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He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

You loved this man more than you ever loved anyone else, and you were prepared to do anything for him. Now you’re heartbroken, but you should know that he’ll be back once you forget about him.

You were his girlfriend and best friend, someone who always supported him and pushed him forward. Your love for him was true because you loved him for who is, despite his flaws.

In the end, you were the only person who didn’t bail on him when things got tough. You were actually the only one who ever truly loved him.

As it turned out, all that wasn’t enough for him. Obviously, he was clueless about what kind of woman he had, but it will dawn on him.

He didn’t appreciate you, so he turned his back on you when you needed him. This guy walked away like all you did for him meant nothing.

He didn’t realize how precious and unique you are and that no one will love him like that again. Don’t let it get to you though, because he’ll be back once you forget about him.

He’ll realize what he has lost and regret letting you go, just like they all do. It won’t happen right away, but rest assured that it will.

Eventually, you’ll hear from him again, and he’ll want to come back into your life. Most likely, it will be once you’ve finally moved on and found happiness without him.

DONE! He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

The big question is: Will you let this man back into your life?

He left you in tears, and you had to pick up the pieces of your broken heart all alone. This is the man who ruined your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

He blamed you for everything that wasn’t good in your relationship, and you blamed yourself because of it. Even though it wasn’t your fault, this guy made you wonder why you couldn’t ever be good enough for him.

After he broke your heart and walked away, you even wondered if you could have made him stay somehow. You spent several months crying because of him and waiting for his call.

Although you were aware that he doesn’t deserve you, you wanted to forgive him and let him back into your life just so he could hurt you again. Maybe you are still ready to do that.

But please don’t.

I’m warning you about this because he’ll be back once you forget about him. You still haven’t, even though you try to act as if you have.

DONE! He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

You still think about him, and if he had to show up at your doorstep right now, you’d gladly let him in. You’d be willing to forget about all the hurt he caused you just to be with him again.

You keep hoping that he’ll change and that things will be different this time around. Somehow, he’ll be a better man and realize how much he loves you.

He’ll realize that he made a mistake when he walked out on you and see what he has lost. You’re right about that part because he’ll come crawling back once you forget about him.

Things won’t change though. He’ll be the same man who left you with the same problems he carries with him.

Men always come back, and he will too, but it won’t happen right away. It will happen once it’s too late because someone up there is looking out for you.

This man doesn’t belong in your life, and he’s not the person you’re meant to be with.

DONE! He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

You just boosted his ego while he was destroying your confidence. Your love was like fuel for him, and after he left, he thought that he’d be able to keep going.

Thanks to that big ego of his, he’s now under the impression that all women will care about him as you did. He’s not yet aware of the sacrifices you’ve made for him and the greatness of the love you gave him.

Most importantly, he’s unaware that that kind of love doesn’t come along every day. He won’t ever be able to find a woman who’ll love him like that, but he doesn’t know that yet.

Once he starts realizing it, he’ll also start searching for you in the new women he meets. He won’t be able to find the unique way you loved him though.

He’ll try to deny that you were unique and act like he forgot all about you. Yet there will be this emptiness inside his heart reminding him of your absence.

Deep down, he’ll know that he lost the only woman who ever truly loved him. And that’s when he’ll want to come back to you.

DONE! He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

It will be much too late though because at that point you’ll be happy and probably with someone else. By that time, he’ll be completely out of your heart and mind, and you won’t even think of him anymore.

He’ll be just a foggy, distant, bad memory of the time you weren’t happy in your life.

When a guy disappears, does he ever come back? Often, yes, but it’s only when you’re prepared to tell him “Don’t think you can come back like nothing ever happened” and actually mean it.

You’ll be able to mean it because it will happen when you’ve completely moved on and got your life together.

Things will be like he never even existed, and you’ll enjoy your life without him just to have his name pop up on your phone screen.

He’ll try everything to win you back as if he can somehow sense that you’re finally done with him for real. He might try to convince you that he has changed and that everything can be better, but don’t buy it.

Don’t believe him when he says that he’ll never hurt you again, because, even if it’s true, it’s too late. He’s probably just trying to get his ego boost again anyway.

Even if he has changed and deserves a second chance, he doesn’t deserve it from you. You owe that chance to your life, and this man will only ruin your happiness.

When he comes back – and he will – just turn around and walk away. Just like he did when you still loved him.

He’ll Be Back Once You Forget About Him

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