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Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

The moment she told you she cared only about you and you were the only one for her was the moment when her walls came down and her heart became unguarded.

However, you gave her no other choice but to give up on you.

She gave you everything she had. She gave you all of her emotions on a silver platter.

What did you do? Did you even make an effort to reciprocate?

No, you didn’t. You gave her absolutely nothing in return and that’s why her only choice was to give up on you.

Sometimes you just feel like your relationship might be over. You feel like your partner is slipping away and it’s time to move on with your life alone.

DONE! Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

It’s common to feel pain and suffering in the aftermath and it might take you a while to adapt, but you’ll be glad you did because it’ll lead you to find your true soulmate.

Well, she gave up on you because you used her trust countless times. Eventually, she couldn’t trust anyone and you’re the one to blame for that.

You failed her so many times that it was impossible for her to trust you anymore.

She gave you her everything. She wanted to be the one for you, someone who’d go the extra mile to please her partner, but you weren’t ready to do the same for her.

The bottom line is you were not ready to move mountains for her.

Every time, you prioritized yourself over her, and that’s why she couldn’t trust you anymore.

You weren’t there for her when she needed you the most, you gave her nothing, and that’s why her only option was to give up on you.

DONE! Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that she left you, because she had no other choice.

You know that she was the one who put all the effort into your relationship. She kept the flame burning between you two.

It’s like you were just a spectator in the arena and she was the main player.

At first, she felt happy when she met you. At that time, she didn’t believe that someone could change her life in a positive direction.

She told herself she would spend every minute with you and truly believed that her life would be a fairy tale with you.

However, she didn’t think that way because you exceeded her expectations, but rather because she loved you for who you were and didn’t want anything to change.

Nevertheless, after some time, everything went from good to bad when your behavior changed.

Every time you decided to ignore her texts while you were out, you made her feel like she wasn’t a priority to you.

She thought that she hadn’t given you enough of her love and that she was the one to blame for the problems you had in your relationship.

Every night, she cried herself to sleep, hoping the next morning you’d realize the damage you’d caused your relationship.

But you didn’t. And that’s why her only choice was to give up on you.

DONE! Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

Every night, she replayed the happy moments of your relationship so she could make herself feel good about it.

Those memories became the reason why she continued to be in a relationship with you.

But the more she lived in those past memories, the more she started living in a self-created reality.

For a long time, she couldn’t see how badly you behaved toward her and she couldn’t see the actual state of your relationship.

Nevertheless, she realized that being in a relationship means to live in the present moment and not in the past.

Those memories should stay right there where they are, in the past. They shouldn’t be used as a reason to stay in a relationship, and she knows that now.

What she learned was that the reason to stay with your partner should be your current feelings and not some distant memories you share with them.

You still put her last, even though she gave you all of her attention and affection.

DONE! Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

She was never enough for you. Those goodbye kisses that she gave you meant nothing to you and she never got a goodbye kiss in return.

You knew that she was a kind and affection woman and you took advantage of that.

Every time she made a loving gesture, you showed her little respect and you never knew how to show her appreciation.

Instead of grabbing her in your arms and holding her tight, you decided to not show any love at all.

You were and still are the most selfish person she has ever met.

She was there for you when you needed her. She made you a better man and you decided to lose her.

Why? Why did you become such a burden to her?

She couldn’t bear it anymore because she realized you were holding her back. You never supported her so she couldn’t achieve her dreams with you by her side.

She couldn’t take it any longer so she decided to give up on you. She realized that a relationship with you was just a dead-end street.

DONE! Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

You gave her no other choice but to leave you.

She gave you time and countless opportunities to finally realize you had a woman by your side who wanted to succeed with you, but you didn’t live up to her expectations.

You let her down so many times that she couldn’t take it anymore and that’s why her only option was to give up on you.

You’ll realize the damage you’ve done and you’ll learn that that’s not how relationships work.

If you want to make it, you have to make a lot of sacrifices (which you didn’t do), and you have to prioritize your partner no matter what.

One day, you’ll learn that. You’ll realize you lost a good woman as she won’t be beside you anymore.

She’ll have moved on with her life, becoming the best version of herself that she could be, but there’ll be someone else to hold her tight.

And that’s why her only choice was to give up on you.

Her Only Choice Was To Give Up On You

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