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27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

He is your man, your love, and your lover. Surprise him, someone who means the world to you, by sending him heart touching messages for lovers.

He needs to know that he is important to you and that your life wouldn’t be the same without him.

Men need to be reassured that they are loved, just like we ladies do, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Once you send him one of these heart touching messages for lovers, he will instantly have a smile on his face.

He will think of you and finally be sure that he is the best lover you could have possibly imagined.

Check out the following heart touching messages for lovers, and if that’s not enough, be sure to read about some heart touching love quotes as well.

Surprise your lover by using some of these amazing words that will melt his heart:

1. I don’t need coffee in the morning. I just need to think about you, and pretty soon, I start to feel giddy about what the new day will bring.

Your love is the ultimate stimulant.

DONE! 27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

2. Your touch makes me feel like I have never been touched before, your smile brings me so much peace and joy, and above all, your voice is music to my ears.

I love you so much that I want to scream about it from every mountain top.

3. Until you fall in love, it’s funny how you can go through life thinking you were complete.

Now every time we’re apart, I feel incomplete. You’re my other half and I love you.

4. Only you can kiss me a thousand times a day and each kiss would feel like the first kiss I ever had in my life.

5. When you walk into the room, my stomach does backflips. Every time you look into my eyes, it sends tingles through my body.

When you kiss me, it’s like an out-of-body experience. It would take a paranormal investigator to figure out what you do to me.

6. To be honest, I was afraid of every man before I met you. I was hurt so many times that I just couldn’t trust anyone but then you changed my world completely. I will be forever grateful for your love, baby. My heart feels safe in your hands.

DONE! 27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

7. Most women have a certain degree of fear about growing old, as did I. As long as I get the opportunity to grow old with you, however, I know I’ll be just fine.

8. Babe, I love it when I catch you staring at me with those dreamy eyes!

9. When we first met, I thought you were the coolest, most handsome guy in the world and now I see that you’re so much more. There’s a kind and loving heart underneath that gorgeous exterior and you truly are the complete package.

10. You’re so much more than you know, baby. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. I’ve never been more fascinated by someone in my entire life. You’ve rocked my world like a hurricane and I love you endlessly.

11. Never believe that you have to flatter me with materialistic things. All I need is your love, and above all, I know that’s because your love won’t fade away, unlike those materialistic things. It’s forever embedded within my heart.

12. I like how our fingers fit together like the pieces of a puzzle, honey!

DONE! 27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

13. Even though we’ve only been together for a short time, I feel such a strong connection to you. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out. Whatever happens with us, at the end of the day, I hope I can always have you in my life.

14. Every single cell of my body is in love with every cell of yours. Isn’t it obvious? I’m head over heels. I’ve never felt like this before, and I will do anything to make it last forever, so let’s make it last forever together.

15. I think the way you think and I dream the way you dream. I breathe the way you breathe and I love you the way you love me!

16. You are the most amazing man I have ever encountered and I am so lucky to have you in my life! I love you!

17. You’re so much more than a lover. You’re my best friend and my true love.

18. I’m the happiest human being alive, because I have you. I see you in everything. Every love song is about you and the way I feel. I know you are special, and the fact that you are mine makes me feel special as well. Thank you for everything. I love you.

19. I know I’m in love. The words tender, affectionate, handsome, strong, and resilient are no longer a bunch of words. They are you.

DONE! 27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

20. You are everything I ever wished for and you make my hectic life feel a little more tolerable! My dream man, I cannot live without you!

21. We can share thoughts and feelings without saying a word. You get my jokes when no one else does and there’s a special energy whenever we’re together. I guess that’s what it means to be soulmates.

22. I have the best man in the world and I want everyone to know that I’m a woman in love. I want to share this feeling with every single person on the planet. You make my every dream come true. I love you, baby!

23. I think I’m addicted to you, because I think of you all the time, which means I’m always intoxicated!

24. You and I were two strangers, trying to find a place for our racing hearts. But when you held my hand, I found a new home in you.

25. Just knowing you’re in the world makes me happy. But knowing you love me? That sends me over the moon.

26. I just want to take the time to appreciate your amazingness. I know that I don’t say it too often, but I love you endlessly. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Thank you for being you.

27. Baby, you came into my life when I needed someone the most. And you make me feel like the most special girl so I will never let you go!

27 Heart Touching Messages For Lovers

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