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18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Nobody’s said relationships are flawless all the time. There will be moments where you or your partner will go through some rough patches and need support from your significant other. That’s why it’s really important to learn how to cheer up your girlfriend in order to keep the relationship harmonious.

Truthfully, when you genuinely love a person, there’s nothing in the world that you wouldn’t do to make them smile. You’ll go out in the rain just to buy her a bar of chocolate, and drive dozens of miles to hug and be there for her. But that’ll only happen if you feel that you’re right for each other.

Therefore, if you already have a perfectly healthy relationship, yet you somehow realized that your girlfriend has had mood swings lately, maybe there are a couple of things you can do about it.

Good news! You probably know what she likes and dislikes by now, so you can use that to turn the tables around when she’s having a bad day. Your duty as her partner is to always put in an effort to make her smile and let her feel loved at all times.

Whenever you see that she’s feeling under the weather, you need to do whatever it takes to lift her spirits, just like she would do for you. Being each other’s rock and support is everything in a romantic relationship.

In the end, even if everyone leaves, you’ll have your girlfriend to be there for you in times of need. Prove to her that she didn’t make a mistake when she chose you out of all the men out there, and be her sun on the rainy days.

How to cheer up your girlfriend

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Everyone needs some kind of emotional support from their partner at some point. When she’s having one of those days, you’d be making a really bad mistake to bug her about it, or even worse, to leave her to deal with it on her own.

Who knows, maybe your girlfriend heard someone talk badly about her and now she’s having a hard time with her self-esteem. Or perhaps she has a lot on her plate at work and feels so overwhelmed, she doesn’t know where to start.

Whatever the reason may be, you must be there for her like a real man would be, and not be scared to tackle the problem together.

So, if you’re wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend, then keep reading to find out what you can do.

1. Try distracting her

One of the easiest ways to cheer your girlfriend up and make the situation better is to try to distract her from her gloomy thoughts. If your girlfriend doesn’t feel particularly good about herself or she has work-related issues, then she probably doesn’t want to talk about them but rather think about the possible solutions.

You, as her boyfriend, need to try and distract her from those problems. Suggest that the two of you take a late-night walk or prepare her a delicious dinner.

While it’s imperative that you listen to what she has to say to you, you can also offer her some advice (that’s if she wants it). Try giving her a pep talk and see whether or not her mood changes.

Also, don’t forget to give her enough time, so that she can tell you about everything that’s been bothering her lately. Whatever you decide to do, under no circumstances should you suffocate her.

Let her speak – don’t interrupt her constantly with your questions. Remember that your focus should be on her and not on you.

2. Make her feel appreciated

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

It’s fairly easy to forget to voice your appreciation for your partner when you’ve been together for quite some time. Usually, people get so comfortable around each other that they think some things go without saying.

That’s why many start to question their partner’s intentions as soon as a problem arises.

So, if you notice that your girlfriend isn’t particularly joyful, then try to cheer her up a bit by expressing your gratitude for all the things she does for you. It doesn’t matter if they’re small or large, just say them.

Convey to her that you appreciate what she’s doing for you and that she means the world to you. Don’t forget to tell her all the positive thoughts you have about her. Say how happy you are that you have the chance to wake up every morning next to her, and how you can’t wait to see her after a long day at work.

As I previously said, many couples who are in long-term relationships, forget to say those positive comments about each other. And because of that, one or the other may feel that they’re being taken for granted.

3. Plan a movie night with her

One classic way to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s feeling down is to go old-school and plan a movie night with her. Help her relax by distracting her from all those negative thoughts that she might be having about herself or her situation.

If she wants to just stay in instead of go out for a movie, then so be it. Make her some popcorn, grab a blanket, and cuddle up over a great romantic movie. Such simple yet amazing nights will definitely strengthen the connection you two share and deepen the bond between you two.

Many guys think that they need to do some grandiose acts to make their partner feel better, but that’s not true at all. Sometimes keeping it simple is the right way to do it.

On top of that, she’ll always be thankful to you for doing something sweet and beautiful for her.

4. Talk to her

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Another great way to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s going through a rough patch is to be there for her and talk about the problems she’s facing right now.

Perhaps she thinks she might overwhelm you with her issues, so that’s why she’s keeping things to herself, but I’m positive that she really wants someone close to just talk to.

The thing, she doesn’t realize is that it’ll be much easier for the both of you if she says what it is that affects her so negatively. Then you won’t have to question if something’s wrong with your relationship or, heaven forbid, her emotions for you have changed.

In addition, you can definitely help her cope with her bad mood by giving her advice and proving to her that you’ll always be there, no matter how busy you are.

That way she’ll see that you actually care about her emotional and mental state and that you’re there to listen to her whenever she needs you. Trust me, once you’ve done that, she’ll be more than okay, and she’ll be able to enjoy her time with you like before.

5. Prepare a meal for two

No matter how independent you think you are, everyone loves to be spoiled in some way. And that’s especially true if we’re feeling low on energy. So, if your girlfriend is feeling down in the dumps and doesn’t want to get out of bed all day, then do something nice for her like preparing her favorite dish.

She’ll be thrilled to see that you’ve put that much effort into making her happy. Also. she’ll be able to get some much-needed rest.

Maybe you haven’t had enough time for each other the past couple of weeks because you’ve been too busy working. In that case, cooking your girlfriend dinner is the perfect way to spend some quality time with her.

Eventually, she may feel comfortable telling you what’s been bothering her the entire time and she’ll ask you how you’d handle it.

And even if she doesn’t, don’t be too pushy. Let her open up to you first. The least you can do is to be supportive of her decision. Because she’d do the same for you, not so?

6. Be her dancing partner

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Even if your budget is shot and you can’t afford to take her out to the movies or an expensive restaurant, there are still ways that you can cheer up your girlfriend. One of them is dancing.

Honestly, you don’t need a reason to dance with your significant other. This will certainly surprise her in a good way and make her feel better about herself again.

And don’t think that you need to go to a club or some other dance venue. All you need to do is put some music on your phone and go with the flow.

If you really want to do something amazing for her, then start dancing on the street with her spontaneously and let everyone see how great of a boyfriend you are. She’ll realize that she’s blessed to have someone like you in her life and you’ll be able to show her just how much you care about her.

7. Do stuff that she likes even if you don’t

Being there for your partner when she’s feeling depressed is key if you want to keep your relationship happy. But figuring out what to do to cheer her up again can prove to be a challenge.

And sometimes, you have to get out of your comfort zone and do things that you’re afraid of doing for the sake of making your girlfriend happy. So, choose an activity that she likes and prove to her that you’re a real man.

I don’t mean you should go bungee jumping to lighten your girlfriend’s mood. But even the smallest act like washing the dishes or cleaning the house will do it and cheer her up.

She’ll feel like you’d do anything in the world for her and your positive attitude and bravery will rub off onto her.

On top of that, you’ll feel satisfied and proud of yourself because you managed to save the day. Doing these small “sacrifices” for your girlfriend will show her how committed you are to her and the relationship.

8. Shower her with compliments

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Many people don’t realize that certain types of compliments can have a tremendous impact on the person who’s receiving them. I already said that you can cheer up your girlfriend by expressing gratitude, but you can do it in a way that focuses on her and not your relationship.

Tell her how great she is at her work or say how beautiful she looks when she doesn’t have any makeup on.

The positive compliments you give her are sure to brighten up her day and she’ll appreciate you more for that. Also, you’ll score a couple of points by reminding her how perfect she is to you.

Don’t mention any of her flaws or quirks but simply focus on the positive things. That will boost her self-esteem and confidence, as well as put a smile on her gorgeous face.

9. Surprise her with a simple gift

If you want to cheer up your girlfriend, you can achieve that by surprising her with a small yet thoughtful gift.

Don’t think you need to go all out and spend an enormous amount of cash to make her feel good about herself. Even if that gift is her favorite sweet treat, trust me, she’ll still appreciate it.

A little token of your affection will mean a lot to her. She’ll realize that you haven’t forgotten about her and that you’re ready to put in extra effort for the sake of seeing her happy again.

Trust me, you can never go wrong with surprising a girl with something because every girl likes gifts.

10. Hug her

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but even a short, warm hug can make someone’s day. So, if your girlfriend is feeling down, give her a big bear hug to cheer her up. I’m sure her day will be much better after that.

On top of that, your warm hug will definitely strengthen the bond you two share and she’ll know that you’ll protect her at all costs. That sense of security is something most women look for in a man.

And sometimes, it’s tough to determine the cause of her moodiness. If you haven’t been dedicating enough time to her, now, when you devote all of yourself to her, her wish will be fulfilled.

If this little trick helps to uplift her, then you need to make sure to do it more often.

11. Tell her something funny

One of the best ways to cheer up your girlfriend is simply to make her laugh. If you came across a funny joke or a funny story, be sure to tell her when you finally get to see her again.

When she starts smiling at you, she’ll realize that the things she worries about are insignificant and that she needs to be happy again. Tell her how much her smile makes your day and that she should always wear it no matter the circumstances. Also, be sure to remind her that sweating over the small stuff won’t get her anywhere.

Yes, there’s a possibility that this help won’t be enough for the long run, but it’ll certainly make her smile at that moment. As days go by, and as her worries start to slowly but surely disappear, she’ll get back to her old self.

12. Tell her you love her

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Whenever we’re feeling bad and when life keeps beating us down, it’s so nice to hear that someone has our back and that they love us with all their hearts, am I right?

And now that you know how to fix your girlfriend’s mood, what are you waiting for? Go and tell her how much you love her and that you’re the happiest man alive when she’s with you.

Open up to her and tell her that the connection you two have is really special and that you’d never do anything to harm her.

13. Cuddle with her

Every woman seeks a man who isn’t afraid to show physical affection toward her and reveal his emotional side. So, if you’re trying to cheer up your girlfriend, what better way than to just spend some time with her and cuddle.

Don’t be too aggressive and expect that cuddling will lead to anything more. Let her be in control of the situation.

That way she’ll feel better when she’s in your arms and realize that no problem is unsolvable when she has you to embrace her. Holding her tight proves that you’ll do anything to protect her.

Her negative emotions will quickly disappear since she knows that there’s always one man she can count on.

14. Give her a massage

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Sometimes, all that a woman needs is a bit of pampering and making that moment all about her. So, if your girlfriend is a little stressed, do something to help her shake off that negative energy and relax a bit.

Plan a wellness day only for her or give her a nice massage at home so that her mind isn’t focused on the problems she’s facing right now. With a few gentle touches and tons of warm kisses, your evening will be better and her worries will soon be forgotten.

A massage should be on the top of your list when you’re trying to cheer up your stressed-out girlfriend.

15. Take a walk with her

One of the worst things that you can do to yourself when you’re feeling down is to stay in and dwell on those negative feelings. Therefore, if your girlfriend is feeling a bit blue and you’re searching for a way to cheer her up, then take a walk with her.

That way you won’t be stuck within four walls and her stress will start to drop off her shoulders. Her mind will be preoccupied with other things and she’ll enjoy the fresh air and the people around her.

At first, you may think that such a small thing can’t have an impact on her, but you’re wrong. Instead, she’ll realize that it was actually a good idea and that you care about her well-being.

16. Send her positive text messages

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find a way to cheer someone up, especially when you have the power of social media on your side. Whenever you see that you’re girlfriend is feeling moody, the least you can do is to surprise her with a cheerful and positive text message.

Share some inspirational quotes and remind her that she’s a strong woman to keep her going during her day.

17. Meditate with her

Most of us are worrying way too much about our future or our past that we fail to live in the present moment. But many will agree that the key to a happy life is exactly that.

So, if you’re wondering how to cheer up your girlfriend, perhaps you can suggest meditation as a way of relaxing both of your minds. Find a quiet spot, focus on the present and just breathe in. Don’t let anything else disturb the two of you – just take in the sounds of the moment.

Remember, your support means a lot to her because it will give her the energy she needs to stick with it.

18. Be present when you’re together

DONE! 18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

If you want to keep your girlfriend happy and satisfied, then you need to be fully present when spending time together. Don’t check your Instagram or any other social media account, but just be there for her and listen.

Think about the words she’s saying and don’t zone out. Even when you’re out having dinner, don’t get easily distracted by the things around you.

Give her your full, undivided attention and she’ll be happy to have you in her life.

18 Wonderful Ideas On How To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

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