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How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy-To-Follow Steps

How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy-To-Follow Steps

If the man you like is born between January 20 and February 18, you might be wanting to learn how to attract an Aquarius man.

Sadly, an Aquarius man has detachment issues. He rarely discusses his feelings, so attracting him won’t be easy.

If you’re up for a challenge though, there’s a reward at the end!

Even though freedom and independence are very important to this man, a strong woman will be able to win his heart.

He doesn’t like deeply emotional women and showing neediness could just push him away. Being full of energy, logical, and practical will get you much closer to him than showing emotions would.

He’s not easy to read and his incredible energy makes him want to enjoy life to the fullest. An Aquarius man is also charming and friendly, and his quick wit makes him irresistible to women.

Don’t let his charm fool you, though, because he might turn out to be someone entirely different than who you first met.

Once you get to know an Aquarius man a little better, you’ll notice that he has a tendency to analyze everything you do and say. Only if you pass this critical analysis will he consider you as a potential girlfriend.

In addition, you will have to take the initiative even if he likes you. He wants to make sure that you’re into him more than he’s into you – he sees it as a personal achievement.

Also, he wants to be friends first and when he lets his guard down, you’ll need to show him care and love.

You can’t take away his freedom and independence though. Know that you’ll also have to put up with this guy’s unpredictability, coldness, and stubbornness.

Are you ready to deal with all that? Still want to chase after this guy? Then keep reading because here’s how to attract an Aquarius man and get him obsessed with you.

16 Steps To Attract An Aquarius Man

1. Be his friend at first

 How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps

The trick to attracting an Aquarius man is by first being his friend. He’s not the type of guy who’ll get involved with someone after seeing them only a handful of times.

He prefers to take things slowly and get to know you a little better. And the best way to let him learn more about you is to become his close friend.

You should also know that Aquarius men often have trust issues. If he’s having trouble trusting you, you have to be patient with him… The question is, how long are you prepared to wait for?

Forming a friendship is a great way to earn his trust. In fact, the best relationships come from friendships. Aquarius men believe in that and their friendships mean a lot to them.

Time is your ally in the pursuit of an Aquarius man, so use it to get him to open up. Maybe he’s the soulmate you’ve been searching for, but don’t assume things while it’s too soon to tell.

2. Be mysterious

You’ll attract him like a magnet if you get some alone time with him to create a deeper connection. Meaningful conversations will help you build that attraction.

Emotions often overwhelm Aquarius men and even if he ignores you, you’ll see him looking at you. He’ll probably try to ignore you. But that’s when you get the chance to intrigue him by injecting a little mystery into your love story.

Lock eyes with him when you notice him looking at you and try to hold that gaze without saying a thing. And when you do talk to him, try not to reveal too much about yourself.

His desire to learn more about you is what will keep him coming back to you. So always leave more for him to learn.

3. Be who you are

DONE How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps 2

He’s not the type of guy who aims to live up to other people’s expectations. So, don’t follow the crowd when you’re trying to spark his interest.

He is a very unique man. He’s not scared of being different and doing things his way. An Aquarius man chases his dreams, trusts his gut, and listens to his own inner voice.

This means that he respects those who do the same and doesn’t like it when people are not being themselves. You don’t need to pretend to be someone else to attract him and get his attention.

Just be yourself and an Aquarius man will appreciate your own uniqueness.

4. Be knowledgeable and classy

The perfect woman for an Aquarius man is one who is knowledgeable, classy, driven, and ethical. You will not impress him so much with your looks as with your brain and morals.

Talk to him about the universe, arts, history, and spirituality – he will love it! He believes in astrology too, so it’s one more topic you can discuss with him.

Sometimes he can be too straightforward, though, and his big ego can get in the way of his reasoning.

To learn how to attract an Aquarius man, you should be honest and open with him, but keep some of the mystery as well. When you’re having some light conversations, you can initiate the topic of love and romance, but don’t push it.

5. Have a positive attitude

How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps

All Aquarius personalities are afraid of negative things. This guy won’t get involved with girls who have only negative thoughts.

Maybe it makes him meticulous and superstitious, but he avoids negativity at all costs. He prefers to focus on the positive side of any issue he encounters.

The problem with that is he may not be that great at supporting his girlfriend when she’s having difficulties. If that’s not a deal-breaker for you, make sure to always look on the bright side and go after him!

6. Don’t pressure him

If you want to attract an Aquarius man, you need to understand that he loves sharing and making connections.

He enjoys being a part of a community. This means that he looks for companionship and friendship more than a romantic relationship.

An Aquarius guy wants his girlfriend to be his best friend as well (that’s why you should be friends with him first). Show him your caring side, enjoy your friendship, and don’t rush to become romantically involved with him.

Be cool and friendly and show your outgoing and positive energy. It will surely spark his interest and as long as you don’t pressure him into being more than friends, he’ll want to be.

7. Be honest with him and trust him

DONE How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps 4

As you already learned, Aquarius men have trust issues. This means that it will take him a long time to let his guard down.

He won’t do a thing to prove that he trusts you and that you can trust him. The reality is that this man is loyal to the bone and he wouldn’t break anyone’s trust, but you might not see that.

He thinks he doesn’t need to work on gaining someone’s trust, as it’s implied that he wouldn’t break it. The decision to trust him is entirely up to you because he won’t feel the need to win your trust.

You can rest assured that he won’t intentionally hurt you in any way though. If you hurt him, he won’t ever forget about it or forgive you.

You always need to be honest with him and speak from your heart. Most importantly, don’t ever make him jealous because you’ll risk losing his trust forever.

8. Don’t be overly emotional around him

You have to learn to control your emotions if you want to attract an Aquarius man. He’s the logical type who tends to detach from his feelings, so he doesn’t like emotional women.

Aquarius men are rational decision-makers. They also analyze everything. Emotional drama, big gestures, and tears are just going to make this man bolt because he doesn’t know how to handle them.

You will need to be careful not to scare this man away if you want to get him to like you. Keep your emotions in check, especially extreme ones such as anger.

Try to keep a level head and don’t let your emotions get the best of you in your conversations with him. Keep things calm, reasonable, and logical and you will have his interest!

9. Have deep, meaningful conversations

How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps

An Aquarius man is intelligent and knowledgeable. So, he prefers having deep, meaningful conversations.

He looks for a woman like him, meaning that she should enjoy these conversations as well.

Don’t stress about it too much though, and talk to him about whichever topic you like. You might not pick the one he’s interested in, but that’s not a big deal.

The important thing is that you know what you’re talking about… Share some helpful information with him too! Doing this will guarantee that you’ll leave a good impression on this man.

He enjoys learning and researching. His curiosity drives him to discover and explore new things and ideas.

When you talk to him, he won’t hesitate to openly speak his mind and state his opinions. Show him that you respect his outlook on things instead of rejecting his ideas just to prove your point.

If you always try to confront him and create arguments, he will consider you an immature person. Show him that you are mature enough to have an adult conversation and he’ll want to have many more with you.

If your goal is to get romantically involved, he’ll expect intimate and deep conversations. Gain his appreciation by talking about your vision for the two of you and expressing your true feelings.

10. Keep him guessing

Aquarians are known for their boredom and unpredictability. An Aquarius man uses his brain, so you need to stimulate him to keep him interested.

Show him that you’re full of surprises, adventures, and new ideas too! If you can also show him your eccentric side, he will fall for you in no time.

Some signs like Cancer would like to know all about you right away, but an Aquarius man is different. He wants to keep the mystery alive and hold back.

If he’s interested in you, he’ll ask you many questions but he won’t answer a lot about himself and you shouldn’t either. He’ll try to withhold personal details, but he won’t resist showing off how intelligent he is.

Get him interested even more by complimenting his intellect. If he sees you’re impressed, he’ll appreciate you all the more.

11. Respect his freedom

How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to attract an Aquarius man, you need to understand his carefree nature. These men have a mind of their own and they do things their way.

You can’t force him to change the way he thinks. You have to accept him for who he is.

If you end up in a relationship, he will value your opinions, but he will expect the same from you.

His ideal partner is a woman who can encourage him to experience new things, and be on his team. If he starts thinking that you’re going to take away his freedom, though, he’ll take the first ticket out of there.

Don’t ask him to always spend time with you because he’ll feel suffocated and pull away. He doesn’t like clingy women or too much nagging.

An Aquarius man is fiercely independent. He is scared of losing his freedom, which might come across as fear of commitment.

Don’t keep texting and calling him constantly, but try to act classy and mysterious instead.

If you let this man live his life while you live yours, he’ll want to be a part of your life forever. Don’t scare him off – trust him and he will be interested in a long-term relationship.

Show him patience and wait for him when he has a project he needs to focus on or something else going on. He might suddenly surprise you with loving, sweet gestures to thank you for your understanding and patience.

12. Be independent

Letting him have his freedom is the key to attract Aquarius man. This sign is naturally rebellious – he just wants to go and do his own thing most of the time.

If this is something that bothers you, don’t show it, at least not until he gets to know you better. He values his independence so much that he’ll leave if he even thinks that you’ll take his freedom away.

Aquarius men have many friends, so you have to be prepared for him spending a lot of time going out with the guys.

He also likes spending time outdoors. So, he’ll be in his element if you engage in some outdoor activity and it will get him to like you more.

Boredom is the end of a relationship for Aquarius men. So, show him how cool you are and that you have no intention of caging him.

Show him that you’re busy with your own life and have your own responsibilities and hobbies. If you act clingy and needy instead, you’ll only succeed in pushing him away.

He’s very focused on community and equality. You might want to show him that you’re on the same page when it comes to these core values.

Try showing him that you want to make your contribution to making the world a better place. You can do this by volunteering or helping those in need.

Be prepared for his hot and cold act – he might talk to you for hours and then need a lot of alone time. He won’t feel the need to talk to you on a daily basis, so try not to be too intense.

Let this man come to you when he misses you and keep yourself busy in the meantime. He will find it extremely attractive and it will just make him come to you more often.

If you’re instead too available, it won’t be attractive. Also, try not to plan your dates and let him take the lead as often as possible instead.

Because to his rebellious spirit, an Aquarius man may also be interested in you if you’re already involved with someone else.

13. Surprise him

 How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps

Much like Gemini men, Aquarius men get bored easily. The key to keeping this guy’s interest is in providing him the excitement of new, unexpected things.

Don’t be predictable and the mystery will just draw him closer to you.

Once you become close friends, give him a practical yet thoughtful gift according to his preference. He’s not going to like a big and expensive gift, but something thoughtful might just sweep him off his feet.

As you know, he is also creative. He might be thrilled if you invite him to some art exhibition so that he can analyze and enjoy masterpieces.

He’ll enjoy showing off and trying to impress you too.

This man hates routine so you need to constantly keep him thrilled.

If you want him to stick around, keep him interested by revealing things about you a bit by bit. Always let him feel that you have some secrets that he yet needs to explore.

Stirring his curiosity will draw him closer to you over and over again.

14. Be witty and creative

Aquarius men are usually very creative and intelligent. This means that they like very creative women.

Your guy probably likes showing his imagination and coming up with new ideas. If you can give your contribution to his ideas and let him know about the adventures you have planned for the future, he’ll love it.

Tell him about the books you’ve read and movies you watched and discuss what they meant to you. He’s loves everything creative and small talk doesn’t interest him much.

Talk about things he doesn’t expect instead of being plane when you’re in a group.

Don’t put others down based on how they act or look. As you know, he’s very keen on freedom and equality so he won’t like that.

He also isn’t interested in gossip and drama. Instead, talk about something positive and discuss your plans for the future with him.

As long as you keep moving things forward, he’ll enjoy the journey and look forward to the destination.

15. Don’t be controlling

DONE How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy Steps 8

This is not the kind of guy that you can easily dominate. You’ll see signs that an Aquarius man is not into you if you try to control him.

Too many rules will make him feel trapped in a relationship – don’t forget his love for freedom!

If you want to win his heart, let him do his thing as long as it doesn’t influence your relationship in a bad way.

Acting too controlling instead will just make him think that you’re overprotective. That might ruin your relationship.

Don’t make too many requests from this man either. He doesn’t like women who ask for a lot and if you reach this man’s limit, he’ll leave.

He’ll be loyal to you, but he won’t stand being controlled. You need to make him fall for you according to his zodiac sign – and Aquarius is not a sign that can be controlled.

16. Stand out from the crowd

He might take his time before getting involved with you, but you can do something to speed things up. Aquarius men love attractive women, but not in the conventional sense.

He needs you to stand out from the crowd to catch his eye.

Maybe you dress differently, or have an unusual hobby or interesting career. These things are sure to leave a great first impression!

Aquarius men love new, exciting things. So show him everything that makes you different from other women.

Spark his interest by showing him your unique beauty and he will definitely be attracted to you.

Be sure to learn how to keep each zodiac sign happy in a relationship because Aquarius men have special requests here too!

Good luck!

How To Attract An Aquarius Man in 16 Easy-To-Follow Steps

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