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How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

Being in a relationship that is doomed to fail is devastating, to say the least. You’re aware that you won’t grow together with this person and yet, you don’t have the courage or strength to leave them.

Perhaps you’re afraid of being alone and moving on, or you’re convinced that things are going to change, but that rarely happens.

The truth is, many of us aren’t even aware that our significant other is pretending to love us. It’s quite difficult to explain why that is so, but one possible explanation would be that we refuse to see things as they are and hope that our love for them would be enough.

Change is difficult but necessary if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life. No matter if good or bad, if the moment comes when you have to make a decision that you know is going to turn your entire life upside down, change is hard.

You’re moving away from everything familiar to you and you’re stepping into uncharted territories. That very thought is petrifying because you don’t know what lies beyond the now.

But it will only get worse if you stay with someone who is pretending to love you. Their emotions, or rather lack thereof, will have a tremendous effect on your mental and emotional well-being.

It’s tough to decide what to do once realizing someone is feigning love for you, but one thing is certain: You can’t stay in a loveless relationship or else your heart will be torn into a million pieces.

Therefore, it’s natural to wonder how pretending to love someone affects a person. Don’t think you’re the only one asking yourself this.

So, this is what a fake relationship does to your emotional and mental state:

1. You start to question your own sanity

DONE! How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

After being told numerous times that he loves you, it only feels natural to believe him, am I right? Well, if his actions don’t match his words, there’s no way you should trust him.

If he’s pretending to love you, that will force you to question your sanity because he’s trying to convince you of something that you know isn’t true at all. You question every thought that goes through your mind, to the point where you think you’re going crazy.

But it’s actually that his actions are forcing you to doubt yourself. Even though you hear those three little words from him, his deeds don’t back them up.

He’ll be distant and cold toward you whenever you two are alone, but the second you go out, he’ll completely change and become this sweet, charming guy again.

That’s how he confuses you. And that’s why you have difficulty making the necessary change.

2. You wonder if you tried just a little bit harder, maybe his love will become real

DONE! How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

His lack of love and attention forces you to ask yourself whether you’re enough for him. You start to wonder if you tried just a little bit harder, maybe he’d come around – that your love would ignite a spark in him.

You feel sometimes as if you haven’t put in enough effort and that’s why he only pseudo-loves you. And you blame yourself for everything bad that’s happened in your relationship.

But have you considered that it was his plan all along?

Perhaps he’s a narcissist in disguise – a selfish and egotistical man who is using you to boost his ego. I’ll be brutally honest here and say that you’ll never be enough for a man like that. He’ll never truly love you. He’ll leave you the moment someone “better” comes along.

3. Once you find out the truth, everything becomes clear, but it hurts

DONE! How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

It’s devastating to recognize the signs he is pretending to love you, but you can’t avoid them forever. You’ll go through a roller coaster of emotions and even think about giving him a second chance, but you have to be strong.

Remember the initial pain you felt when you discovered that his feelings for you aren’t genuine. Remember how many times you cried yourself to sleep thinking that he’d change if you only gave him more time.

Let those thoughts motivate you to keep going and focus on yourself.

It’s understandable that the truth crushed your heart into a million pieces, but you’ll recover from it. You’ll rise from the ashes of your failed relationship and come out stronger than ever.

After all, it’s better to live with the bitter truth than live in a sweet lie.

4. You can’t trust any other man because you don’t know if he’s just pretending

DONE! How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

The worst thing is that you’ll have a hard time believing any man’s intentions after surviving a fake relationship. For a long time, you won’t be able to differentiate between what is truth and what is a lie.

You’ll develop trust issues and it won’t be easy for you to give another man a chance to be part of your life. That’s how difficult it is to recover from someone who pretended to love you.

You’ll doubt every man that you meet after him, and that’s exhausting. I mean, you’ll be aware of the fact that you need to start trusting people, but you just won’t be able to do it. You’ll think that everyone is lying to you and that their only goal is to hurt you even more.

But trust me, there will be a man who enters your life who will make all your fears go away. You need to be patient and wait for the guy who’ll prove to you that real love exists.

How Pretending To Love Someone Can Break A Person

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