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Here’s Why You’ll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

How many times have you encountered a narcissist? Sometimes, without even knowing it, we crave to be loved by one.

You’ve probably encountered them more than you realize. You may not even know that your current partner is a narcissist!

When you met him for the first time, you thought that there wasn’t a more charming human being out there. You clicked on the first date and since then you’ve been stuck loving him.

Your narcissist did what people of his kind are best at – manipulating people into liking them.

Since then, quite some time has passed and you still haven’t been able to free yourself from his grasp. Somehow you’re still waiting for him to love you.

When he says he loves you, you don’t feel it. He can say it as often as he wants, but his actions don’t show it.

DONE! Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

And let’s not even talk about the fact that he takes the words back the very moment he gets angry with you. He gives you breadcrumbs of what could be a functional relationship, shows you how good he is at giving pretend-affection, and then leaves you crying alone in your room.

This man certainly doesn’t care about you and your feelings. But sadly, it doesn’t change the fact that you still want him to love you.

His charm, even though they’re an act, still make your heart flutter.

And still, he doesn’t seem to realize just how much he’s hurting you, so he’s still not breaking up with you. He’s staying close by, which makes you believe that he still wants you in his own selfishly disturbing way.

Even when you believe that he’s falling in love with you and you’re fixing his issues, the truth is, a narcissist will never be able to love you.

You will never be lovable enough for a narcissist, no matter how hard you try.

He isn’t able to love anyone but himself.

DONE! Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

It’s even debatable if he loves himself. Narcissists have deep-rooted insecurities, and the fact that they do things for their own benefit doesn’t mean that it comes from true self-confidence.

However, he won’t be able to love you and do things for you in any other way than when he deliberately chooses to spoil himself.

You’ll see it every time you have to choose what to eat and he goes for whatever he’s feeling without even asking you.

A person without narcissistic tendencies would approach you and ask for your opinion. He’d want to make you happy.

A narcissist cares about your happiness as long as it benefits him in some way. You can’t expect a narcissist to care about you more than he cares about himself.

It’s hard to understand this and live with this truth, but it’s undeniable and you can’t change it.

You will never be lovable enough for a narcissist because he’s unable to admit when he’s wrong.

DONE! Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

When someone truly loves you, even when they’re ashamed about being wrong about something, they’ll still be able to admit their mistake.

If they hurt you or made you feel uncomfortable in any way, they’ll find it in themselves to apologize.

Your narcissistic boyfriend doesn’t even know how to admit to himself that he’s wrong about something.

He’ll gaslight you into believing that you’re crazy. He’ll make you believe that it’s your fault for feeling that way.

When he’s wrong about something, he’ll continue convincing you until you say that he was right. Instead of admitting his faults, he won’t shy away from giving you the silent treatment until you give up.

Someone like this can’t truly love you. A healthy relationship means that you understand that you’re both human beings who make mistakes.

No one’s perfect – but a narcissist likes to believe that he is.

You’ll never be lovable enough for a narcissist, because he’ll always demand perfection.

DONE! Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

He’s looking for absolute perfection. You’re simply not good enough for him!

Everything you do, no matter how thoughtful and caring it is, it won’t be enough for him.

He’ll criticize you for the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you sit –the way you do anything.

He’ll believe that he’s always right and so you have to live up to his standards. A man like that is capable of convincing you that you truly are full of imperfections and not worth the trouble.

He’ll make you believe that he’s doing charity work by being with you. You’ll look in the mirror and start only seeing those imperfections he pointed out.

A narcissist can make you develop an eating disorder, telling you repeatedly that you’re too fat. You’ll work yourself to the bone in the gym just to please him, but it’ll never be enough.

He’ll continue to comment on everything you do or don’t do, and the way you look until he completely breaks you apart.

You’ll never be lovable enough for a narcissist because he believes that you only exist for his pleasure and to be humiliated by him.

DONE! Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

Have you ever wondered why he keeps on behaving like that? Ever wonder why he smiles so wickedly whenever he humiliates you?

Your narcissistic boyfriend will never be able to love you because he isn’t able to look at you and see a human being. All he sees is a tool for his own pleasure.

I know that this is extremely hard to hear. He makes you believe that he isn’t a monster, that there’s actually humanity beneath the surface.

But what you need to understand that it’s all a facade he puts on to make you stay. He’s pulling an act that’ll make you think that he’s more than a predator who does nothing but thrives on your misery.

He gets a kick out of humiliating you and will never be able to love you.

You’ll never be lovable enough for a narcissist, so be smart enough and walk away from him before it’s too late.

DONE! Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

People go through years of recovery after being abused by a narcissist. Give yourself the time to heal and then you can go find yourself someone who’ll love you more than anything in this world.

There’s someone out there who will understand the things you’ve been through and he’ll do whatever he can to make you feel loved, appreciated, and worthy.

It’ll feel weird to live without a narcissist in your life, but it’s the only way you’ll have one.

Because you need to accept the truth: A narcissist can’t love you.

Here's Why You'll Never Be Lovable Enough For A Narcissist

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