that he’s emotionally mature, it really shows that you have mastered the secrets of how to compliment a guy on his personality.

Some good examples for these compliments are:

– You really know how to control your emotions and make a rational decision.

– I am so happy that you are in tune with your emotions, that’s so important.

– I really hope you don’t change how emotional and vulnerable you are, that is a true sign of maturity.

– You are the only person in this world who is able to make me feel safe and sound.

– You give the best advice. I feel like you always take every perspective into consideration.

– I have never met a man as emotionally mature as you are. It’s refreshing and beautiful!

– You are so incredibly thoughtful.

12. Tell him how you feel when he’s gone for a long period of time

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Is there anything more romantic than when your partner tells you that they miss you when you’re gone for long?

In my opinion, it’s extremely special to know that your partner thinks of you this much and that you are important to them.

Telling your partner that you miss him when he’s gone is extremely important to them. So let’s see all the variations that you can consider:

– Whenever you leave, I count the seconds until you come back.

– When I’m around you, I always feel invincible, so I really don’t like it when we’re apart.

– I can’t wait for you to get back. You’re the only person who can make me feel safe. 

– Whenever you’re gone for a long time, I stop feeling like myself.

– The bed is so empty without you.

13. Doing something unconventional is the biggest compliment

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Men can be extremely self-conscious, so when you know how to compliment a guy on his personality, it’s not just to boost his self-confidence, but also to remind him why you’re the perfect match for him.

He has to know that you are able to see his efforts and all the sacrifices he makes.

It’s also a great way to show him that you are aware of all the qualities he possesses.

So what would be some unconventional compliments that you can give him? Something that doesn’t just have to be expressed through words?

Some of us aren’t the best with words of affirmation, that’s why you can always let your actions speak louder than any of your words.

1. Romantic gestures are always a good starter. 

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Do something that he won’t expect but will greatly appreciate!

Give him a back massage after a long day, cook him his favorite dinner. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it’s just about the little things.

​You can also be the one to arrange a date or a weekend away for the two of you to spend some quality time together without distractions or the kids.

2. Lend him an ear. 

Your partner is always there when you need to vent, so let him vent to you too. It’s extremely important. He will feel understood and heard.

You can do this over a cup of tea or before you fall asleep.

Just ask him what’s going on, because you can probably read his emotions quite well by now. Don’t let him hold them in.

3. Write him a love letter. 

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

It might sound cheesy, but it’s something everyone needs every once in a while.

If you’re not good with the spoken word, try writing him a letter, telling him about all the things you love about him. Don’t hold back! 

4. Let him enjoy a night out without you. 

When you’re in a relationship or marriage, you often don’t get enough time for yourself or your friends.

That’s why it’s so important to stop being a clingy, needy homebody.

The best advice on how to compliment a guy on his personality is to let him embrace it fully!

And what better way than to unwind and let loose on a well-deserved night out!

5. Engage in something that’s important to him. 

DONE - 13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Show him that you don’t find his hobbies boring or boyish. Let him show you how to play that video game.

Let him explain basketball to you. It’s really not that boring.

He’ll know that you’re doing it for him and feel extremely thankful for your efforts.

13 AMAZING Tips On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

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