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Here’s How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

Here’s How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

Do you keep justifying his behavior? Do you keep telling yourself that he simply needs some more time before he finally realizes that you’re the only person he wants to spend the rest of his life with?

You keep convincing yourself that your almost relationship will turn into a real one. Sooner or later, he’ll hold your hand in front of everyone and introduce you as his girlfriend.

But deep down, do you truly believe in those words? Are they only a delusion you’re creating for yourself because you’re too scared to admit the truth?

You’re not happy with the way things stand, anyone can see that. But every morning after you wake up, you put on your smiling face and you go on with your day pretending like everything’s great.

He doesn’t call you for days but when your phone rings in the middle of the night, you immediately get out of bed to get ready. He picks you up and you roam around the empty streets of the city while everyone else is deep in their dreams.

In those moments, you feel happy. Holding his hand and talking to him have become your two favorite things in the world.

But reality slaps you hard when you text him the following day and he doesn’t respond. Not only for hours but for days.

DONE! Here's How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

You patiently wait for his call because you’re used to giving him space and time. He told you that he needs to figure out what he wants and that he’s not ready for a relationship yet.

Even though it’s not actually what you want, you’re still willing to give him whatever he needs. You want him to feel happy even if it means that you’ll be the one who suffers for some time.

But in the end, it will all work out, right? He’ll eventually choose you, as he’ll realize how much you care about him.

Well, these are your plans and expectations but what if your almost relationship never turns into a real one? What if he never decides to make things official with you?

Will you be angry at yourself for letting him lead you on? Will you be upset that he wasted your time and treated you like your feelings don’t matter?

I know you will, since wasting your time on an almost relationship is never an easy pill to swallow. You get your hopes up, only to realize that you’ll never get what you’re looking for.

You ruin your chances of finding the right one by committing all of your time and love to someone who’ll never be yours. But defining this type of relationship could save you from all that pain.

DONE! Here's How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

Instead of patiently waiting for someone who doesn’t want to walk by your side, you’ll show him that you want to know where you stand.

Let him know that you don’t want him to play with your heart as it has already been through a lot. Let him know that you’re aware of your worth and you know what you deserve.

The thing you have right now isn’t making you happy. It’s not even similar to what you want it to look like.

So why would you bend over backward for someone if that person isn’t doing anything for you? He’s the one who’s making all the rules while you’re blindly following them.

He sets the tone and you accept it, without any complaints. Well, that needs to change.

If you don’t define this almost relationship, the chances are that you’ll let yourself go through a terrible heartbreak. One where you lose a person who wasn’t even yours to begin with.

To save yourself from that feeling, you should gain the courage to define this relationship. Sit across from your guy, look him directly in the eyes and ask him to be honest with you.

DONE! Here's How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

Let him openly tell you whether he has any intentions of working on your relationship or if it’s all a game to him. Trust me, this is the only way to experience true happiness.

He’ll realize that he’s about to lose you if he doesn’t change his attitude. This will make him commit to you if he can’t accept ending up without you.

But the final outcome could be completely different instead. He may run away before actually telling you the truth.

He may show you that he can’t give you what you expect him to. But even in this case, you’ll be one step closer to your happiness.

You’ll finally know where you stand and you’ll save yourself from wasting your time on someone who’ll never love you the same way you love him.

If he can’t commit to you, even though it’s what you want from him, then he doesn’t even deserve you. You should save your heart for someone else, someone who’ll make you his priority without you having to second-guess the whole situation.

DONE! Here's How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

You deserve to be happy and that’s not what you’re getting. Instead, you’re putting yourself into his mold and trying to be something you aren’t.

If this whole almost relationship thing doesn’t make you satisfied then you should let your voice be heard. Let him know how you feel and that you expect him to change.

If that’s not something he can do, then you don’t even need him in your life. You deserve way better than waiting for a guy to finally treat you right.

If you allow him to keep acting this way, you’ll never experience true happiness. You’ll always remain just an option, a backup plan he goes back to whenever he’s bored.

The choice is yours! Make a change if you want to or keep living a life where you’ll constantly be waiting for a miracle.

P.S. You’re the only one who can affect the final outcome.

Here's How Defining Your Almost Relationship Can Bring You Happiness

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