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How A Woman Should Treat A Man: 25 Best Ways To Do It

How A Woman Should Treat A Man: 25 Best Ways To Do It

We’ve all probably read some articles about how a woman should be treated. But have you seen many of them titled “How a woman should treat a man?”? Probably not, because people usually focus on treating women in the right way.

However, men also deserve to be respected and loved. But we need to learn how to do that correctly, in order to make our boyfriends or husbands happy. Think about the things you would like him to do for you and know that he probably wants the same from you.

Yet, there are some things that don’t seem that important to us, but men really desire them. Don’t worry. You won’t have to find them on your own, because I’ve prepared everything you need to know. So, what are we waiting for?

How a woman should treat a man? Here are 25 answers to that question

Before we start, let me just tell you something real quick. Every person is different and some things that are very important to one man, might not be that significant to the other. However, these 25 pieces of advice are about the things almost all men would like to experience.

So, scroll down and learn something new about how a woman should treat a man. Enjoy!

1. Show him that you love and care about him

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

Let’s start with the first and most important advice I have for you. If a woman wants to treat a man the right way, she first needs to show him that she loves and cares about him. But that shouldn’t be a difficult task for someone who is in love.

Now, how to achieve this? You’ll do it by following the rest of the advice I’ve prepared. Every one of them will show your partner that he’s your number one and that you want to make your relationship the best one out there.

And here’s a little additional tip that I didn’t include below – don’t forget to tell him the three magic words. And no, it’s not “I am hungry“! It’s a small sentence with a huge meaning behind it. It’s something that will melt his heart every time he hears it. And those three words are: “I love you.

2. Be a good listener

If you want to show him you care, there’s no better way to do so, than to be a good listener. Nowadays people are so focused on their own problems so they keep talking about them all the time. They complain about how difficult their life is and how no one understands them.

But when it’s time to listen to what others have to say about their life, it’s suddenly time to go home or change a subject. So be different! Talk about what’s on your mind, but also show your partner that he can talk to you and you’ll listen carefully.

Give him advice and help him resolve his issues. And he’ll appreciate that he has a woman like you next to him. On top of that, every problem you as a couple face will be easily gone because you’re stronger together.

3. Be his shoulder to cry on

DONE How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It 2

This one is connected to the thing I just mentioned. The world made men think that they must be strong no matter what is going on in their lives. If they cry, they are weak. If they seek help, they are weak. Even if they complain about their problems, they are weak again.

It’s important to help him realize that it’s not true. Crying doesn’t make him weak. Seeking help doesn’t make him weak. And neither does complaining about his problems. Show him that he’ll never have to hide his feeling when he’s with you.

Be his shoulder to cry on and a person who’ll always be ready to listen to him. Explain that bottling his feelings can only cause bigger issues that are very difficult to resolve.

4. Respect him

When it comes to the question “How a woman should treat a man?” I like to use ‘respect’ as one of the most important answers. If we don’t respect someone we show them that we don’t care about them nor love them. Is that how you want your partner to feel? Of course, it’s not.

In order to treat him the right way, you need to respect his opinion. You shouldn’t judge his wishes and things he’s interested in. Instead, you should ask him to explain why something means so much to him. You should also be careful about how you behave and how you treat him.

But there’s also one more thing I would like to add. If you want him to know you really care, you’ll need to be respectful towards other people he cares about. And those are his friends and family. Trust me, he’ll appreciate it a lot.

5. Stop comparing him with other men

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

One thing that men really hate is being compared to someone else. Especially if it’s your ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, or even someone you spend a lot of time with; like your colleagues or a male best friend.

They hate it because they feel threatened by them and it makes them afraid that they aren’t good enough for you.

They will usually display their negative emotions by being jealous. So if you’re constantly comparing your partner with somebody else, you might have to deal with some jealousy issues. Is that something you would like to deal with? Of course not.

So be careful. If you want to tell him he’s not doing something the right way, just explain why that situation bothers you. You don’t have to mention how other people would act if they were in the same situation.

6. Make sure you know what’s important to him

If you want to show your man you love him, you should make sure that you know what’s important to him. Let me ask you something. Who is the person who knows you better than anyone else? It’s your best friend, right?

Okay, here’s my advice then. When you’re with someone or you’re trying to get together, it’s important that you are each other’s best friends.

So if you want to have an amazing relationship with your partner you’ll need to know everything that’s important to him. Those could be his hobbies, favorite movies, books, or songs, places he loves, his favorite season of the year, or the people he cares about the most.

Of course, there are many more things you can find out about him, but I’m letting you figure them out on your own. Trust me, it’s gonna be fun!

7. Let him be your hero

DONE How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It 4

There’s one thing men really love. It’s being your hero. They really love feeling important to you. It’s crucial to them that you feel safe because you know nothing bad can happen to you as long as you’re with your partner.

They also love “saving you”. Saving you from your past issues, people who treat you badly, difficult life situations, or anything else that you might find hard to deal with.

Being your hero and your protector gives them a whole new purpose in life and it’s what keeps them going and motivates them to become even better.

So if you want to make him happy, leave some little problems unresolved and let him help you. You’ll see how much it will mean to him.

8. Give him space

If a woman wants to treat a man the right way, she’ll need to learn to give him space. Are you constantly calling your partner to see where he’s at and who’s with him? Or maybe you’re always complaining that he’s playing video games every day or watching TV?

If you are, you should stop doing that. Try to understand how that would make you feel. Let’s say you’re out with your best friends, you already told him where you’re going and who’s going with you, but he still calls you every half an hour. What would you think? Probably that he doesn’t trust you.

Or you really want some time alone to read your favorite book or play that game you recently installed, but he starts complaining that you’re always doing that. How would that make you feel? Probably sad and you’ll feel like you can’t have any time for yourself.

So be careful when it comes to this. Everybody needs to have some “me time” and the opportunity to go out without being interrupted every few minutes.

9. Plan a date

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

Men are usually the ones who plan dates and arrange the next meeting. It’s not a rule, but it’s just something that happens almost always. So if you want to spice things up a bit, here’s a little advice. Be the one who’ll plan a date and take him out.

Remember all the things he likes and try to figure out what’s something that he’ll enjoy the most. If he likes solving mysteries, go to the Escape Room together or watch a movie at the cinema. If he likes sports, watch a game together. Or if he likes video games, then maybe you can play some together.

You’ll easily think of a perfect date if you first sit down and remember all the things he cares about. Planning a date is a fun activity, so it’s definitely something you’ll enjoy. And something that will make your partner very happy.

10. Give him lots of compliments

Let’s be real, who usually gets more compliments, men or women? That’s right, women. But men really love getting compliments too, it’s just that they don’t get that opportunity very often. So if you want to make him special, you’ll keep this advice in mind.

Think about what are some things that you like the most about him. Pick some things that you like about his appearance. Then some that you love about his personality. And then use those things as a compliment.

You can tell him that when he’s getting ready for work to boost his confidence. When he goes to sleep so he can sleep better. Or in the morning to make him happy for the rest of the day.

11. Tell him you’re happy because of him

DONE How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It 6

If a woman wants to treat her man the right way, she’ll need to show him that he’s the one who has the power to make her happy. Just as they love being our heroes and our protectors, they want to know whether they make us happy or not.

If they don’t, they’ll feel like they’ve failed at their job which will make them sad. Just as we need reassurance about how the new dress fits us, or how the new hairstyle looks on us, men need reassurance that they make us feel happy and loved.

So don’t forget to tell him that he’s the reason you smile today, or that his actions made your day.

12. Show him that you trust him

If you want him to feel good in your relationship, you’ll need to show him you trust him. Remember when I told you that you need to give him some space? Yes? Great, because this has a lot to do with that advice.

Sometimes we are constantly checking on a person we love because we are afraid we’ll lose them.

When they go out, we let our anxiety take over us and we believe when it tells us that he’ll meet someone new if he’s out without us. And if we often call them or text them, we assume that we’ll lower the chances of that happening.

It’s not true! The only thing that’s true is that you’ll show your partner you don’t trust him. And that’s something that will make him angry and sad because he never gave you a reason to doubt his loyalty.

13. Make plans

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

Show him that you care about him by making plans. Start with the small ones, like what the two of you will do together tomorrow, where you’re gonna go, or what you’re gonna eat.

Then you can move on to some bigger plans like what is it that you would like to experience together this summer. Maybe it’s traveling to another country, or starting a new hobby.

And after that show him that you even have long-term plans for the two of you. If you have similar interests maybe you can suggest starting a business, or if you’re in a serious relationship you can start talking about the family.

That way you’ll show him that you see him as a person you would like to spend the rest of your life with. And there’s no better feeling than that.

14. Don’t forget that little things are very important

Little things are a great tool that can help a woman treat a man the right way. How? Would you agree with me if I told you that we always remember the small things someone has done for us? You probably would.

Take a minute and remember what’s something that seemed like a small thing but had a huge positive impact on your day, mood, or even life. I bet you’ll remember at least a few things.

So use those small details you know about your husband. Use them to make a surprise for him or to make him happy after he’s had a difficult day.

15. Support him

DONE How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It 8

We all have some plans, goals, and wishes in our lives. But we’ll achieve them more easily if we have a person who supports us and helps us during that time. When you’re in a relationship, your partner should be your biggest fan.

If your man told you he is working towards something, try to be there for him as much as you can. Support him in the sense that you’ll make sure he knows you believe in him. But also point out some mistakes you think he might be making.

However, be careful about how you’re gonna tell him that because if you sound harsh, he might think that you don’t believe that he can make it.

16. Stay faithful!

A woman who isn’t faithful to her man should always be aware of the fact that it’s definitely not a good way to treat a person. Especially, someone, she claims to care about.

You can’t cheat on someone and then say you love and care about that person. It’s not how relationships work. So if you notice you started being interested in someone else, it’s best you take a few days and figure out what you want to do next.

If you really like the new person, break up with your current partner. But never ever let yourself hurt someone by being unfaithful. No one deserves that from a person they love.

17. Try out some of his hobbies

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

One of the great ways to make him happy is to show him you are interested in his hobbies. People usually have at least a few of them. So, if you really don’t like his number one hobby, you might want to take a look at the second thing on the list of things he loves to do the most.

It is something that can definitely help your relationship. And you can even make it your thing. Every week you’ll try some hobby of his, and maybe you’ll like it too and you’ll continue doing it together.

But he’ll also try some of yours and you’ll also get the chance to enjoy spending more time with him, doing the things you love.

18. Don’t use your phone a lot when you’re with him

In order to make him feel like he’s your priority, you need to act like he is. And if you’re constantly on your phone while you’re with him, it’s definitely not how you’ll achieve the wanted result.

If you really need to answer a message or a phone call, it is totally okay to do so. But don’t spend the next half an hour scrolling through your Facebook page and laughing at the funny stuff you’ve seen.

Instead, you can either leave your phone or look at those funny things together with your partner. That way you’ll show him that he’s your number one and not the people on your Facebook timeline or Instagram feed.

19. Make sure he knows you’re thinking about him

DONE How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It 10

This one is connected to the importance of the little things I already mentioned. If you’re wondering about more ways of how a woman should treat a man, then you should definitely take a look at this one.

Always make sure that he knows you’re thinking about him. You can do that by sending him a cute short message. Or maybe leaving a note or his favorite chocolate somewhere among the things you know he carries to work. You can even place sticky notes around the house and bring a smile onto his face.

Those are some really cute ideas that will definitely force a smile on his face and prove that you really love and care about him.

20. Respect his concerns

It’s difficult for men to open up and talk about their concerns. Especially because of the reasons I mentioned under the number 3 (if you don’t remember it was about men and crying).

But when they finally do and they talk about what’s something that bothers them, most women snap at them and immediately try to defend themselves. You shouldn’t do that if you want to make him feel respected and valued.

If you want to have a healthy relationship you should never run from solving the things you might have done wrong.

21. Surprise him with something he loves

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

The best way to make his day is to surprise him with something he loves. Remember the little things he loves and use them to plan a perfect surprise, just like you used them to plan an interesting date for the two of you.

You can try making coupons that he can use whenever he wants. They will be about all the things he loves and enjoys. For example, you can make a coupon saying “Today I’ll cook your favorite lunch” or “We’ll stay in tonight and watch your favorite movie”.

22. Ask him for advice

Just as I said that men love being our heroes and protectors, they adore being asked for advice. So if you want to be a woman who treats a man the way he would like to be treated, use this tip.

There’s always something you can ask him. He can help you choose what to wear or what to buy, what to cook or do that day. But he can also help you with more difficult situations, like your work or issues with your friends and family. Trust me, he’ll be happy to help you.

23. Don’t be a drama queen

DONE How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It 12

Let’s be real, women love making drama from time to time. Especially if we feel like no one pays enough attention to us. Then we choose to press the red button and cause a scene just so our partner focuses on us.

If you want to be a partner who isn’t toxic, then try not to do this. Things like this could lead to bigger problems and it’s definitely not something that will benefit your relationship. And it will soon start being very annoying to your partner.

24. Return his calls and texts as soon as possible

If you see that your boyfriend or husband is calling you or texting you, you should answer as soon as possible. Of course, you don’t have to do it right away, but when you finish whatever is keeping you busy make sure to text him.

Why am I saying this? Because when we love someone, and that person doesn’t respond to our messages or phone calls for a long time, we start worrying that something bad happened to them. If everything is fine you should never make your partner wonder whether you’re okay or not.

25. Don’t forget your own wishes and goals

How A Woman Should Treat A Man 25 Best Ways To Do It

And the last answer to the question “How a woman should treat a man?” is that she should never forget her own wishes and goals. But what does it have to do with her partner?

It will show him that he has an ambitious, beautiful, smart woman next to him. And he’ll be proud to call himself your boyfriend/husband.

Talk to him about the biggest goals you want to reach, and the wishes you’ve had since you were a little girl. He might motivate you even more. One thing is for sure, he will definitely be proud of you and be happy that you’ve decided to share this with him.

It’s already the end! Now you know how a woman should treat a man and hopefully, you realize it’s not difficult at all.. But it’s still something that can make your relationship even better. Before you click the “back” button, I only need to tell you one more thing – You don’t have to apply all this advice at once.

You can even write them on a piece of paper and arrange them according to your own order of importance. That way you’ll be able to do something nice every day and make your partner the happiest man on Earth.

And if you came here to find out the ways how you can show your significant other that you love and care about him, you need to know that you’re a woman most men would wish to have. Be proud of yourself!

How A Woman Should Treat A Man: 25 Best Ways To Do It

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