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His Bad Mood Shouldn’t Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

His Bad Mood Shouldn’t Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

How many times did you hear him saying that he was in a bad mood? That was his number one excuse, the one he used every time he treated you badly.

He used his words to insult you and acted like your biggest enemy. He kept bringing you down and ruined your confidence completely.

You suffered a lot but it looked like he wasn’t even aware of it. Instead of changing himself, he kept doing the same things, over and over again.

He saw tears in your eyes but he never did anything to stop them from coming. He saw that you were breaking apart but he didn’t seem to care about your feelings.

The only thing that mattered to him was his happiness. And he clearly had that.

Throughout the relationship, you felt like you needed to tiptoe around him. You chose your words carefully because you knew that he would do something hurtful to you if you got on his nerves.

Walking on eggshells, you chose your steps wisely because you couldn’t stand him walking all over you anymore. And you knew what could happen if you said something wrong.

DONE! His Bad Mood Shouldn't Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

You knew that his behavior would change immediately. An angel becomes a devil the same second he feels like you’re telling him what to do.

So, you spent most of the time quiet, waiting for a sign from him that you were allowed to express your opinion. Like a bird in a cage, you couldn’t fly away, as you were locked inside and you thought that he was the one who had the keys.

But at some point, you realized that you weren’t born to live your life in fear, waiting for him to show you his real face and cut you with his cruel words like they were knives. You realized that he didn’t hold power over you.

All that time, it was you who had the keys. It was you who had to do something in order to free yourself from the shackles of your partner’s cruel behavior.

And once you’d had enough, you decided that it was time to go. You decided that you’d either walk away or you’d keep hurting for the rest of your life.

The choice was easy. You would rather leave him than let him walk over you and disrespect you day after day.

So, you did exactly that. You let him go and made sure that he couldn’t come back into your life ever again.

However, you couldn’t go before a confrontation. You had to look him in the eyes and spit out all of the cruel things he did to you.

DONE! His Bad Mood Shouldn't Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

You had been holding in your feelings for too long and if you didn’t share them with him, you felt like you could explode.

While he was standing in front of you, expecting to see all of the control he had over you, you surprised him with your anger and words of protest.

You told him to his face that he was a coward who would never know what love feels like.

You let him know that you would have walked away from him a long time ago if only you’d realized earlier that other men don’t treat their women the way he did.

No one would ever love him once they found out his real face and you had to let him know that. And after that, you simply walked away.

This man (if we can even call him that) taught you a lesson. He made you realize that his bad mood should never be an excuse for his cruel behavior.

Because it’s not his life experiences that made him the way he is. Instead, he was born that way.
He was born a manipulator and a toxic person who doesn’t know how to treat people with respect.
DONE! His Bad Mood Shouldn't Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

The pain he saw in your eyes gave him power and made him feel like he was the one in control and he loved that feeling. He loved knowing that he could bring you down with just one word.

He could help ruin your self-esteem with a simple move or two. All of the excuses he gave you were his way of getting you to do whatever he wanted.

He knew that you would do anything you could to see him happy. He knew that you would put your heart and soul into that relationship just to see a smile on his face.

And that’s exactly what he wanted. That’s exactly what he expected you to do.

Then, when he’d had enough of you, he would walk away from your life like you meant nothing to him. He would bail on you and leave you in the past.

Just like that.

But the good thing is that you finally realized that he wasn’t the person he pretended to be. He wasn’t in a bad mood all that time – that was an excuse he used to keep you in his grasp.

Instead, he was a cruel and toxic person, incapable of love. He was a guy with low self-esteem and you were a simple boost for his ego.

DONE! His Bad Mood Shouldn't Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

No matter what you did to please him, he never changed and he never would. But thankfully, you freed himself from his terror.

You helped yourself walk away from the pain he was inflicting on you. You won the game because you were stronger than him.

The power he thought he had was actually in your hands all that time. And now that you’ve left him, he’s just a broken man who’ll need to do his best to find another victim because you brought him down with your departure.

So, for all those women who are tolerating unacceptable treatment from their man – you need to know that a bad mood should never be an excuse for his bad behavior.

Life didn’t make him the way he is. He was that way to begin with and you’ll never be able to change that.

So, save yourself in time and don’t ever confuse his cruelty for love. Once you meet a real man, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

His Bad Mood Shouldn't Be An Excuse For His Cruel Behavior

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