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How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats

How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats

Although every person behaves differently in a relationship, there are some characteristics connected with cheating that are common to each zodiac sign. Here is how each zodiac sign cheats.


Aries is a sign that enjoys adventures, and for them, cheating is just another adventure. They don’t think of the consequences it leaves for the other person.

They can’t stay in one place for a long time, and they don’t enjoy having a dull life without any excitement. Consequently, they can’t be with one person for a long time, or if they manage to do that, they can rarely stay monogamous.

Cheating is in the blood of Aries, and it’s their guilty pleasure. They cheat even if they are madly in love with their partner, just because of the thrill it brings. But the worst part about them is not the fact they are prone to cheatingit’s the fact that they rarely take responsibility for their actions in the relationship.

Instead of facing the fact they were wrong, Aries likes to play the victim. They have a strong defense mechanism that helps them live with the things they did. They won’t admit they hurt you. Instead, they’ll try to blame you for their actions.

This is their way to justify their behavior, and it helps them deal with their conscience. Even when they know how much pain they’ve caused you, Aries will believe they did it for a reason and that their partners caused the cheating to happen.


How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats 2

Taurus behaves in a completely different manner than Aries. This is a faithful and loyal zodiac sign that doesn’t enjoy cheating. Instead, they are sensual and sensitive lovers and enjoy being in a monogamous, committed, and long-term relationship.

When a Taurus is with you, he only has eyes for you and is not interested in other women. But, if a Taurus does cheat on you, it probably means he doesn’t love you anymore and that he has fallen in love with the person he cheated with.

For Taurus, cheating is not a casual sporteverything they do related to love affairs has a deeper meaning for them. It is probable that Taurus will leave you the moment they stop having feelings for you, but if it happens that they cheat, there is no coming back.

They will probably even admit to cheating on you, because they simply can’t live with the guilt.


If a Gemini cheats on you, they will probably do it with someone close to you, which makes it even more painful to deal with. Gemini is a zodiac led mostly by lust and instincts and simply can’t control themselves if they like another person, which is, of course, no excuse.

They are the people who can stay monogamous for a certain period of time, i.e., as long as you keep their focus and attention. But as soon as they get bored in a relationship, they’ll find their excitement somewhere else.

Another funny characteristic about Geminis when it comes to cheating is the fact that they’ll probably end up mad at you for leaving them after they cheated on you.


How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats 3

Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs there is. They are always looking for their soulmate, and if they cheat on you, they probably feel unloved and unwanted and are actually in search of love from someone else.

They are actually very simplewhen they feel incomplete in a relationship with you or see that you are not giving them the love they yearn for, they’ll look for it elsewhere. They don’t enjoy cheating and are really bad at it because their conscience kills them.

They usually feel guilty for causing you pain and actually pray that you find out they are cheating on you, so you can put them out of their misery.


Leo is the sign that doesn’t enjoy cheating. They appreciate the peace they have too much to break it just for pure physical satisfaction. Leos rarely have a problem with monogamyall they want is a drama-free life.

They are considered to be one of the most loyal signs, but actually just hate to get out of their comfort zone. For them, cheating is something that causes unnecessary stress and complications and therefore, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

They tend to be with someone who makes them calm, and therefore, they are rarely in any search for some extra excitement.


When it comes to cheating, Virgos are professionals in it. Whatever they do in life, they do it with a plan.

They are not reckless, and if they decide to cheat on you, you will never find out. Before they do it, they imagine every possible situation that can occur and make a pre-plan on how to get away with it. Virgo is known to always have a backup plan, and if you are involved with this sign, you should be extra careful.


How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats 4

Libra is also one of the zodiacs that is a professional when it comes to cheating. They are able to date more than one person for a long period of time, without any of them realizing it.

Even if Libras get caught, they don’t think of giving up on their lifestyle. Instead, they just get better at it. When they cheat, they don’t take responsibility for their actions, similar to Aries. Instead, they run away from their consciences and realize what they have done when it’s too late.


Scorpio is one of the most passionate zodiac signs, and despite the common belief, they treat their relationships very seriously. But when a Scorpio falls in love, they are blinded with passion and can’t seem to control themselves.

They rarely cheat, but are often the zodiac sign that is mostly cheated on and are the sign that people cheat on with. Although they feel guilty when they are being cheated on, they can’t help themselves because they are overly consumed with the love they feel for the person they are involved with.


When it comes to cheating, Sagittarius is similar to Aries. For them, cheating is just a game and they look at it as a fun activity to fulfill their stressful lives with. 

Sagittarius are born players and they never miss an opportunity to be with someone. You’ll need to have tons of energy for dating a Sagittarius woman and you’ll also need to accept the fact that she’s very independent and that she may disappear for a while.

They are known as people who don’t have trouble changing their partners frequently, and therefore, they can rarely stay monogamous for a longer period of time.

What differentiates them from Aries is that they are capable of feeling guilty for the things they did. But that guilt doesn’t prevent them to continue leading the same lifestyle.


How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats 5

Capricorns have a carefree, relaxed nature, and therefore, they don’t consider cheating to be a big deal. They don’t have a problem with feeling guilty for their actions because they don’t think they did anything harmfulthey were just having a good time.

Besides, Capricorns are very good at hiding their affairs and you’ll have to be a professional to catch them red-handed.


When Aquarius cheat, they connect it with love. They are emotional cheaters and fall in love with the people they cheat with.

If an Aquarius cheats on you, there is probably nothing you can do about itthey have lost all the love they had for you and have deep feelings for this other person. But, at the same time, they have a strong consciousness and will feel guilty once they cheat on you.

Therefore, they will want you to find out about their affairs, but will rarely have the courage to tell you themselves.


Pisces are similar to Virgosthey are also masters of cheating. But the difference between these two signs lies in the fact that Pisces do get caught eventually.

Pisces are not only good cheaters, they are also excellent liars, and these two characteristics go hand in hand.  When they cheat, they are selfish and only think about their own well- being and are ready to use different types of emotional manipulation just to get their way.

How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats

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