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How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

Even if it sounds a bit weird or silly, you should actually thank all the men who have hurt you and I’m not joking in any way. You really should do that.

Those awful, immature boys didn’t only betray you but they did so much more. They also taught you valuable lessons that made you the woman you are today.

The most important lesson that you’ve learned from them is that you’re much stronger than you think you are. And you can thank them for that.

Yes, those men broke your heart and soul but you’re still standing on your own two feet. You still hope that you’re going to meet the man of your dreams and that he’ll come and show you what true love really means.

Those wrong men taught you many valuable lessons and those broken relationships really did make you stronger and wiser. It’s all a matter of perspective, it’s how you now look at it.

You learned that no matter how much you love a man, the love you have for yourself should always be greater.

DONE! How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

In many relationships, you failed to put yourself at the top of your priority list and that’s because you felt that you weren’t enough. You questioned your worth because those exes made you feel like you didn’t deserve to be loved at all.

But after taking a step back and realizing that your happiness doesn’t depend on a man, you realized that you should always be the number one priority in your life. And truth be told, you can’t expect someone to love you unless you learn to fall in love with yourself first.

You should never allow anyone to become more important than you.

Some guys only care about themselves, they won’t appreciate you as you think they should and their only goal is to use you and your love. But no more.

The love that you have for yourself is and should be greater than anyone else’s and you know this now.

You’ve learned that it’s always better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t respect you.

DONE! How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

You believed that the love you had for him would help him change. You knew that he didn’t treat you the way you deserved to be treated but despite that, you stayed by his side.

You’ve always had a soft heart and always believed that anyone can be good but he disappointed you. He never even tried to change, he only caused you to suffer and brought you more pain with each new day.

Eventually, you decided that you’d had enough. There’s always a choice and between a one-sided toxic relationship and beautiful freedom, you chose to be free again and never return to him ever!

You chose yourself over someone else.

You learned that you should never lose your identity in a relationship!

DONE! How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

A relationship consists of two people who complement each other and evolve as they grow older.

That means you won’t stay the same and you’ll change some things about yourself that your partner isn’t okay with, which is completely fine as this is a must for every healthy relationship.

On the other hand, you should never change yourself completely for someone else. Even if you have strong feelings for that person, he has to accept you for who you are.

Truthfully, if he genuinely loves you and if he’s the right for you, he won’t have the need to change you. He’ll embrace all of you, even your flaws.

And if he doesn’t, keep in mind that it’s his loss and not yours. You understand this now.

You now know that you’re worthy of love and you should never settle for anything less than you deserve.

Now, you don’t let other people tell you that your standards are too high just because you know he doesn’t deserve you. It’s called self-respect and you have the right to choose to be happy.

If you decide to ignore your own needs and emotions in a relationship, then you’re betraying yourself. The most important relationship that you can have is the one with yourself.

If that kind of relationship is strong and stable, then no man can ever hurt you. He won’t have the power to control you or manipulate you because you know that you don’t deserve it.

You know you can only rely on yourself.

DONE! How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

Many people believe that women are the weaker sex and that they can’t be strong or independent but that’s not true at all. And the sad part is that women often believe this and they depend on their partners.

But the wrong men have taught you differently. They debunked this myth as they helped you to become a superwoman.

They taught you that the only person who’ll always be there is yourself. No matter how difficult things become, you’ll always have yourself even if others walk away from you.

You learned that there are some things in a relationship that are non-negotiable.

Another lesson that you learned from those wrong men is that some aspects of a relationship are non-negotiable. Even though making compromises is the foundation for every healthy relationship, you should never forget about your principles.

You never compromise on that, as you know that your needs and emotions are as equally important as your partner’s. You should always strive to satisfy them but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on any of your core values.

If you do that, you know that you’ll lose yourself in a relationship.

You learned that being in a one-sided relationship is the worst mistake you can ever make.

DONE! How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

The only way a relationship can work is if both people put an equal amount of effort and energy into it. If one partner does all the work and makes all the sacrifices, then this one-sided relationship is doomed to fail.

And you learned that from those wrong men. They taught you that it’s better to be single than with someone who doesn’t bring anything to the table and you’ll never allow yourself to be in a relationship like that ever again.

You understand that if there’s no love, then there’s no future for the two of you.

You can’t fix something that’s already broken. If the love is gone, then you have to understand that nothing in the world can bring the two of you back together.

There are many reasons why you should appreciate your past relationships and why you should be thankful for those wrong men. These valuable lessons made you wiser for your future and now you know what you want and how to get it.

Those exes taught you to prioritize yourself because that’s the only way you’ll ever be truly happy.

How All The Wrong Men Made You Become Wiser

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