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Here’s What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

Congrats on hurting the girl who was afraid of falling for you anyway but you pushed her over her limits and proved to her that there was a reason to be scared.

When she saw you, she knew it in her heart that you were bad for her. Your eyes shone like the eyes of all of the bad guys that hurt her before.

You had the confidence of a player and you looked like a heartbreaker.

She instantly became afraid of you because she knew that the only thing you’d do is break her heart.

One bad move and she’d doom herself to failure.

So, she tried to run away from you, knowing that you could never give her the kind of love she deserves.

DONE - Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

And then, as predicted, you only destroyed her heart and tore it into pieces. And she knew that very well because she had some guys like you in the past.

They all looked like you and they all behaved the same.

That’s why when she saw you, she made a promise to herself that she would never fall for you. You were too bad for her and it was blatantly obvious.

Her heart would suffer again and she wouldn’t be able to go through that pain once again. She’s already been hurt too many times.

But, you being the heartbreaker you are – you swept her off her feet and she hit the rocky ground, falling harder than ever.

You turned her world upside down and she couldn’t hide from you any longer.

She ran harder than ever, but it felt like she was standing in the same spot, unable to move.

DONE - Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

Day by day, you got closer to her heart and there was nothing she could do about it.

A silent observer, she looked at you approaching her but had no idea how to escape.

And then all of a sudden, it hit her! Your sweet words and caring actions made her question her previous thoughts.

“Maybe he’s not that bad of a guy? Maybe I was unfair to him and I wrongly judged a book by its cover?”

So, she let her guard down and you grabbed the opportunity and completely overtook her attention.

DONE - Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

Not long after that, she fell for you harder than she ever fell for anyone. We could even say that she loved you but was scared to admit it to herself.

Her mind thought only about you and her heart beat for you. You became a part of her life and she forgot how scared she was at the beginning.

She was wholly yours!

Every time she saw you, her eyes sparkled with joy and a wide smile overtook her face.

She had butterflies in her stomach at the mere thought of you and it all felt like she was in a fairytale.

Until she realized that fairytales don’t last for long and her fears from the beginning were justified.

You showed her your real face and shattered her world into pieces. It all came crashing down in front of her eyes, reminding her of her past experiences.

DONE - Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

It felt like she was reliving her previous breakups as it was all the same.

You left her out of the blue like all of the guys before you did.

You no longer answered her calls, and whenever you saw her on the street you acted like she was a stranger.

After you deceived her and gave her hope that she’d finally found what she was looking for, you were gone out of her life and she was once again on her knees, sobbing as she did before you.

She knew that you were bad for her from the very beginning, but you pushed her further than she wanted to go and convinced her that this time things would be different.

Despite her fear of falling for you, she still decided to trust you, hoping that you would be that one guy who wouldn’t play with her heart.

And what did you do? Well, you proved her wrong.

You showed her that she was right for being afraid of you. You showed her that her heart would have to go through the same intense pain once again.

Instead of being honest with her, you wasted her time and destroyed her dreams – dreams of finally finding the one who’d sincerely care for her.

And now that you hurt her, she has to rebuild her heart once again. Piece by piece, she has to glue it together, hoping that no one would break it ever again.

DONE - Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

Instead of letting herself enjoy someone’s company, she has to spend her sleepless nights all alone.

She has to beg God to let her sleep as the pain of the heartbreak makes it unbearable.

She was afraid to fall for you and now she’s falling down the path of pain and there’s no one to catch her.

Left on her own, she needs to find a way to get her life back in order.

After you, she’ll be scared to fall for anyone ever again. She’ll run away from the good guys as well as she no longer trusts anyone.

Whenever someone approaches her, she’ll think that they’re wearing the same mask you did and that, sooner or later, they would show her their real face and disappear from her life.

And she can’t have that happen again.

DONE - Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

The bare thought of letting someone come into her life, knowing that they could leave at any given minute, makes her sick.

She’s been through too much pain and she can’t take it anymore.

You were the final straw. After you, she’ll be even more afraid to fall for someone.

She’ll look at men and the only thing she’ll see is bad memories of past hurt.

Thanks to you and all of the guys before you, the girl who was afraid of falling for you is in pain and now she’ll no longer believe in love.

Love won’t be a pleasant feeling anymore. From now on, it’ll remind her of pain, suffering, and sleepless nights.

And that’s not the way any girl should look at love…

Here's What Happens When You Hurt A Girl Who Was Afraid To Fall For You

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maria mccabe

Friday 18th of December 2020

when i was heart broken it took mounths for me to pick up the peices and im still trying to let go but i found someone alot better than the other ones it is hard to earn my trust but you can i have someone way better now and i hope you all find the happiness in your life..***:)