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He’s Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You’re Not Around

When you’re in a relationship, it’s obvious that you want your partner to stay loyal to you, no matter what.

It doesn’t make much of a difference whether you see each other every day or if there’s a distance between you that makes it impossible to spend much time together. You still want your guy to show you that his behavior won’t change.

He’ll choose to stay by your side, regardless.

But sometimes, this doesn’t happen. You don’t even have to be in a long-distance relationship to notice that your boyfriend isn’t staying true to his words.

If he does any of the following things, then he’s not the right one for you.

1. He complains about you to others

DONE! He's Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You're Not Around

Even if you run into a disagreement, your boyfriend should solve the issue with you. There’s really no point in going around talking badly about you to his friends, family members, or co-workers.

The only people who should know about your problems are the two of you. That’s how you know that you’re doing the right thing for your relationship – by keeping it private and isolated from the rest of the world.

But the moment he goes to complain to someone about you, he’s actually letting others come in between the two of you.

So, if your friends let you know that your boyfriend has been talking behind your back then you should have a talk with him.

You should let him know that you won’t allow him to disrespect you and that’s exactly what he’s doing every time he complains about you to anyone except you.

2. He acts like he’s not in a relationship

DONE! He's Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You're Not Around

A guy who acts like he doesn’t have a girlfriend whenever you’re not around is a guy you should stay away from.

It’s clear that he doesn’t respect you since he believes that he’s allowed to flirt with other girls whenever you’re not in the same room as him. This behavior is a betrayal and it shows how little you mean to him.

Being loyal to someone doesn’t only mean that you shouldn’t physically cheat on your partner. It also means not doing all of the other things that can be even worse than cheating in terms of ruining the trust the other person feels for you.

If he wouldn’t do it in front of you, then it’s obvious that it’s cheating. And even he knows that, which is exactly why he hides it from you.

3. He regularly breaks his promises

DONE! He's Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You're Not Around

A guy who breaks his promises isn’t the right one for you. And here’s why!

When he promises that he will stop talking to his ex because it makes you uncomfortable, he should know enough to keep his word. He shouldn’t reach out to her every time you’re at work and then stop texting her when you get home.

That’s not really what it means to keep a promise.

If he promised that he would stop drinking because he gets unbearable every time he’s drunk but he keeps ordering drinks as soon as you leave the bar, then it’s also something you shouldn’t tolerate.

It’s obvious that this guy is a liar who’s trying to manipulate you. He pretends to be a nice guy, while the reality is far from that.

The thing is that his behavior won’t change with time. It can actually only get worse if you allow him to lie directly to your face.

So, you need to either confront him and give him a timeframe to make a change or you should leave him right away because it’s plain to see he’s not the right one for you.

4. He keeps chatting to other girls

DONE! He's Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You're Not Around

In a world where we’re all one click away from one another, sliding into a girl’s DMs can be seen as a way to make friends but it can also be seen as cheating. So, it’s up to you to create a boundary you’ll need your partner to respect.

If your boyfriend already knows how you feel about online chatting, then his willingness to talk to other girls is clearly not a sign of loyalty.

If he pretends that he’s not chatting to anyone but he quickly replies to other girls’ stories whenever you’re not around, then you should know that he’s not the right one for you.

The moment he decides to ignore your boundaries is the moment he crosses the line.

If he already knows how you feel about this gray zone of online chatting and he pretends that he understands you but his actions show you that all he’s been doing is lying to you, then that’s completely wrong.

His behavior shows that you can’t trust him as he obviously isn’t willing to remain true to you. And that’s not something your boyfriend should do.

5. He harrasses you over texts

DONE! He's Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You're Not Around

Whenever you’re apart, he keeps sending you these interrogative texts about where you are, who’s with you, and when you’re getting home.

At first, you thought that he was feeling uncomfortable because of the distance but you should know that there’s no good enough reason why he should act this way.

A relationship should be based on trust and he’s clearly showing you that he doesn’t trust you. He shouldn’t make you feel bad for having fun, going out with your friends, or simply taking a walk without taking your phone.

He shouldn’t make you feel like you’re obliged to report to him about every move that you make. If he can’t trust you then he’s not the right one for you.

And if he’s not the right one for you then you should walk away from him before you get hurt.

He's Not The Right One If He Does These 5 Things Whenever You're Not Around

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