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28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

If you have an amazing boyfriend, it’s perfectly understandable that you want to learn how to be a better girlfriend.

Learning how to be a better girlfriend is something you need to do for the future of your relationship.

Even if you don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, you can still use this precious knowledge. 

When you are searching for the perfect man, or have already found him, you feel the need to be his perfect woman.

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Your love for each other is what makes you perfect for each other, but you can still work on improving yourself and become a better girlfriend. 

He deserves it, doesn’t he? He deserves to have a girlfriend who doesn’t nag him and never takes him for granted.

What he wants is a girl who will look good and make him feel good. Those are just some of the ways of how to be a better girlfriend.

Read on, because you’ll see how to be a better girlfriend once you read all these useful tips.

You’re doing this for your relationship that’s going to be even better after you learn how to be a better girlfriend. Let’s get right to it.

How to be a better girlfriend

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 1

If you’re looking for ways of how to be a better girlfriend, you’re in the right place.

Once you learn how to be a better girlfriend, you’ll see that your boyfriend will try to be better as well. The result of all that effort is that your relationship is going to be much better too.

How to be a better girlfriend? Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll find some more tips on how to be a better girlfriend at the end too.

1. Be his friend

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

The secret of how to become a better girlfriend is to be more than just a girlfriend; be his friend. Were you friends before you became a couple? 

What things were you doing back then when you were just friends? There’s no reason for you to stop doing those things now that you are a couple.

Go hiking, cycling, or whatever it is that you would do with a friend. Nurture the friendship between you because the best couples are those who are first of all friends and then everything else.

2. Be honest with him

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 3

It goes without saying that you should be open and transparent with your boyfriend.

Just like us girls have had bad past experiences with relationships, so have guys, and that makes it hard to trust someone. You need to earn his trust and prove to him that you’ll always be honest with him.

After all, there’s no point in keeping secrets in a relationship, because relationships are about building trust.

When there’s no trust, there’s no relationship so work on building trust by talking to him honestly about your past experiences and he’ll open up as well.

3. Give him personal space

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Don’t all of us need our own space from time to time? Well, your man is no different and he needs you to leave him alone once in a while to do his own thing. 

It is very important for men to have their own space, and a lot of times women don’t let them have it.

That could be harmful to the relationship, so if you want to be a great girlfriend, let your man have his space. 

You have to understand that there’s nothing bad about it. Even though they ignore their need for personal space at the beginning of a relationship, men ask for their space once they’re settled in the relationship.

4. Talk to him about your feelings

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 5

This step is very similar to the one about being honest with him. You need to express your feelings.

Don’t put up a wall around your heart or shout at him when you’re angry. Instead, try to find the right words that best describe how you feel and why.

By expressing your feelings, you’re building a strong connection.

Don’t make your man have to try and read your mind to figure out what’s going on inside your head. Let him know how you feel and explain yourself so he can understand you better.

5. Express your opinion, but don’t criticize

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 6

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t speak your mind!

You can get in a few meaningful arguments with your partner by expressing your opinion and he’ll respect you for it. 

Still, try not to criticize him. Your opinions should sound like suggestions rather than judgments, so try to make them sound that way.

Always speak your mind, but don’t be a woman who constantly criticizes her man. The worst thing that could happen is for him to see you as a nag.

6. Be nice to his friends

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 1 1

The way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach but through his friends. Your boyfriend’s friends mean a lot to him.

It would be really hard for him to have to spend time with his friends and his girlfriend separately if they didn’t like each other.

Of course, you don’t have to be close with all of his friends, or any of them for that matter… but try to always be nice to them.

You want your boyfriend’s friends to like you and you shouldn’t make him choose between his friends and you but instead let him spend time with them.

7. Take care of him when he’s sick

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Men like to act tough, but when they get sick, all they want is someone who loves them to take care of them. You don’t have to act like his mother, but take care of him when he’s sick. 

What I’m talking about is taking him warm soup and watching Netflix with him under a warm blanket when he has a cold.

Drop by the drugstore to pick him up some medicine or help out with his errands while he’s too sick to take care of everything on his own. 

Men are just boys when they get sick, and they like to be treated as such until they get better.

8. Trust him and have faith in him

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 8

It would be so much better if you could get some kind of guarantee that you can trust a person when you enter a relationship but things don’t work that way.

You simply have to trust your man. Trust him that he’ll never betray you and don’t ever be suspicious of him.

It’s also important to have faith in him. Have trust in him that he will do every job right. He needs you to believe in him and to have faith in him so that he can succeed.

9. Listen to him

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 9

Did you know that there are two types of listening? You can listen to respond or listen to understand. 

When you are listening to respond, you’ve already decided what to say and are just waiting for your turn to talk.

Don’t do it that way, listen to understand instead. That means that you should pay attention to what your boyfriend is saying and try to understand it before responding to it. 

He needs you to listen to him, just like you would like for him to always listen to you.

10. Show your real self to your man

When you’re in a relationship, your partner wants to get to know the real you and love you for who you are but that isn’t possible if you’re not being yourself.

Be yourself when you’re in a relationship and you’ll be a better girlfriend.

After all, a good girlfriend isn’t someone who hides behind a mask. Let your boyfriend know the real you, and fall in love with you as you really are.

There’s no point in pretending, because once you’re in a relationship, he’ll get to know the real you sooner or later.

11. Support him during his bad times

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 11

You should be your boyfriend’s backup, his cheerleader who’s always rooting for him, so don’t just rely on him during your bad times, but support him during his.

He needs you to be there for him and support him when everything seems like it’s falling apart. He can build it all up again, but he needs you to be there and tell him that he can do it. 

Be his faithful cheerleader who’s going to help him succeed. A good girlfriend is someone who always supports her boyfriend.

12. Be a team player

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Both of you should work as a team when it comes to achieving your goals. Being in a relationship is actually being in a team so be a team player and work on achieving those goals together.

For instance, if you both like fitness, work on realizing those goals together by going to the gym with each other.

Maybe you both like traveling, so make sure you take turns when it comes to planning your next big adventure. 

Keep in mind that one person shouldn’t control everything in a relationship because there are two of you and you should rely on each other.

13. Give him compliments

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

You know how your boyfriend always compliments you and you feel great about yourself afterward? Well, he needs that too!

Guys need compliments just as much as us girls do, they just don’t say it.

So, be sure to tell your boyfriend how handsome he looks whenever you get a chance.

Tell him about how lucky you are that he has walked into your life and changed it for the better. He needs to hear these things from you.

14. Learn to compromise

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 15

Let’s not forget the importance of compromise. When you’re in a relationship, things can’t always go your way.

You have to compromise and you can start with small things.

For example, watch a game with him instead of going to a restaurant. Stay at his place even though you would prefer for him to come over.

After all, aren’t relationships all about give and take?

15. Show your affection

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 16

Aren’t we all affectionate at the beginning of a relationship? That is when we can’t keep our hands off of each other and we hug and kiss all the time.

Once we have been in a relationship longer, however, we stop showing our affection.

Don’t let that happen in your case. Show your affection by never forgetting to kiss your man when you see him and before he leaves.

A big, strong hug from his girlfriend could be just the thing he needs to brighten his day.

16. Flirt with him

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Somehow, when it comes to flirting, we always think it’s what leads to a relationship and stops once you’re in it. Well, that’s not true.

You can still flirt with your man even when you’re already in a relationship.

Seduce him all over again once in a while. It will keep the spark alive in your relationship and it will be like you’re constantly in your honeymoon phase.

He’ll also try to make you happier once he sees how hard you’re trying to keep him interested.

17. Don’t go overboard with your jealousy

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

I wanted to tell you not to be jealous but that would be impossible. All of us get jealous once in a while when we’re in a relationship, because we’re scared of losing the person we love. 

Still, it’s important not to overdo it. Make fun of it instead. Instead of asking him about who he’s talking to, joke about it by asking if it is his new girlfriend.

He’ll know that you’re a little jealous, but he’ll see by your smile that you know it’s silly for you to feel that way.

18. Make him feel special

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

You like it when your boyfriend makes you feel special, don’t you? Well, guys need to feel special too.

You can do that by texting him every now and then to say how much you miss and love him.

Bake a cake for him on his birthday, give him a book as a present if he likes to read or when he gets home from a hard day at work, give him a massage.

19. Let him take control sometimes

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Letting your boyfriend be in control doesn’t make you any less of a strong and independent woman.

It means a lot to him to be in charge sometimes and you need to let him so let him open the door for you or make travel plans.

You should learn more about triggering his hero instinct. Guys actually dream of being a hero, at least in the eyes of their woman, so even if you’re independent, let him take control once in a while and sit back and relax.

20. Be confident about yourself

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 21

This is not only something that will help your relationship but something you need to do for yourself.

You need to be confident and accept yourself for who you are, as that’s the only way for you to have a happy relationship.

If you’re unhappy about yourself, you won’t be able to make your boyfriend happy so work on your confidence and learn to love yourself. You need to love yourself first so that he can love you.

Tips on how to be a better girlfriend

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 22

Now you know more about how to become a better girlfriend, but there’s still more to learn. Enjoy these additional tips on how to be a better girlfriend and see how your relationship will improve.

1. Surprise him with little romantic things

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 25

Even though they don’t say it, guys actually like to be wooed as well as we do so text him something cute or write him a romantic letter or you can surprise him with his favorite candy or anything else he likes.

Do something nice for him every now and then and it will make him happy. You don’t have to make any grand gestures because it’s the little things that mean the most.

Don’t tell him you love him just with your words and let your actions say it for you.

2. Let him be vulnerable and emotional

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 3333

Don’t ever make your man feel ashamed for expressing sadness because it’s not just a female emotion but a human one.

Guys feel so pressured to always act manly and tough that it’s hard for them to be vulnerable in front of women. 

He needs to know that it’s okay to break down once in a while. Be his shoulder to cry on if he needs one.

Make sure he knows that you don’t think of him as any less of a man for being emotional. As I already said, it’s a human emotion, and men need to cry just as much we do.

3. Do something for him that you don’t feel like doing

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 444

Hasn’t he watched a thousand chick flicks with you? He surely didn’t want to do that, at least not every time, so you need to do something for him that you don’t feel like doing.

Watch a movie with him that you’re not interested in, or go to a place he wants you to go to that you would rather avoid.

He does a lot of things for you that he doesn’t like and that’s just something you do when you love a person so surprise him by returning the favor.

4. Encourage him to spend time with his friends

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 111111

Girls often want to have their man all to themselves, so they don’t let him have much time to hang out with his buddies but that’s not good for the relationship.

Even if he wants to spend that time with you, let him spend it with his friends and remind him that it’s important to do so.

Don’t be one of those girls who doesn’t let their man have a guys’ night. Your boyfriend needs to have fun without you and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, as I already said, you should encourage it and it will show him how much you love and respect him.

5. Don’t be a drama queen

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 4444444

You don’t need unnecessary drama in your relationship, so try to ignore that need to cause it.

Guys hate drama queens and it’s not good for your relationship. Also, he isn’t a mind reader, so just shouting random things at him won’t get him to see your point.

Instead of being passive-aggressive and replying to a message with, ‘K’, tell him how you really feel.

There’s nothing that healthy communication can’t solve; you just need to be grownups about it and avoid unnecessary drama.

6. Try to brighten his mood when he’s feeling down

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 6666

Your boyfriend will have some bad days when he’s not feeling so great and that is when he needs you to be a great girlfriend the most.

Cheer him up when he’s feeling down by taking him to his favorite restaurant or doing something else he’d like.

Be the person who can always cheer him up and he’ll love you even more. So, don’t just keep out of his way when he’s feeling down even if he wants you to and instead try to make him smile by being silly and you’ll brighten his mood.

7. Show appreciation for the things he does for you

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Don’t ever take him for granted and try to always show appreciation for the things he does for you.

There’s no room for selfishness in a relationship and he needs to feel appreciated.

How does he make you feel? You wouldn’t like it if he took you for granted, so don’t take him for granted either.

Express your love and let him be confident that you appreciate him as much as he deserves so that you can have a happy and healthy relationship.

8. Try to look your best for him

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend

Now, this is something guys really appreciate but don’t dare to ask for from their girlfriend.

Try to take care of your appearance and look your best for him. Use every chance you can to dress up and look the way you did when you first started dating.

You were putting much more effort into looking good back then, weren’t you? Well, it’s the same for all of us.

As we get comfortable in a relationship, we forget to take care of our appearance. You need to change that if you want to be the best girlfriend a guy could have.

28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend
28 Tips On How To Be A Better Girlfriend 32

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